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The best healing sessions Center in Egypt

Healing sessions were originally intended for athletes, but then became widespread and used by athletes and other ordinary people.

Where many studies have proven the effectiveness of these sessions and that they are the most appropriate treatment solutions because they suit all groups and do not have any harms, as they have become a successful alternative to painkillers and medicines. In this article, we will address the most important points:

What are the healing sessions?

Muscular hospitalization is one of the important things, whose importance has emerged in the recent period, although the term hospitalization has not spread except among the category of athletes, but recently the importance of this process has appeared, especially after exercise.

Hospitalization can be defined as “a vital process carried out by the human body, in order to rehabilitate muscle tissue that has been exposed to inflammation and damage after high-intensity physical activities and strenuous exercise.

Muscle recovery aims to reduce the symptoms of muscle tension or muscle tear and thus reduce the rate of exposure to sports injuries.

For example, soccer players need to practice muscle recovery after running during matches.

The importance of recovery sessions:

  • Recovery is important, and it requires players who do high-intensity physical activity to make up for the loss of various nutrients.
  • When the body loses a large part of its energy and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles and loses with them some important elements, the muscles of the body become weaker and less able to exercise.
  • It is important to practice the recovery mechanisms correctly because doing them wrong causes the player several injuries that he can avoid by following the correct recovery methods, whether at the level of rest or nutritional programs.
  • Therefore, the best period for muscle recovery is from 48 hours to 72 hours, and in the event that the player does not get this period of recovery, he must obtain things that speed up the recovery process.

Benefits of recovery sessions:

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, there are many people who do not realize the importance of RECOVERY after exercise except when they are exposed to muscle injuries resulting from poor sports rehabilitation.

Failure to perform hospitalization may cause muscle tears and several injuries, the most important of which are, stress, back injuries, muscle swelling: ACLES tendon rupture, fractures, dislocation.

Following recovery programs by taking a certain number of sessions and exercising, helps reduce pain after sports in addition to its effective role in reducing the incidence of injuries, one of the most important benefits of recovery sessions

  • Build and strengthen muscles.
  • To increase the level of fitness.
  • Reduce body fat percentages.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity in the body.
  • Promote cardiovascular health.

Benefits of recovery sessions for ordinary individuals:

  • Reduce the chancesof herniated discs, muscle tears, ankle sprains and osteoarthritis.
  • Increase endurance and exert effort and improve performance efficiency.
  • Reduce the incidence of cruciate ligament injury and rupture of ligaments and trunk.
  • Feeling comfortable, relaxed and getting rid of muscle tension.

Benefits of recovery sessions for women:

A number of researchers have concluded that women feel less tired than men after normal muscle exercises, with both parties equal in age and athletic abilities. Although the results showed how fast and powerful the men were in performing physical exercise, they were faster to stress than women. Thus, women need hospitalization to achieve the following:

  • Recovery of lost fluids: The body sweats during exercise, thus losing a lot of fluids, and when you hydrate the body properly before, during and after exercise, you restore your fluid balance.
  • Muscle fiber reconstruction: When doing the recovery, these fibers are stronger than they were before and therefore you regain your muscles stronger and larger
  • Gain protein: After heavy weight exercise, you should take a large amount of protein.

Who needs healing sessions?

The need for recovery sessions has become a must for most age groups and professionals, as with the development of different lifestyles and methods, many people suffer from back and neck pain.

Statistics indicated that 1 in 9 suffered from back pain at least once in his life, and with time it results in many complications and therefore comes the importance of recovery sessions.

Recovery sessions do not need to be injured until you need muscle recovery, from injuries and qualifies your body to make continuous effort, and the most important groups that need these sessions are:

  • Professional and novice athletes.
  • Housewives and those who perform continuous exhausting household chores.
  • Those who suffer from spinal problems such as herniated discs and sciatica even without feeling symptoms.
  • Amateur athletes to avoid injuries between matches.
  • Those who do office work for a long time.
  • Designers who have been working on laptops and computers for a long time.
  • Those who have chronic fatigue frequently.
  • Fibromyalgia patients or those with pain points.
  • People who travel for long periods.

Components of recovery sessions:

It is known that one recovery session goes through many stages, which all help reduce pain and relaxation, improve muscle condition and body flexibility, and themost important stages of the recovery session are:

1. Dry Needle Hospitalization:

  • They are Chinese needles used to treat pain points, where the needle is inserted into the pain area, causing minor wounds that will open calcium channels in the muscles and thus improve blood circulation and nutrition and reduce pain.
  • It is used in the treatment of muscle tension after matches and for those who sit for long periods, where dry needles are used with physiotherapy sessions on the back and neck.

2. Hospitalization withice baths:

  • This method is used in the recovery of athletes, especially between matches, as it helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the body in general and ice baths reduce the feeling of muscle tension.
  • The idea of ice baths is based on reducing nerve signals and thus working to reduce pain, and the cold causes contraction in the tissues and muscles, and then blood flow occurs, which increases the nutrition of the muscle with nourishing blood, and Batali reduce the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles due to stress.

3. Physical therapy exercisesfor recovery:

  • One of the most important means used in hospitalization is the use of hands to make motor techniques that will reduce pain, improve tissue functions and make the individual’s health better.
  • Where manual therapy programs help reduce pain, increase range of motion, reduce contractions and adhesions, and also straighten the spine, which gives the body flexibility in movement.

