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A non-surgical cruciate ligament physical therapy center in Egypt

Search for a cruciate ligament treatment center, tops the Google search engine, one of the most common bone injuries is cruciate ligament injury of various degrees, especially when it affects professional athletes, it gets worse, but fortunately with the development of therapeutic methods, and physiotherapy programs, advanced solutions have emerged that will achieve the best treatment results without surgery. In this article, we will learn about the most important ways to treat the cruciate ligament and what is the best center in Egypt.

What cruciate ligament injury:

  • The cruciate ligament is located between the femur and the tibia, which is a double cruciate ligament in the human knee.
  • Some studies have shown that cruciate ligament injuries in athletes are the most prevalent, however, some research also indicates that cruciate ligament injury in women represents a significant percentage, because women’s knees are prone to anterior cruciate ligament rupture and can undergo surgery to treat them.
  • It is possible that the cruciate ligament injury can recur again if not treated well, in addition to not rehabilitating the knee joint immediately after the injury.
  • Despite the severity of the cruciate ligament injury, Physik Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation helps you rehabilitate the injury well, making you regain the range of motion and function of the knee joint, ensuring that it does not happen again.

Causes of cruciate ligament injury:

There are many causes that can cause cruciate ligament injury, and often the cruciate ligament is the result of a sports injury, in many cases the injury occurs as a result of the deviation of the leg from the axis of the bones

It is accompanied by symptoms such as knee pain, difficulty walking, or pressure on the leg, and the most important factors that cause this injury are:

  • Abruptly changing the direction of the stem.
  • Strong landing from a high jump.
  • Sudden stopping.
  • Injury by a direct blow to the knee or a collision such as: football.

Symptoms of cruciate ligament injury:

There are many symptoms of cruciate ligament injury, in addition to that it results in many complications, and the symptoms of cruciate ligament injury are:

  • Inability to bend the leg.
  • Bruising or redness of the knee, due to internal bleeding in the anterior cruciate ligament rupture.
  • The patient has difficulties walking.
  • Feeling sudden numbness of the leg while walking prevents leg movement.
  • swelling of the affected area.

Treatment of cruciate ligament injury without surgery:

The types of treatments used to alleviate cruciate ligament injury vary not only according to the degree of injury and the type of tear resulting from the injury, but also according to the nature of the patient’s life, if the person is practicing sports or a professional player, this may make him resort to different methods of treatment, unlike the average person who does not need a strenuous treatment program.

Among the most important types of treatment of cruciate ligament injury are:

1. First aid:

Once cruciate ligament injury occurs, you should, do ice packs and raise the leg, in addition to not pressing on the foot, and swelling can be reduced by wrapping a bandage around the knee.

2. Anti-inflammatory drugs:

After the periodic follow-up with the doctor, the patient will be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve swelling and pain in addition to painkillers to reduce knee pain.

3. Conservative treatment:

Most conservative treatment methods are useful in cases of mild cruciate ligament injury, where doctors can advise in these cases to reduce movement and pressure on the knee, in addition to using cold compresses or ice while placing them at the site of injury.

4. Exercise:

Through exercise, exercise can help improve knee mobility, in cases of cruciate ligament injury, there are some special exercises, which will help strengthen the muscles of the thigh and leg and improve the patient’s ability to move.

Physical therapy of the cruciate ligament without surgery:

Physiotherapy plays the most important and largest role in the treatment of cruciate ligament injury in all its stages, whether during treatment, rehabilitation or after surgery.

Physiotherapy sessions help improve the health of the knee joint, through exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee as well as helping to restore normal movement.

  • Physik Center is considered one of the best centers for physiotherapy and rehabilitation after cruciate ligament operations, as it uses the latest therapeutic devices as well as the best methods that achieve great effectiveness for the patient.

Methods of physical therapy of the cruciate ligament without surgery:

Cruciate ligament rupture can be treated and the pain felt by the patient can be relieved through an integrated physiotherapy program at Physique Center, which includes:

  • Practice stretching exercises and strengthening the muscles of the knee joint.
  • Manual therapy methods and manual exercises that help improve the range of motion of the knee.
  • Treatment sessions using devices aimed at reducing swelling and pain resulting from injury.
  • Occupational therapy sessions through measuring devices to identify the extent to which the person is ready to exercise again, and the extent of success achieved by the treatment program in strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion and reducing pain.

