Fizik Egypt is the first specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation center concern 3Ps strategy (prediction, protection, prevention) using updated technology, and fizik start on may/2014 in an attempt to cover the needs of the Saudi sports practices and provide the rehabilitations in Saudi Arabic, after that it becomes in Egypt.

Why Fizik

It takes just one visit to discover the quality we keen on achieving since our first branch was started depending on the experience and knowledge of specialists in the fields of sports rehabilitation and the latest updated equipment To achieve the most requirements in Egyptian society, we manage to add more services to CAIRO branch include neurological and pediatric physical therapy services, outdoor rehabilitation for professional athletes , sports massage & recovery. Some of the sub-specialties include women health program and weight reduction program.

Our Mission

Providing excellent clinical service quality, offering compassionate care, through evidence based research and high medical education to improve health status of our community.

Our Vision

Leading healthcare provider in the Middle East and rank highly among the nation’s most respected, admired and trusted centers in physical therapy, sports and spine rehabilitation.

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  • Spine assessment and treatment

  • Obesity and weight control

  • Foot care & orthotics

  • Neurological disorders re-education

  • Pediatric & disabilities rehabilitation

  • Musclo-skeletal

Comprehensive physical therapy and sports rehabititation program for athletes, General & individual prevention, Sports nutrition & supplements for optimal performance full ACL rehabilitation till safety return to sports, Tests & measurements for safety return to sports decision.

Whether your sport is on a field, a track or a court, we understand you want to be healthy and in your best physical condition to allow for optimal performance. We also understand there are times when this doesn’t seem to be the case… whether you have an injury during the season, aches and pains that never seem to go away or a nagging injury that seems to come back every season.

Our therapists specialize in athletic injury rehabilitation as well as injury prevention programs using analysis of individual weaknesses and technique. Our goal is to help you achieve your sports goals.

  • Special care for scoliotic patients

  • Advanced treatment of back pain & cervical pain

  • Advanced manual techniques for different cases

  • Myofascial release using Garston, Foam roll for passive & active release

  • Dry needling for trigger muscle release

  • Sports message & recovery for both male & female

we offer a specialized foot care that aims to help patients take control of their foot health, improve mobility and prevent foot-related complications. Don’t let painful nails, corns or calluses stop you from living your life to its full potential.

Our extensive biomechanical exam will determine whether a custom made orthotic is necessary for you and whether a functional or accommodative is necessary for you. At FCO – we use both 3D non-weighbearing scan and plastar of paris non-weighbearing casting technique. Custom-made orthotics are used to design and align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position, alleviating undue stress, pathologies and posture.