4. Active rest:

  • One of the unhealthy things is that the athlete continues to exercise up to 7 days because in this case it does not give the muscles a chance to recover, and it also causes the accumulation of stress and it is better to have a rest two or three times a week.
  • Active rest is a simple set of exercises that are much lower than the athlete’s usual average, and that will maintain the flexibility and fitness of the athlete and allow the muscles to recover.

5. Physiotherapy devices:

 Physiotherapy devices are important in the recovery stage and one of the most important devices that we use in

Heliopolis Physiotherapy Center is a GAME READY device that works by cooling and is an important part of the Recovery physiotherapy session because it works to regenerate muscle tissue, reduce inflammation, restore muscle capacity and reduce swelling.

Tips to benefit from recovery sessions:

Taking advantage of recovery sessions is a worry for many athletes, especially professionals, who are commonly wondering how to make the most of sports recovery sessions.

Although many athletes do recovery sessions, there are a number of mistakes they make that make recovery sessions less useful and valuable to them.

Among the most important tips that must be taken into account when performing muscle recovery sessions:

Attention to massage: 

  • Massage immediately after exercise has a major role in improving the recovery process, as it enhances the flow of oxygen-laden blood to the muscles, and thus helps in tissue regeneration and pain relief.


  • Cryotherapy is one of the most important techniques that accelerate muscle recovery. By exposing your body to a very cold temperature for just a few minutes.
  • The latest research on cold therapy has found that. It may be able to speed up recovery by reducing pain, inflammation, and muscle fatigue after strenuous exercise.

Get enough sleep:

  • You can get enough sleep about 7 to 9 hours, and one of the most effective muscle recovery methods, through sleep you can get rest. Growth and relaxation hormones are released, thus muscle repair and recovery can be accelerated.

Healthy diet:

Essentially, eating a healthy, holistic diet ensures that you don’t have any nutrient deficiencies and impairs your muscles’ ability to recover. This is done by reducing the consumption of processed foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, eat at least 1.4-1.8 g of protein per kilogram of your weight.

Drink appropriate amounts of water:

You should drink plenty of water and healthy fluids. Like drinking low-sugar juices, and during the period that comes immediately after exercise and throughout the recovery period, it is best to drink plenty of water.

Duration of recovery sessions:

The duration of muscle recovery sessions can range from 3 to 4 hours per day. This varies depending on the nature of the sport you practice. There are some types of sports that need to take enough muscle recovery.

Physik Center for Sports Rehabilitation and Recovery is the best physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation center. Where most athletes help to get adequate hospitalization through the best doctors and means of recovery.

The difference between a physiotherapy session and a recovery session:

Many may feel that there is no difference between physiotherapy sessions and recovery sessions. While both types differ significantly from each other, a distinction must be made between the two types:

  • In the case of a regular physiotherapy session, it is to treat a specific disease based on medical diagnosis and evaluation of the physiotherapeutic condition.

In the physiotherapy stage, a detailed plan is developed for each individual case. Short-term goals and long-term goals are set for each patient according to their condition.

  • As for the recovery session, it depends on the use of some physiotherapy and manual therapy techniques. Which works to reduce stress and stimulate blood circulation. These sessions are for all bodies and muscles that suffer from muscle tension.

Home recovery sessions:

You may have heard about recovery sessions or know a lot about them, but what about recovery sessions at home?

Home hospitalization suits all groups at the moment. There are those who are exposed to work for long periods or women who are exposed to household chores for long periods, as well as athletes who practice light or strenuous sports. They don’t have time to go to physiotherapy clinics.

Getting physiotherapy sessions and muscle recovery at home is therefore important for them.

The Sheraton Physiotherapy Center provides them with access to a Recovery physiotherapy session at home. Where we have complete privacy and the same possibility of a session that exists at the Fizik Physiotherapy Center.

What are the healing sessions made of?

  • Ice baths.
  • Dry needles
  • Fibromyalgia massage.
  • Simple exercises.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Stretching and stretching exercises.
  • Dry cupping and silicone cupping.
  • Grasston tools.  

Indeed, physiotherapy sessions differ greatly from recovery sessions, but both sessions are at Physique Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Do all players feel the same level of muscle strain?

  • The answer is no Of course, the feeling of muscle strain. It varies between the players and to know this you must use stress measuring devices. Which measures the heart rate and the ability of each player to return to the basic pulse and after how many minutes?
  • For example, if the player takes more than 5 minutes to return to a normal pulse level. It means a high stress rate and to measure this there are specialized devices.

The best center for hospitalization sessions in Egypt:

Fizik Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Egypt. The center is located in Nasr City, Cairo. It offers a wide range of physiotherapy services, including physiotherapy for sports injuries, rheumatic injuries, neurological injuries, orthopedic injuries, pediatric injuries, and physiotherapy for pregnant women.

The center has a team of highly experienced physiotherapists, who use the latest technology and therapeutic methods. The center also offers a variety of additional services, such as post-operative rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, and home physiotherapy.

Here are some of the reasons why Fizik Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is one of the best healing centers in Egypt:

  • A team of highly experienced physiotherapists
  • The latest technologies and therapeutic means
  • Variety of physiotherapy services
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation and home physiotherapy services

If you are looking for a physiotherapy center in Egypt, Fizik Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation is a good option that you should consider.

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