Duration of physical therapy of the cruciate ligament without surgery:

Through Physique Cruciate Ligament Physiotherapy Center, we are keen to provide the best real care for patients and the best functional and motor results at the level of their lives, so the treatment program followed to treat cruciate ligament rupture or knee joint rehabilitation after surgery varies from case to case.

According to a group of factors, the most important of which are:

  • The condition of the cruciate ligament.
  • The nature of the injury suffered by the person.
  • The state of health of the patient.
  • The type of methods used in the treatment.

In this context, the patient can often feel better within several months of undergoing treatment for cruciate ligament problems without surgery.

Physiotherapy after cruciate ligament surgery:

  • Approximately 50% of people need integrated knee rehabilitation programs after cruciate ligament surgery, and cruciate ligament physiotherapy programs are useful in reducing the complications of surgery, and reducing pain and inflammation resulting from injury.
  • It should be taken into account that the rehabilitation of the knee joint must be carried out in a center specialized in treatment and rehabilitation through functional programs that ensure that the injury does not return again and the quality of neuromuscular rehabilitation of the joint.
  • At Sheraton Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Center, we help you treat and rehabilitate the knee joint with the latest functional devices that can make you restore the health of the knee joint, and control the pain resulting from injury.

Is physiotherapy necessary after cruciate ligament surgery?

  • Yes, when cutting the cruciate ligament by more than 75%, cruciate ligament surgery is necessary, and after the surgery, therehabilitation phase must begin.
  • The rehabilitation phases aim to reduce pain and swelling, restore the full range of motion of the knee and strengthen the muscles, and the rehabilitation program is determined according to the patient’s age, level of activity, profession and future expectations related to sports.
  • The goal of the rehabilitation programs at Physique Center is to restore the range of motion in the knee to its normal level, restore muscle strength, and increase stability of the knee joint.

Success rates of physiotherapy after cruciate ligament surgery:

  • By more than 90%, cruciate ligament physiotherapy programs and its various methods achieve the highest success rates, and the Physik Center is one of the most important treatment centers that reach high therapeutic results in cruciate ligament rehabilitation.
  • It is worth noting that the success rates of treatment depend on the efficiency of the treatment programs in force in the center, and through the best sports rehabilitation doctors after cruciate ligament operations, we can achieve your goals and follow up the implementation of the treatment plan in Physique centers.

Duration of recovery after physiotherapy of the cruciate ligament:

  • Most treatment centers specialized in the treatment of cruciate ligament rupture indicate that the duration of treatment usually takes at least 3 months, and the patient may reach up to 6 months to reach full recovery.
  • During this time, people should avoid putting weights on their affected limbs and using crutches or wheelchairs, in addition to taking painkillers, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Cruciate Ligament Treatment Center:

Cruciate ligament physiotherapy without surgery
Cruciate ligament physiotherapy without surgery

There are many physiotherapy centers in Egypt, however, there are only a few centers that rehabilitate and treat the cruciate ligament without surgery, where a number of advantages must be available in a physiotherapy center for cruciate ligament rehabilitation, including:

  • The presence of a distinguished and efficient medical staff.
  • The quality of the treatment program to suit each case
  • Continuous follow-up with the case to see the extent of progress.
  • The existence of a long-term preventive plan to avoid recurrence of the injury again.

What is a cruciate ligament treatment center:

  • The cruciate ligament torn or tear treatment center is a fizik center that specializes in this type of injury. It uses effective treatment programs in the treatment and rehabilitation of the cruciate ligament. Thus, the mission of cruciate ligament treatment centers in Egypt can be divided into two levels:
  • Level I: Treatment of cruciate ligament rupture or partial resection. Through swelling and inflammation reduction devices used in physiotherapy centers, this stage takes from 3 to 6 months.
  • Level II: Cruciate ligament injury rehabilitation, both preoperative and post-operative Through physiotherapy programs after knee and foot surgeries.

