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The best center for the treatment of herniated disc without surgery

Fortunately, a treatment of herniated disc without surgery, as studies have proven that “94% of herniated disc patients get better through. Drug therapy, physiotherapy without any surgical intervention, as surgical solutions are no longer a priority at the moment for the treatment of patients. And long-term pain relief, as it does not depend on temporary pain.

In this article, we will discuss the types of herniated disc, its symptoms, prevention, treatment, and the best physiotherapy center for herniated disc without surgery.

Causes of herniated disc:

A herniated disc can occur, as a result of many factors to which many are exposed in everyday life, especially among young people and those aged 25-30 years. However, these factors are not necessarily the only major causes of a herniated disc.

The most important factors causing a herniated disc, beware:

The most important factors causing a herniated disc are:

Carrying heavy weights incorrectly:

One of the most common mistakes that many people make is using the back muscles instead of the legs while carrying heavy weights, as it puts pressure on the cartilage of the back and makes the fibrous ring more prone to rupture.

Severe obesity:

Obesity and excess body weight can cause stress on the muscles and cartilage of the back, which makes it weak and fragile, and therefore disc pain occurs.

Advancing age:

 Sometimes, as a person ages, cartilage function may become less efficient, causing weakness of the neck or back muscles. It occurs as a result of hereditary or acquired factors.

Methods of treatment of herniated disc without surgery:

As mentioned earlier, most cases do not require surgical intervention to treat a herniated disc, as most cases can recover as a result of physiotherapy. However, only 6% of cases resort to surgical solutions, but it should be noted that the treatment periods vary from patient to patient, depending on the nature of each case.

The most important methods of treating a herniated disc without surgery:

  • Comfort:

Rest greatly contributes to the relief of herniated disc pain, it is possible that minor herniated disc cases will improve if the patient follows these tips:

  •  Take care to rest and not do activities.
  • Not to make exhausting movements of the spine.
  • Do simple activities, such as walking.

The duration of rest should be two days, and then the patient begins to practice light activities, to avoid stiffness of the body and a feeling of pain.

  • Drug therapy: 

Drug therapy can be aimed at the patient’s recovery to safely skip the initial stage of herniated disc, as painkillers provide great effectiveness. In alleviating the symptoms of a herniated disc, the doctor can prescribe a number of the most effective painkillers to relieve the patient’s pain. 

But in the event that the herniated disc causes weakness in the spinal muscles, or lack of bladder control, or the patient suffers from muscle tension. The doctor should prescribe him some medications that help to diastole the muscles and reduce their pain.

  • Physical therapy:

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods of treating a herniated disc without surgery, as physiotherapy exercises and devices help relieve chronic pain caused by a herniated disc.

Studies have proven that physiotherapy for herniated disc is the best therapeutic solution among all the different solutions, because it has the ability to relieve vertebral pain. And the final disposal of the herniated cartilage, securely.

One of the most important benefits of physiotherapy for herniated disc is:

  • Getting rid of the feeling of pain.
  • Protect the patient from being exposed to a new infection.
  • Reduce the pressure at the vertebral level.
  • Reduce stress on the joints and motor nerves.
  • Reduce the pain of herniated disc and sciatica.
  • Reduce the chances of increasing herniated disc complications in the future.

The latest devices used in the treatment of herniated disc without surgery:

Despite the great importance of physiotherapy exercises, there is a great effectiveness achieved by physiotherapy devices in relieving herniated disc pain significantly.

The most important devices for the treatment of herniated disc are:

1.The decompression device:

 This device is considered the best advanced method in the treatment of herniated disc without surgery, and this device is characterized by the speed of treatment of herniated disc in record time. The Decompression device works on:

  • Identify the affected vertebra and move it to its normal place to reduce pressure on the nerve.
  • Increasing the distance between the vertebrae, thereby reducing the pressure on the cartilage.
  • Reduce the load at the vertebral level andhelps nourish the cartilage of the spine.
  • Expansion of the nerve canal.

