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Comprehensive examination and measurement Center for athletes

Comprehensive examination

There is a great importance of a comprehensive examination of athletes, as this helps to increase the muscular strength of the player and ensure the safety of his physical build, a comprehensive examination contributes to increasing the skills and abilities of the player.It provides him with accurate information about the strengths and weaknesses of the muscles.In this article we will discuss the benefits of comprehensive examination, and the best sports measurement Center.

What are mathematical measurements:

Sports measurements are a set of physical procedures for measuring the efficiency of a player’s muscles by means of a comprehensive examination of athletes. And how much he is able to achieve is better, so sports examinations are done to identify various muscle problems in the player.Sports measurements seek to understand the physiological needs of good sports performance, as they identify the characteristics that make an athlete successful in competing at the highest level of fitness and performance.This is where the task of mathematical measurements lies with the players. Since it is designed to measure these characteristics accurately, the role of sports measurement is also to advise athletes about training and competition objectively and individually.

Types of sports measurements for athletes:

Various sports measurements help the athlete in many stages of sports rehabilitation, as they prevent sports injuries significantly. Examination of the body is carried out by means of several types of mathematical measurements.

Foot examination:

In it, the foot is thoroughly examined to identify and examine foot problems, as these problems may cause many injuries. In case of foot problems, treatment is prescribed. Therefore, players should do a foot examination to avoid various injuries, which affect players as a result of not having a good examination.

Examination of the spine:

The presence of defects in The Shape of the spine is determined by monitoring the bends and the degree of inclination of the pelvis, thereby determining the therapeutic program. Appropriate for the player to prevent various sports injuries. Spine examination can be performed at the physic center using a formetric device to measure the bends of the back, identify spinal problems .

Muscle examination:

In this type, the efficiency of the muscles is measured, determining the extent of stress that the muscles reach and the duration of time that each muscle takes. Until you reach muscle stress. Muscles are examined using various measuring devices in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses and how to work on constantly strengthening these muscles.

Comprehensive examination of athletes:

A comprehensive examination of athletes is carried out periodically, to monitor all the problems they face during various matches, as a comprehensive examination helps. For the athlete to identify the weaknesses that his body faces. In order to select an appropriate treatment program for him that increases his physical and muscular efficiency and helps him achieve the best athletic performance.

Comprehensive examination of athletes can be done in physiotherapy centers specializing in sports medicine, and the physical physiotherapy center is prepared. And the rehabilitation is the best physiotherapy center for sports measurements. The physics center contains an integrated unit of modern physical measurement devices, to measure the efficiency of muscles and their strength through the best specialized doctors.

The importance of conducting a comprehensive examination of athletes:

Comprehensive examination is one of the important things that athletes and ordinary people should pay attention to, as it contributes to the Prevention of injuries of all kinds. And it doesn’t stop at sports injuries. It extends to injuries that occur to the average person who does not exercise, the most important of which are knee pain, leg pain and muscle tension.

Therefore, the task of a comprehensive examination of the body is to determine the extent of muscle weakness, the level of muscular balance of the player and his muscular strength. In addition to achieving the highest rates of balance and motor stability. It can be said that muscular strength and muscular efficiency are measured with an isokinetic device, by measuring the stability of the pelvis, feet and spine, as well as measuring the extent of balance.

A comprehensive examination, especially for athletes, involves determining the skill performed by the athlete by means of a so-called three-dimensional analysis. This type of analysis is aimed at determining the efficiency of the muscles during movement and during the exercise of that sport.

price of a comprehensive medical examination of the athletes ‘ body:

The price of a comprehensive body examination is not an expensive thing at all, as it is called a comprehensive sports examination, it can be said. The price of a comprehensive examination is commensurate with the needs of the average citizen. It ranges from 1000 to 1500 Egyptian pounds. So anyone can do it, the most important of them are athletes who strive to achieve the highest rates of sports performance on the court.

So a comprehensive examination of the body can be done using a set of devices that help in, measuring efficiency and muscle strength. To prevent players from being exposed to various injuries such as, cruciate ligament rupture, ankyl sprain or muscle strain. A comprehensive physical examination of the body does not include a set of mathematical measurements, but includes psychological measurements such as IQ and reaction speed.

Foot examination price:

A foot check is an important thing that players do periodically, and this is done by means of foot inspection devices and identifying problems. Such as high arch and flat arches. Therefore, it is possible that the cost of such examinations will be in the range of 400: 500 Egyptian pounds.

The price of back and pelvic examination:

A back and pelvis examination should be performed, both by players and by ordinary people, as this examination helps to determine the efficiency of the spine. And the muscles of the back and The Shape of the vertebrae. So it is possible that the costs of spinal examination range from 300 to 450 Egyptian pounds.

The price of checking textures:

It is worth mentioning that strength testing is one of the basic things for professional players to achieve the best performance rates, the best results, as well as physical elements. Their own. There are a large number of centers that carry out a body examination, and the average price for a comprehensive body examination ranges from 700 to 800 Egyptian pounds.

Mathematical testing and measurement devices:

Performing an examination or sports measurements requires a set of devices that help in the examination process, and it is worth mentioning that the Fizik center. It is the best physiotherapy center for doing sports and physical measurements. These devices contribute to measuring the efficiency of the back and front muscles in Newtons, and this aims to increase stability and balance between each muscle group separately.

The sports medicine and Rehabilitation Unit at the physical center is considered the best rehabilitation treatment unit after stadium injuries. Therefore, players should periodically undergo a comprehensive examination to avoid sports injuries that may occur to them.

You can visit the physic center and get the best treatment experience, in medicine, sports rehabilitation and strengthening various muscles.

Some questions asked by others:

What does a comprehensive medical examination include?

A comprehensive medical examination can be considered, a diagnostic examination of the entire body systems including, examination of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and all bones of the body. This examination aims to assess the state of Health and detect any warning signs or symptoms or abnormalities in the body, in addition, it aims to quickly treat the symptoms of some diseases, such as cancer, high blood pressure and respiratory diseases.

What is the best sports measurement Center?

The physical center is one of the most physical therapy centers that performs full body analysis, through the latest devices that are used for physical measurements. The physical Center for body examination and analysis is considered the best center for sports measurements and sports rehabilitation،

In addition, athletes can do these tests to monitor various physical problems that may cause them injuries.

How to conduct a comprehensive examination?

A comprehensive examination of an athlete can be carried out by means of a set of modern devices aimed at measuring muscle efficiency and how strong and efficient the body is, and one of the most important functions that sports examinations work on is to achieve the highest performance of the player and develop skills and physical components significantly. Therefore, mathematical measurements should be made periodically.

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