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The best hydrotherapy center in Egypt

Many wonder about the benefits of hydrotherapy and what it achieves for the patient, yet there are 60% of patients, who are cured through various hydrotherapy programs. Where hydrotherapy helps in speeding up the recovery of patients and reducing pain and inflammation in a short period, and therefore it is a safe solution for back pain, stroke rehabilitation, rehabilitation of children and others, in this article we will address the importance of hydrotherapy and the best hydrotherapy center.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a type of natural therapy that uses water to improve mobility and overall health. The benefits of hydrotherapy can be many for people of all ages and abilities, and is used to treat a variety of conditions.

Hydrotherapy is based on the physical properties of water, such as gravity, buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure. These properties help reduce stress on joints and muscles, making it easier for people to do exercises that can be difficult or painful on the floor.

The importance of hydrotherapy:

  • One medical study confirmed that practicing therapeutic water exercises on a regular basis increases the benefits of hydrotherapy, and achieves great comfort for those who suffer from chronic low back pain, unlike traditional physiotherapy methods.
  • Hydrotherapy is the best way to treat diseases and functional loss by taking advantage of the physical properties of water.
  • Water is arguably one of the oldest methods used in physical therapy, where the thermal properties of water are used by helping to float.
  • Water also helps reduce the weight carried by the body, as movements can be performed that cannot be done naturally in a medium other than the water medium, as it causes a lot of pain while doing it.
  • Thus, water is one of the effective treatment solutions for most patients and various diseases, helping to relieve pain and treat inflammation.
  • Water therapy can be used to relieve muscle pain, and hydrotherapy baths are also used, to treat adults and children, to get rid of various skeletal and muscular disorders.

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of hydrotherapy Physiotherapy is suitable for various diseases, in addition to that, it is a successful alternative to surgery, and for medications, and it is used to treat sports injuries, back and neckpain with limited mobility, tissue and joint injuries and paralysis of all kinds.

It offers a non-pharmacological treatment method.

Among the benefits of hydrotherapy are:

  • Muscle relaxation and joint pain relief
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Strengthen the muscles of the body and balance
  • Motor rehabilitation
  • Relieve symptoms of muscle spasm
  • Development of respiratory muscles
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Accelerate the healing of some diseases as a result of the effect of less gravity in water.
  • Prevent overload on a person’s muscles and facilitate movement.
  • Activation of the lymphatic system.
  • Physique Center is the best hydrotherapy center in Egypt, where we have the largest hydrotherapy unit, doctors specializing in the effective use of hydrotherapy baths.

How hydrotherapy is used:

  • Water therapy can be used with a specialized therapist, where the patient performs passive activities, massage applications, and stretching movements.
  • Where the therapist stands in the central area of the hydrotherapy baths, and the appropriate treatment program is determined for the patient, after the examination stage and accurate diagnosis of the case.
  • The use of hydrotherapy should be carried out by a therapist specialized in hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and various programs.

What conditions need hydrotherapy:

There are many benefits of hydrotherapy, especially if you have a severe injury as a result of a car accident or even a sports injury, or if you suffer from just a simple pain in different parts of your body, hydrotherapy is the best solution for you, as it contributes to improving bone and heart health and muscle recovery.

Conditions that need hydrotherapy include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Injuries of the musculoskeletal system
  • Stroke (paralysis)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • After fractures and surgeries
  • Rheumatology diseases
  • Sports injuries
  • Severe obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Balance and fall problems
  • Polio
  • Autism and Down syndrome
  • Paraplegia
  • In addition, water therapy is a good way to promote bone and joint health, and is also especially good for women, as it reduces their risk of osteoporosis.

Types of hydrotherapy

There are many different types of hydrotherapy, and they can be divided into two main categories: individual hydrotherapy and group hydrotherapy.

Individual hydrotherapy:

Individual hydrotherapy is offered by a physical therapist or physiotherapist. This type of therapy focuses on the patient’s individual goals, and can include a variety of exercises, such as:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Balance exercises

Group hydrotherapy:

Group hydrotherapy is offered in a group of people under the supervision of a physical therapist or physiotherapist. This type of therapy provides an opportunity to interact with others and learn from each other. Exercises in group hydrotherapy can include:

  • Strength exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Water Games

Types of hydrotherapy include

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is offered in a dedicated swimming pool. This type of therapy provides a wide range of opportunities to move, and can be especially helpful for people with injuries or impaired mobility.

Hydrothermal therapy: Hydrothermal therapy is offered in a swimming pool with hot water. Hot water can be helpful in relieving pain and improving circulation.

Rehabilitation hydrotherapy: Rehabilitative hydrotherapy focuses on improving physical function. This can be helpful for people with injuries or impaired mobility.

Recreational hydrotherapy: Recreational hydrotherapy focuses on pleasure and overall health. This can be beneficial for people of all ages and abilities.

Hydrotherapy methods:

It can be said that there are many diverse methods of hydrotherapy, and the method used varies according to the nature of the case and what you need, from treatment and rehabilitation. Among the most important methods of hydrotherapy:

1.Hydrotherapy exercises:

  • Aerobic exercises are performed in the treatment pool at a temperature of at least 27 ° C and 35 ° C, at most so that the patient’s entire body is in the water.
  • Therapeutic exercises are very suitable for those who want to increase heart resistance and increase lung capacity, and they soften the various arm and leg muscles and improve the patient’s range of motion.
  • Water aerobic exercise helps relieve chronic joint pain, a method of hydrotherapy that can be easily used in the treatment of patients of all age groups.