2.The Chattanooga machine:

It is the latest American technological device, called the American electronic vertebra lift device, and is used in the treatment of herniated disc, sciatica and spinal canal stenosis. In addition to the displacement of the vertebrae of the first degree.

  •  The Chattanooga[d1] device helps with:
  • Keep the sliding cartilage from pressing on the nerve or spinal cord.
  • It helps the disc to shrink.
  • The existing inflammation in the nerves ends.
  • It increases the distances between the compressed vertebrae.
  • Chiropractic of the spine.

3.Triton DTS device :

 It is considered one of the best non-surgical methods, as it achieves effectiveness in the treatment of herniated discs of all kinds, whether lumbar or cervical. Among the most important cases treated by the Triton DTS device are:

  • Lumbar and cervical herniated discs
  • ● Inflammation of the intervertebral joints.
  • Back pain, sciatica, curvature of the spine.
  • Problems with low back pain and neck pain.
  • Pain and deformities of the spine.

How is a herniated disc treated without surgery:

Fortunately, a herniated disc can be treated without resorting to surgery in most cases, as surgery is not a safe solution for many patients. Especially those who suffer from chronic diseases, so physiotherapy techniques and exercises can significantly get rid of a herniated disc.

The most important non-surgical methods of herniated disc treatment are:

● Anti-inflammatories for the treatment of a herniated disc:

 When a herniated disc occurs, a person develops swelling and inflammation, in the area around the cartilage which increases. Pain and pressure on the surrounding nerves, so anti-inflammatories not only help control pain but also reduce inflammation and swelling. 

Anti-inflammatories help in the treatment of a herniated disc, as they relieve the volume of pain, increase the level of mobility and reduce pressure on the nerve and spinal cord.

● Physiotherapy for the treatment of herniated disc:

 Various physiotherapy exercises help strengthen the back muscles, which helps relieve the load on the cartilage of the back and neck،

And physical therapy does not depend on me. Exercises and strengthening, but also physiotherapy devices achieve great effectiveness in getting rid of pain and reducing pressure on the vertebrae.

Physiotherapy can work to control pain and restore mobility by strengthening the back and abdominal muscles and restoring the strength of the spine. In addition, manual therapy with local massage is among the good means of relieving herniated disc pain of all kinds.

● Spinal injections for the treatment of herniated disc:

Some spinal conditions require injections with specific medications, which help reduce inflammation and pain associated with a herniated disc. The spinal cord cavity is injected with the drug, the doctor uses a small needle to insert it into the area of the spinal cord cavity in the area of pain.  

The effect of the injection lasts up to 3-6 months, therefore, if the patient’s condition improves, he may not need surgical treatment to solve the problem.

Fizik Center for the treatment of herniated disc without surgery:

There are many centers specializing in the treatment of herniated discs without surgery, and one of the best centers for the treatment of herniated discs is the physical physiotherapy center. It has become one of the most important treatment centers in Egypt and the Middle East, due to the quality of treatment programs, efficiency and excellence.

The physic Center for the treatment of herniated disc is characterized as:

  • He owns the latest devices and therapeutic means in getting rid of herniated disc and disc pain.
  • The best selection of doctors and specialists in the treatment of herniated disc.
  • Effective physiotherapy methods developed and approved internationally.
  • A preventive treatment program that prevents recurrence of a herniated disc.

The latest herniated disc treatment center without surgery:

Physical physiotherapy center can be considered one of the latest Centers for the treatment of herniated disc without surgery, as it has the latest medical equipment and equipment as well as therapeutic programs that achieve. The patient’s goal is to strive for his best health.

Owns the physical physiotherapy center:

  • The latest devices are of high quality and bring quick results to the patient in record time, such as the decompression device.
  • Developed therapeutic programs in the treatment of patients with herniated disc and disc herniation.
  • The latest means of safety and comfort for the patient, facilitate health care and provide him with what he needs.

The best herniated disc treatment center without surgery:

The treatment of herniated disc requires a well-developed center that works to achieve the patient’s goals safely, and the physic center is prepared for the treatment of herniated disc. One of the best and most modern treatment centers by following global and comprehensive programs that meet the patient’s needs and therapeutic requirements. In record time, it can be said that the physical physiotherapy center has all the ingredients that help to heal the patient.

