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Physiotherapy for the treatment of obesity disease without surgery

Treatment of obesity without surgery is a matter of concern for many who suffer from obesity, as it is one of the serious diseases that affect humans. But despite this, obesity can be treated at all different age stages without resorting to surgery, as obesity is one of the most common diseases that have recently spread in the recent period as a result of an improper lifestyle.

What is the disease of severe obesity: 

Obesity is one of the serious diseases that affect humans and obesity can be treated without surgery, at all different age stages, where a person with obesity can be defined. As a person who has excess adipose tissue, he also has a body mass index above 30, where BMI is an indicator. It is normal for excess adipose tissue to have serious health consequences, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, and increased blood lipid levels. 

Obesity is one of the most common medical conditions, especially in Arab societies today, and the most difficult in terms of treating and addressing obesity. Little progress can be made in the treatment of obesity except for lifestyle changes, as obesity treatments can vary in all its forms.

Symptoms of morbid obesity:

There is a set of symptoms that the obesity patient is famous for, as the BMI provides a reasonable estimate of body fat, however it does not measure. It is worth mentioning that some people, such as: muscular athletes, may have a BMI in the obesity category even though there is no excess body fat.

It is worth noting that obesity can be diagnosed if the BMI is 30 or higher, in addition, the body mass index can be determined. By dividing the weight by the length in square meters. 

It is worth noting that the main symptoms of obesity are as follows: 

  • He sweats.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Soreness in the joints and low back pain.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Problems with sleep, such as: snoring.
  • Difficulty in practicing physical activities.
  • Loss of self-confidence, loneliness.
  • High blood pressure.

Causes of the occurrence of excessive obesity:

Severe obesity can occur, as a result of a combination of wrong habits or as a result of physical causes and genetic factors, although different. The causes of obesity, however, obesity can be treated without surgery, as it is possible to rely on medications, various diets and other means. 

The most important causes of obesity are: 

1.Physical inactivity:

Physical inactivity can cause, burning much fewer calories than active people, since there is a relationship between health and nutrition. A strong correlation between physical inactivity and weight gain in females and males.


Overeating can cause weight gain, especially if the diet contains high percentages of fat. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce meals during the weight loss journey. 


The genetic factor may play an important role in weight gain, where a person is more prone to obesity, in the case if one or both parents suffer from obesity, as genetic factors affect the hormones involved in fat regulation.

4.Follow a diet based on simple carbohydrates:

It can be said that the role of carbohydrates in weight gain is unclear, since carbohydrates can increase blood glucose levels. Its role is to stimulate the secretion of insulin by the pancreas, which in turn promotes the growth of adipose tissue, and therefore weight gain occurs. Carbohydrates contribute to rapid weight gain because they are easily absorbed. 

5.Psychological factors: 

For some people emotions influence eating habits, as there are many people who eat excessively in response to feelings, such as: boredom, sadness, stress, or anger.

Complications of morbid obesity: 

There are many complications caused by obesity disease, as obese patients can suffer from diabetes, many heart diseases, and some acute chronic diseases.   

1. Low average age level: 

Obesity disease, one of the most common diseases in which obese patients are often considered, can be considered as having a shorter life expectancy compared to others. As a result, the chance of them contracting many diseases increases.

2. Diabetes mellitus:

Obesity increases the chance of developing insulin resistance, which leads to irregular blood sugar without diet and taking the necessary medication.

3. Heart disease:

Heart disease can occur, as well as obesity negatively affects heart function, causing a person to become more susceptible to heart disease, obesity also increases blood pressure which can cause exposure to clots.

4. Arthrosis of the bones: 

Excess weight can cause faster joint wear, especially in the hip and thighs, and as time progresses, it may cause permanent damage and disability of movement.

5.Feeling of heartburn:

A person can feel heartburn, as obesity affects the functions of the digestive system, preventing acid from remaining inside the stomach and moving into the esophagus, causing heartburn.

6. Depression:

 One of the most complications caused by obesity is the increased feeling of depression, as obesity increases due to dissatisfaction with oneself. As a result, the external form is not suitable. 

7. Infertility:

There is a great relationship between obesity and the Prevention of childbearing, as excess weight affects the organs of the reproductive system and causes an imbalance in hormones, which reduces the chances of childbearing. 

