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Back curvature (convexity ) Types, Causes, and Methods of Treatment

The curvature of the back

Many people suffer from The curvature of the back , which is a curvature of the spine that affects the appearance of the body and causes back pain.

Curvature of the back occurs when the spine in the back loses strength and flexibility and bends forward.

Although bending the back naturally is useful for distributing weight on the spine and reducing stress on the spine. However, additional bending can cause pain, muscle tension, and muscle cramps

Types of back curvature or convexity

There are different types of back convexity associated with various factors that have multiple causes and treatments: 

– Curvature of the occipital back

This type of convexity, also called anterior convexity or anterior arch, refers to the curvature of the spine in front of the lumbar region. This convexity may sometimes be normal, but increasedconvexity can lead to pain, cramps, muscle weakness, and muscle tension.

– Curvature of the lumbar back.

This type of convexity refers to the posterior curvature of the spine in the upper back area and is also called posterior convexity or posterior arch. Such a bend can be caused by injury, congenital malformation, or muscle disease

– Lateral bending

This type ofconvexity refers to the lateral curvature of the spine and is also called spinal deviation.

Diagnosis of back curvature or convexity

convexity can be diagnosed by Physical examination

  • Medical history of the patient. It can also
  • X-ray procedure
  • Magnetic resonance imaging to confirm the presence of abnormalities in the spine.

Symptoms of back curvature or convexity

The symptoms of back curvature are many and vary from person to person, the most famous are these symptoms:

– Back pain and back curvature : 

back arching November causes chronic pain in the curved area by creating abnormal pressure on the back muscles and tissues.

– Chest tightness:

 arching of the back can lead to chest tightness as a result of November contraction and contraction of the chest muscles.

– Difficulty breathing:

 in cases of severe bending of the back, the arched areas of the spine can put pressure on the lungs, causing breathing difficulties and lung dysfunction.

– Fatigue: 

the curvature of the back may cause fatigue due to deficiencies in body mechanics and weight distribution.

– Stomach and intestinal problems: 

arching the back can put pressure on the stomach and intestines, causing digestive and intestinal problems.

– Headache and back curvature : 

the curvature of the back can cause headaches as a result of pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the spine.

Causes of The back curvature or convexity: 

There are many reasons that can lead to a hunched back, the most famous of which are:

– Arthritis:

 arthritis can cause the back to bend due to the contraction of the muscles surrounding the spine.

– Injury:

 severe injury or severe trauma can cause the back to bend.

– Excessive exercise: 

whether for work or sports, excessive exercise can cause the November muscles surrounding the spine to contract and the back to arch.

– Structural deformities:

 some structural deformities, such as the back arches and the front arches, may cause the back to bend.

– Growth disorders: 

some disorders in the development of the spine, such as congenital spinal deformity syndrome, can lead to convexity of the back.

– Long spine: 

a long spine can lead to a convex back, this type of convexity is known as high back curvature.

Treatment of back curvature or convexity

Treatment of back curvature depends on the type of convexity, its severity, and its cause. Here are some possible treatment options:

-Physiotherapy exercises:

 physiotherapy exercises can help strengthen the muscles around the spine, increase flexibility, and improve posture.

– Wearing a medical corset:

 wearing braces or medical splints can help support the spine and improve body posture.

-Drug therapy:

 medications such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs can help relieve pain and inflammation associated with back curvature.

– Surgical treatment: 

in some advanced and serious cases, doctors may recommend surgery to correct the curvature, it depends on the degree of convexity and the main cause

-Lifestyle change:

 lifestyle change helps to improve body posture, such as sitting properly, avoiding sitting for too long, and exercising regularly

 Physiotherapy and back curvature

Physiotherapy and exercise to strengthen the back muscles is one of the most effective and safe ways to treat back curvature, as it does the following:

Strengthen the back and abdominal muscles:

 exercises specifically designed to strengthen these muscles can help support the spine better and prevent back bends from getting worse. Strengthening the back and abdominal muscles can help strengthen the spine and prevent back bends from getting worse.

– Increase the flexibility of the spine: 

stretching exercises and yoga increase the flexibility of the spine and improve mobility.

– Pain relief: 

strengthening exercises and stretching exercises for the back and abdominal muscles relieve chronic pain caused by back convexity. Sports massage can also help relieve pain.

– Improving body posture: 

exercises to strengthen the back muscles correct incorrect sitting, standing, and walking patterns for November, which improves posture and increases the curvature of the back.

– Increase mobility: 

Physiotherapy exercises reduce back arch pain, improve daily functions, and generally increase the mobility of the spine and body.

In the aggregate physiotherapy is useful in the treatment of curvature of the back, preventing aggravation of the condition and reducing the associated symptoms.

Fizik Center for the treatment of back curvature or convexity

  • Physiotherapy can also be used to improve the physical fitness and overall health of these people and helps to improve their quality of life and their ability to perform daily activities better
  • Fizik physiotherapy center is a specialized center in the field of physiotherapy and offers a comprehensive range of services for the treatment of many health problems, including the treatment of back curvature.
  • The center works to provide comprehensive and specialized health services to patients with a team of qualified professionals and physiotherapists.
  • The treatment of back curvature at the fizik center is based on natural techniques and motor exercises to improve the health and motor functions of people suffering from this condition.
  • Physiotherapy is used to relieve pain, improve mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and other motor functions.
  • The physiotherapy plan is customized individually for each patient and determines the necessary steps to achieve the desired results and improve the health of the spine.
  • The center uses the latest technologies and advanced medical equipment to provide the best patient care.
  • The physical center has a team of qualified and competent physiotherapists who use modern and effective treatments to treat back Hunchback. 
  • The center also provides nutritional counseling, healthy eating, and physical activity services to help patients improve their overall health condition and increase their healthy living skills.
  • In short, the physical physiotherapy center specializes in the treatment of backbends, treatment of back curvature, and convexity, and provides comprehensive and specialized services to patients.
  • These centers additionally try to improve the health of the spine by offering the necessary natural techniques, exercises, and health recommendations.
  •  If you have a back problem or other health problem, you can contact the fizik center to get the health care you need.