Physiotherapy for herniated disc

The role of physiotherapy is to relieve the pain of a herniated disc, an effective and vital role, through which the patient can be prepared and treated in all the ways he needs. One of the most important methods used in the treatment of a herniated disc is manual exercises, braces, and physiotherapy devices. Physiotherapy can relieve herniated disc pain by:

Physiotherapy exercises:

 Through physiotherapy exercises can reduce pain and help relieve it for affected people and it is worth mentioning. Herniated disc exercises should be performed under the supervision and guidance of a physiotherapist and specialized trainers.

Physiotherapy devices:

 Physiotherapy devices are considered one of the best effective means in the treatment of a herniated disc, as they strengthen the muscles. And reduce the pressure on the nerve, expand the nerve channel, and also contribute to moving the vertebrae to their proper place.

One of the best devices for the treatment of herniated discs at the physic Center:

.Decompression device: as this device achieves great effectiveness to relieve pain physiotherapy, through this device is

  • Identify the affected vertebra and move it to its normal place to reduce pressure on the nerve.
  • Increase the distance between the vertebrae.
  • Reduce the pressure on the cartilage.
  • Reduce the load at the vertebral level.
  • Nutrition of spinal cartilage.
  • Expansion of the nerve canal of the spinal cord.
  • Reduce stress on joints and motor nerves

At the physical physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, a herniated disc can be treated effectively and get the best treatment experience through the spine Decompression device. It works to treat disc pain, cervical or lumbar herniated disc, relieve sciatica pain and inflammation of the iliac joint.

Prices for herniated disc treatment sessions 2024:

The cost of physiotherapy sessions is no longer as high as it used to be, as there are a lot of treatment centers with an average therapeutic cost. These centers conduct physiotherapy sessions through therapeutic exercises and devices by specialists and doctors.

The price of the sessions that the patient does at the center, of course, is different from at home, the cost of Home Sessions is somewhat higher, because they need the mobility of the doctor. Therapeutic equipment and tools for the patient’s home،

 Therefore, we will consider the average prices of herniated disc treatment sessions in 2024:  

  • Home herniated disc treatment sessions range in cost from 800– 1000 EGP.
  •  Physiotherapy sessions for herniated disc in Cairo governorate start from 850 eg
  • Herniated disc treatment sessions in Giza governorate cost from 600: 750 EGP
  • Herniated disc pain treatment sessions in the provinces of the sea face cost ranges from 550: 680 eg

The most important questions asked by others about the treatment of herniated disc:

What are the best ways to treat a herniated disc without surgery?

   Physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the cartilage, improve flexibility and flexibility.

   Massage therapy, heat and cold therapy to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

   Treatment with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Can exercise be used to treat a herniated disc?

Yes, exercise can be used as part of the treatment of a herniated disc. Proper exercise can contribute to strengthening the muscles surrounding the cartilage and improve the basic stability of the spine, which can reduce pain and help restore normal function.

Here are some sports exercises that can be useful:

  • Basic rehabilitation exercises: include exercises to build strength and stability in the abdominal muscles, back and hips. These exercises help improve the basic stability of the spine and reduce the pressure on the cartilage.
  • Stretching exercises and physical exercise without weight: exercises include stretching the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine and strengthening the muscles without the use of heavy weights. These exercises can help increase flexibility and improve motor functions.
  • Strength and endurance exercises: strength and endurance exercises can help build muscle, promote straightness and stability. It is advisable to practice these exercises under the supervision of a qualified instructor to ensure that the correct techniques are used and injuries are avoided.

What types of complementary therapies can be used to treat a herniated disc?

  • Treatment with medicinal herbs
  • Japanese trading of needles (acubnection)
  • Cavitary massage therapy (deep pressure massage)
  • German orientation therapy (manipulative).

What are the most important guidelines to reduce the risk of exacerbation of a herniated disc?

   1- Maintain correct posture and avoid sitting for long periods.

   2- Avoid lifting heavy objects or bending the back improperly.

  3- Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

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