  • One of the most famous types of hydrotherapy that many know and in which it is a therapeutic swimming pool at medium temperature, if you are looking for relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, this type of treatment achieves it for you.

So you should know what the benefits of hydromassage are:

  • It severely relieves body and joint pain and provides relaxation.
  • Reduces chronic pain in the spine, neck and foot.
  • Relieve pregnancy pain and anxiety associated with pregnant women.
  • It provides physical and psychological comfort to the body.
  • Hydromassage is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease and hypertensive patients.

When hydrotherapy should not be performed:

Despite the great importance of hydrotherapy, in improving the health of the body and bones, it also improves the psychological state and contributes to reducing stress and anxiety, and this is confirmed by most studies.

But it is possible that water baths are not suitable for some groups who suffer from many diseases, including:

  • Immediately after surgery.
  • In case of loss of senses.
  • In case of critical pregnancy.
  • In case of fever.
  • If a person suffers from hydrophobia.
  • When hypertension.
  • Cancer patients.
  • In the presence of cardiovascular diseases.

Hydrotherapy in Egypt:

  • Hydrotherapy is the best solution for treating pain and inflammation, and among the types of hydrotherapy is regular, hot, frozen, hot steam or ice steam.
  • The temperature of the water is determined by the nature of the case, each type has specific uses, techniques and devices in physiotherapy programs.
  • Physik Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, the best hydrotherapy center in Egypt, helps the patient to recover and achieve independence in performing daily activities.

Best Hydrotherapy Center for Children:

  • The rehabilitation of children with special needs, including patients with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or autism, requires a long time and continuous effort so that the child can acquire the skills he lost through various treatment methods.
  • But through the hydrorehabilitation unit at Physique Center, the child can regain his motor ability, and increase his self-reliance in performing daily activities, independently, which brings him many benefits.
  • Fizik Center can prescribe a therapeutic and rehabilitation program for children that achieves therapeutic skills, in record time through hydrotherapy.

Best hydrotherapy center for back:

  • One study proved that 60% of patients with back pain improved in physical disability from chronic low back pain.
  • Therapeutic water exercise helps patients with low back pain overcome the feeling of fear of movement due to pain.
  • Hydrotherapy programs at Physik Physiotherapy Center can help you reduce the severity of back pain better than conventional treatment.
  • You can contact Physique Center and get the best treatment experience, and quickly restore the range of motion of the joints.

Hydrotherapy for herniated disc:

Swimming is useful for preventing herniated discs and sciatica pain and also helps strengthen the back muscles and trunk muscles and also maintains the elasticity of tissues.

Some regular movements in swimming exercises also help nourish the cartilage better.

Hydrotherapy provides many benefits for the treatment of herniated disc, as hydrotherapy is useful in treating disc pain.

  • Relieve pain and restore mobility.
  • The patient’s return to normal life.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen.
  • Restoration of the verticality of the spine.
  • Reduce pressure on cartilage.
  • Increase the range of motion of the joints.
  • Increased suppleness of joints and muscles.
  • Improve tendon ductility
  • As surgical treatment may cause the patient severe pain, and severe complications, so hydrotherapy exercises must be performed effectively in order to relieve pain.

Best Hydrotherapy Center for Thrombosis:

  • There are many physiotherapy centers that rehabilitate strokes, the most important of which is the Physique Center, which helps in rehabilitation after a stroke through the best treatment programs.
  • Physique Center rehabilitates stroke and stroke patients by restoring physical and functional skills, through hydrotherapy exercises.
  • Hydrotherapy allows stroke patients to mainly restore their mobility to reduce pain.

Hydrotherapy session price:

  • There is a great variation in the prices of hydrotherapy sessions in Egypt, where we find a difference from one place to another according to the governorate and the services provided by the physiotherapy center
  • The price of hydrotherapy sessions in physiotherapy centers in Egypt ranges from 300 to 500 EGP.
  • One of the most important features of physiotherapy services at Physik Physiotherapy Center is that they are carried out by a physiotherapist, under full medical supervision of consultants and specialists in hydrotherapy programs, which ensures the implementation of the treatment plan to the fullest in order to achieve the best medical result for the patient.

Hydrotherapy places in Egypt:

  • There are many physiotherapy centers that perform hydrotherapy through hydrotherapy and strengthening exercises, and perhaps the most important of these centers is Fizik Center.
  • Fizik Center has an integrated hydrotherapy unit, through which cases of cerebral palsy, paraplegia and sports injuries are rehabilitated.
  • The center’s therapeutic programs allow increasing the range of motion of the joint, relaxing muscles and reducing muscle spasm, in addition to its role in joint rehabilitation.

Best hydrotherapy center:

  • Through hydrotherapy, doctors at Physique can help many patients improve their overall muscle function. It helps achieve unique and distinctive therapeutic results.
  • It is difficult for the patient to access them through other treatments. Buoyancing above water helps the patient move more effectively and safely.
  • Physiotherapists at Physik Hydrotherapy Center in Egypt prescribe hydrotherapy to people suffering from exercise pain through a safe and temperature-controlled pool environment.
  • We can help you achieve long-term benefits and therapeutic skills through hydrotherapy baths.

Why Choose Physik Hydrotherapy Center?

Fizik Center for Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy is the best center in Egypt that provides rehabilitation services for patients with cerebral palsy, paraplegia, and stroke, as it is:

  • The first center in Egypt, which offers doctors specialized in hydrotherapy.
  • The center is equipped with the latest tools to help the patient regain mobility and speed recovery after injury.
  • Physik Physiotherapy Center helps patients recover after surgery, stroke, motor deficits, children with Down syndrome, and autism to regain functional and motor skills.
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