The best cruciate ligament treatment center in Sheikh Zayed:

When you are looking for the best cruciate ligament rehabilitation centers, fizik center will come out on top among all treatment centers. It achieves your therapeutic goals at the right time. Through internationally approved treatment plans, the best doctors specializing in cruciate ligament treatment.

The Beverly Hills fizik center is an integrated rehabilitation center that includes a cruciate ligament treatment unit. With the latest devices and methods that help you recover the range of motion of the knee joint after cruciate injury.

The best cruciate ligament treatment center in October:

One of the best treatment centers in October is the fizik center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Because it is integrated with the latest rehabilitation devices and physiotherapy programs specialized in the rehabilitation of the cruciate ligament in the best methods.

You can now visit fizik center and book your appointment with the best doctors who specialize in treating cruciate ligament injuries. For a unique treatment experience.

The best cruciate ligament treatment center in Nasr City:

  • fizik Nasr City Center is characterized by many therapeutic features and benefits. Which it achieves for the injured, starting from the treatment program until the follow-up and prevention programs after the end of the treatment journey.
  • The Nasr City branch is also characterized by the presence of a group of distinguished qualified doctors. In the treatment of cruciate ligament cut or tear, they follow up with you the implementation of the treatment program at every step to reach the stage of full recovery.
  • Do not hesitate to visit the Cruciate Ligament Treatment Center Nasr City to start implementing efficient treatment programs with distinguished doctors in Egypt.

What is the best cruciate ligament treatment center in Mansoura:

  • You can visit fizik center Mansoura Branch, the best cruciate ligament treatment center in the Delta and get a distinctive treatment experience. In reducing inflammation and swelling of the knee joint resulting from cruciate ligament pain and ligament tears.
  • The fizik center, Mansoura branch, also consists of an integrated hydrotherapy unit. It can speed up recovery from anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury, help improve the flexibility of the knee joint and increase range of motion after an injury.

Best Cruciate Ligament Treatment Center in Sheraton:

  • The best cruciate ligament physiotherapy center is the fizik center for Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Where the center has an integrated unit for the rehabilitation of sports injuries, sports rehabilitation and stadium injuries. Where the center has the latest physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices that achieve the best therapeutic results after cruciate ligament injury.
  • The treatment of sports injuries has become possible at the fizik center for Sports Injuries, where it has the best equipment in Egypt and a group of highly qualified doctors.
  • If you are looking for a Sheraton physiotherapy center for cruciferous treatment or trauma rehabilitation. fizik center Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers are the best for you. We not only help you in treatment, but we guarantee you through an integrated treatment plan that the injury does not return again.

Prices of physical therapy sessions for cruciate ligament:

The prices of cruciate ligament injury rehabilitation in Egypt vary according to the nature of the treatment center and the experience of doctors and therapists:

Price of one session of cruciate ligament treatmentRanges from 500 EGP to 800 EGP

The price of a cruciate ligament rehabilitation session before the operation
ranges from 700 to 1100 c
The price of a cruciate ligament rehabilitation session after the operationranges from 700 to 1100 c

Prices of physical therapy sessions for cruciate ligament

Some questions asked by others:

When can I return to exercise after physical therapy?

Returning to exercise after physical therapy programs is relatively dependent on a range of factors. But in general, you should not return to exercise if the necessary tests are not done. And sports measurements because they alone determine the most appropriate timing for the player to exercise.

Is it possible to treat cruciate ligament without surgery?

  • Yes, of course it is possible for non-surgical treatment the patient needs exercises to treat cruciate ligament tears. At first, the doctor may recommend using a brace to protect the knee from instability. You may also use crutches to reduce pressure on the knee.
  • In addition, there are many treatment centers that treat cruciate ligament tears with exercises and stretches. As well as devices that reduce swelling and pain.

Is it possible to live with cruciate ligament cut?

In some cases, the patient may be able to live with the injury, in the case of partial cut or the so-called cruciate ligament rupture, the patient can live with that injury by undergoing methods of treating cruciate ligament rupture without surgery, the most important of which is physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy, which ultimately aims to strengthen the muscles to maintain the stability of the knee joint.

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