Treatment of back curvature :

Treatment of curvature of the back is an important thing in the treatment of curvature and curvature of the back, as it is an extremely important operation because the treatment of curvature or curvature of the back should be urgently

There are a range of therapeutic methods for the curvature of the back below are some therapeutic options that can be used:

1. Physiotherapy: physiotherapy can be used to strengthen muscles, improve spinal flexibility and reduce pain. This can include rehabilitation exercises, functional improvement, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

2. Surgery: surgery is the last option and is used in severe cases that cannot be treated by other means.

3. Medications: 

some medications can be used to relieve pain and improve the condition, such as analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

4. Medical instruments

: medical instruments such as medical shoes and back support belt can be used to improve body posture and reduce pain.

5. Lifestyle changes

: a healthy lifestyle should be maintained, such as regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding prolonged sitting.

Significantly the treatment of curvature of the back varies depending on the main cause of the curvature, its severity, and the age of the patient and can include a combination of various treatments to reduce the negative impact of curvature and improve health and comfort.

Treatment of arching a back 

Curvature of the back is the most common injury among all age groups, as a curvature of the back affects the majority of people as a result of wrong daily habits such as sitting bent over the phone for a long time or as a result of excessive loads

Which negatively affects the vertebrae of the back and makes them

It is worth noting that arching of the back is a condition that occurs when the spine bends from its normal level in a lateral direction, which leads to deformation of The Shape of the spine and a change in body position. Back curvature can occur in any area of the spine, but the most common are thoracolumbar back curvatures.

One of the most important methods of treating back curvature is :

-Physical therapy

-Drug therapy

-Surgical treatment

Therefore, it is necessary to quickly treat the curvature of the back to prevent complications that are likely to occur, the most important of which are :

-Impaired breathing

-Weakness of the back muscles

-Low back pain

-Lack of movement of the thoracic vertebrae

Treatment of convexity 

It is possible that the challenge occurs not only as a result of wrong daily habits but moreover, the curvature of the back can occur in the growth phase during the teenage years, as the growth of the spine can be influenced by external factors such as the wrong posture and psychological stress.

An accurate diagnosis must be obtained from a specialist doctor before starting any treatment for back curvature, where the condition is evaluated and the best treatment options are determined that suit the patient’s condition.

There are several possible causes of back curvature, including:

1. Genetic factors: genetic factors may have a role in the occurrence of curvature of the back, as genetic defects in the structure of the spine can be transmitted from ancestors.

2. Problems with muscles and connective tissues: problems with muscles and connective tissues that support the spine can lead to a curved back, such as muscle weakness or tissue tightness.

3. Injuries: injuries that affect the spine can cause the back to arch, such as sports injuries or traffic accidents.

4. Diseases: some diseases can cause arching of the back, such as cervical vertebrae, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, thoracic arthritis.

5. Wrong habits: wrong habits that affect body posture can cause back arching, such as sitting for long periods with an incorrect posture or holding objects incorrectly.

The best center for the treatment of back curvature :

fizik center is an integrated treatment system with the best methods and the latest devices in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation

fizik Center also specializes in the examination and treatment of spinal curvature through :

-Modern devices and therapeutic means

-Manual therapy and kinesitherapy

fizik Center also treats all degrees of back curvature and its various types, whether (convexity or scoliosis) in the sense of tilting the spine to the right or left or bending the spine forward

You can visit fizik  center to get the best therapeutic experience in the treatment of curvature of the back in any of our branches :

1-Sheraton branch: address: 87 El Meshir St. – Sheraton airport-Nozha

Phone numbers: (01032060003 – 01141441008 – 0220644201 – 0220644202 )

2-Sheikh Zayed branch: address: West Square Mall-Beverly Hills-Sheikh Zayed

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3-Mansoura branch: address: Shawaf Tower 2-behind the stadium-Mubarak City-next to Carrefour

Phone numbers: ( 01501100554 – 01098757776 – 050/2360792 )

4 – Nasr City branch: address: 101 Mostafa El Nahhas St.-inside Naseem clinics

Phone numbers: ( 01552291929 – 01017875744 – 02-22731976 )

Curvature of the spine

Spinal curvature is a condition that occurs when the spine bends from its normal level in a certain direction, and it can occur in any area of the spine, such as the neck, back, or sacral. And the curvature can be in the form of a letter “C” or “S”.

The severity of the curvature and the appropriate treatment for it are determined based on the type of curvature, the cause of its occurrence, and severity. Treatment may include exercise and physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, as well as the use of medications to relieve pain and reduce swelling and inflammation. In some severe cases, surgery may be needed to correct the curvature.

One of the most important tips for the Prevention of spinal curvature is :

1-maintain the correct body posture while sitting, standing, and walking.

2-regular exercise to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

3-avoid sitting for long periods and change body position regularly.

4-avoid carrying heavy objects in the wrong way.

5. maintain a healthy weight.

6-use the right furniture that supports the correct body posture, such as comfortable work chairs and the right beds.

7-reduce the time spent in front of screens and electronic devices.

8-take care of general health, such as avoiding smoking and eating a healthy diet.

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