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Physiotherapy What is it The top 10 benefits of physiotherapy and its types in 2023!

Prices of physiotherapy sessions

Out of every 10 people, there are 9 who feel better after physiotherapy. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, so in this article we will learn about everything related to natural therapy

, the benefits, types, areas, the most important diseases that it treats, the best natural therapy centers in Egypt, and the prices of sessions in detail .

What is physiotherapy?

It is a medical branch that aims to assess and treat physical dysfunctions, whether injury, disability, disease physiotherapy is mainly related to human functional performance ،

Therefore, natural therapy aims to restore the psychological and physical balance of a person and increase motor ability, so it is considered a kind of Health and physical care that suits all categories from children to the elderly to improve their mobility and skills, prevent disability, reduce pain, and sometimes to avoid surgical operations.

What are the most important diseases that physiotherapy treats?

  • diseases of the nervous system
  • Children’s diseases
  • sports injuries
  • Structural dysfunction
  • Bone diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Cases also treated by physiotherapy:

  • osteoporosis: natural therapy helps to protect bones from fractures, which are caused as a result of bone weakness and fragility
  • vertigo: many people suffer from dizziness and this may lead to falls, but physical therapy helps to improve balance and treat vertigo 
  • headaches: neck pain can cause migraines and physiotherapy can relieve this headache by using neck exercises and strengthening the back muscles
  • lymphedema: the accumulation of excess fluid in the lymphatic system in the bloodstream may cause swelling and using natural therapy techniques, congestion is removed and swelling is reduced

The most important benefits of natural therapy:

  • Improve body balance
  • Relieve pain and reduce taking painkillers
  • Improving the motor functions of the body
  • The habit of rehabilitation and recovery after injuries
  • For strengthening and flexibility of body muscles
  • natural therapy may be an alternative to surgical operations
  • Avoid re-infection again
  • Management of diabetes mellitus and vascular dysfunction
  • Helping the elderly
  • Maintaining women’s health

The most important types of physiotherapy are:

Manual physiotherapy :

Manual therapy is the manual skills used for physiotherapy medicine and is intended for the treatment of the locomotor system and there are two types of it :

Hydrotherapy :

One of the most important benefits of hydrotherapy is that it helps with :

  • Relieve pain and sensitivity 
  • Improving resistance through strengthening exercises
  • Strengthen the respiratory muscles and circulatory system so that the body uses oxygen more effectively
  • Relax muscles and relieve joint pain
  • Flexibility of movement, balance and strengthening of body muscles
  • Activation of blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Relief of muscle spasm symptoms
  • Easy to practice exercises that are done inside the water and difficult to do outside the aquatic environment

Thermal natural therapy:

Heat therapy is used to relieve the pain of certain of them:

  • Acute low back pain
  • Neck pain.
  • Arthrosis of the joints
  • Muscle pain and spasm
  • Menstrual pain and dysmenorrhea

Electrophoresis physiotherapy:

Electrotherapy is used in:

  • Improve functional and motor performance
  • Relieve pain and muscle tension
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Improving body functions
  • Rehabilitation after operations
  • Electrotherapy is used in:
  • Improve functional and motor performance
  • Relieve pain and muscle tension
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Improving body functions
  • Rehabilitation after operations

What is the best physiotherapy center in Egypt?

There are many physiotherapy centers in Egypt, but the best of them is fizik physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center because.
An integrated treatment system with the best services and offers the best prices for physiotherapy in Egypt and has 4 branches in various places

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The fizik Center has:

Sports measurements unit: consists of the latest sports rehabilitation devices that help improve the sports performance of players, protect them from recurrence of injury again, and strengthen their muscles

Neurology unit: consists of the best therapeutic means in the rehabilitation of patients with Neurology, cerebral palsy, and paraplegia so that they can practice their lives functionally

– Physiotherapy Unit: consists of many rehabilitation and physiotherapy devices that help patients with herniated disc, knee stiffness, back pain, and arthritis to practice their life normally without pain

– Obesity and body Coordination Unit: an integrated unit of the latest slimming and body coordination devices and also offers the best therapeutic diets and helps the obesity unit to get the ideal weight in record time

– Hydrotherapy unit: the hydrotherapy unit helps to heal many conditions due to its role in relieving pain and inflammation and strengthening the respiratory muscles

– Pediatric treatment unit: an integrated children’s unit this unit helps children to acquire various skills because

Doctor of physical therapy : 

The doctor of physical therapy is the specialist in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the movement and physical function of patients

The doctor of physical therapy deals with a variety of medical conditions, such as sports injuries, neurological diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic, cardiovascular diseases and others

He assesses the patient’s condition and determines the most appropriate treatment plan for him, works ondeveloping an individual treatment program that suits the patient’s needs and helps to improve his health

 The doctor monitors the patient’s progress and adjusts the treatment program as needed, and works to guide the patient and educate him about the health situation and the importance of exercise

Home physiotherapy :

People suffering from pain, minor injuries or chronic diseases can benefit from home physiotherapy, especially if they cannot go to medical clinics

 Physiotherapy can be carried out at home using some simple tools and easy techniques that can be easily applied

Means of home physiotherapy :

Muscle exercises: the patient can safely perform the appropriate muscle exercises at home, so as to strengthen the muscles and improve mobility

Massage: the patient can use appropriate massage techniques at home to relieve tension, pain and improve mobility

Relaxation: the patient can relax at home using appropriate relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation

 Cold and heat therapy: at home to relieve pain, swelling and improve movement where ICE can be used, or use hot water

Physiotherapy sessions

The number of physiotherapy sessions required for each patient varies according to the type and severity of the health condition and the required goals of treatment according to :

Number of Sessions: the number of physiotherapy sessions can range from two to several weeks or months

Repetition: physiotherapy sessions can be repeated on a regular basis, the frequency of Sessions is usually determined based on the patient’s condition and progress in treatment.

Directions: the patient is guided during the physiotherapy session on how to perform the exercises and techniques correctly and safely

 Evaluation: the patient’s condition and progress in treatment are regularly assessed during physiotherapy sessions, the treatment plan and the number of sessions are adjusted if necessary.

 Monitoring of results: the results achieved from physiotherapy sessions are monitored, the improvement of the patient’s condition is assessed

Duration of a physiotherapy session

A physiotherapy session can last from 30 minutes to a full hour, usually the session involves assessing the state of Health and applying the necessary exercises and techniques for treatment

The duration of the session may be extended in some cases, depending on the assessment of the case and the individual therapeutic needs of the patient. The session may be divided into several partial or consecutive sessions, depending on the needs of the treatment

The nearest physiotherapy center

Fizik center is the nearest center for you, as it is one of the widespread centers and has several branches in Giza, Cairo and Mansoura, so you can visit the branch closest to you :

For the best treatment experience in any of our branches  :

Sheraton branch: address: 87 El meshir St. – Sheraton airport-Nozha

Phone numbers: (01032060003 – 01141441008 – 0220644201 – 0220644202 )

Sheikh Zayed branch: address: West Square Mall-Beverly Hills-Sheikh Zayed

Phone numbers: ( 01029900106 – 01277008955 – 01116633324 -238577781- 02 )   

Mansoura branch: address: Shawaf Tower 2, behind the stadium-Mubarak City-next to Carrefour

Phone numbers: ( 01501100554 – 01098757776 – 050/2360792 )

Nasr City branch: address: 101 Mostafa El Nahhas St.-inside Naseem clinics

 Phone numbers: ( 01552291929 – 01017875744 – 02-22731976 )


A physiotherapist is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of health conditions that affect movement and motor function, including sports injuries, chronic diseases, injuries resulting from accidents, and other conditions.

A physiotherapist applies various physiotherapy techniques, such as muscle and rhythmic exercises, aerobic and functional exercises, massage, stretching, electrical and laser stimulation, heat and cold

 And other methods are available in physiotherapy. These techniques are aimed at improving mobility, relieving pain, improving motor function and daily movement, and are of great importance in improving the quality of life of patients.

The best physiotherapy center:

When choosing a physiotherapy center, you should consider such basic factors as the qualification of doctors and therapists, their presence and experience, the availability of modern and advanced devices and equipment

As well as in terms of specialized treatment programs for the specific health condition, the presence of additional services such as psychotherapy and nutrition, the availability of financial and insurance services

 And easy access to the center, and fortunately, all these factors are provided by physical physical therapy and rehabilitation centers

Shoulder physiotherapy sessions :

Shoulder physiotherapy sessions vary depending on the type of injury and the patient’s health condition, shoulder physiotherapy sessions usually include the following:

 Comprehensive assessment

 Warm-up exercises

 Muscular exercises

 Manual therapy sessions

 The use of heat and cold therapy

 Stretching exercises

 Rhythmic and balance exercises

Shoulder physiotherapy sessions usually last for 4-6 weeks, and can include weekly or more sessions, depending on the patient’s condition and the type of injury

Shoulder physiotherapy sessions can help improve mobility, relieve pain, improve motor function and daily movement

Physiotherapy devices

There are many physiotherapy devices used in various types of physiotherapy, including:

Heat and cold therapy devices: devices include thermal baths, ice packs, hot bags, and other thermal materials that are used to relieve pain and improve mobility

 Massage therapy devices: these include manual and automatic massage devices, used to relieve pain, improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles.

 Electrostimulation therapy devices: include neuromuscular and nervous electrostimulation devices for the body

 Laser therapy devices: used to stimulate healing, improve movement and reduce pain, they are used in many fields including physiotherapy

 Deep heating therapy devices: they are used to improve mobility, get rid of pain and strengthen muscles

 Ultrasound therapy devices: used to improve movement, reduce pain and promote healing

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