Treatment of morbid obesity: 

The treatment of severe obesity is one of the most important things that an obese patient should take into account, which provides tremendous results, as it can be treated. Obesity without surgery through the best devices and methods of treatment for obesity, in addition, the latest methods can be used to treat obesity permanently

Fizik Center for obesity treatment is one of the best physiotherapy centers in the treatment of obesity using the latest devices, and diets can. Getting rid of obesity through the best doctors specialized in treating obesity, reducing weight and getting rid of excess weight.

You can visit the physic center and get the best treatment experience to get rid of excess weight using various slimming means.

Treatment of severe obesity without surgery: 

Resorting to surgical solutions is one of the most common things that many obese people turn to, especially areas where the amount of fat increases. Like the abdomen and buttocks, obesity is a problem faced by many, but it can be treated without surgery. 

The physical Center for bariatric treatment without surgery is considered the best bariatric treatment center, using modern methods and completely safe slimming devices. It does not cause any damage or any problems, in addition, obesity can be treated using various diets at the physic Center.

Physiotherapy for excessive obesity: 

Physiotherapy is considered one of the best means of treating obesity, especially localized obesity can be treated using a number of methods that have a relationship.Natural treatment because it is the most effective way to get rid of fat safely. Thus the attending physician may prescribe some exercises for which. It should be done regularly. 

The role of physiotherapy does not depend on the practice of exercises that help to lose weight, but also extends to therapeutic devices that lose weight.And fat removal without surgery.

 Physiotherapy is one of the effective methods in the fight against obesity. At the physical physiotherapy center, customized programs are offered to help obese people achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s health and fitness status, including weight, stature, and body fat distribution. An integrated treatment plan is then developed, which includes healthy eating habits and an exercise program suitable for the individual case.

Natural remedies to combat obesity at the physical physiotherapy center can include:

  •  Exercise programs: a customized exercise program is designed to increase physical activity and burn calories. Exercises are selected according to the individual’s health condition and fitness level.
  •  Exercise kinesiotherapy: this includes techniques such as rehabilitation exercises, balance exercises and muscle strengthening. This helps to strengthen physical fitness and increase calorie burning.
  •  Cardiovascular training: includes cardiovascular exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging and riding a stationary bike. Such exercises help to strengthen cardiorespiratory ability and burn calories.
  •  Nutritional awareness: specialized nutritional advice is offered to help achieve weight loss. This includes improving the eating pattern, controlling the size of meals and choosing healthy foods.
  • Manual therapy: manual therapy techniques such as massage and muscle stretching can be used to help improve blood circulation, relieve stress, and improve overall well-being.

The latest methods in the treatment of obesity without surgery: 

When starting to treat obesity, there are a number of methods that should be considered when starting treatment, as there are several methods that can effectively treat obesity. 

 Treatment of obesity without surgery with diets: 

Among the main reasons, for obesity is an unhealthy diet, where people can started eating more fast food as well as leaning.People also tend to eat fried foods, as well as eating more fast food leads to an increase in carbohydrates. 

It is possible that the high fiber content and whole grains reduce the risk of health conditions that occur due to obesity and metabolic syndrome, it also regulates blood sugar levels, blood pressure and problems such as Type II diabetes, however, do not break the diet or stop eating right away, this can affect your health and body functions negatively.

 Treatment of obesity without hardware surgery : 

The problem of obesity can be completely eliminated through the best obesity and slimming devices without surgery, as this is one of the best treatment methods that can be relied on. The physic Center provides the latest bariatric treatment devices without surgery in record time, through the largest unit for the treatment of obesity problems in Egypt. Which has the best doctors and specialized staff, the latest therapeutic devices, and devices for treating obesity without surgery. Which achieves the patient’s goal in the short term. 

The best center for the treatment of obesity: 

There are many centers specialized in the treatment of obesity, and one of the best obesity treatment centers is the physical Center for the treatment of obesity without surgery. 

The best integrated slimming unit contributes to weight loss, reaching the ideal weight in a safe way on the body. 

The “physical” center is one of the famous centers in Egypt for the treatment of obesity. The center offers a comprehensive range of services and programs to help with weight management and the treatment of severe obesity. Here are some of the services and treatments that the physic center can offer:

1. Weight loss programs: the center provides customized weight loss programs based on diet, exercise, and medical guidance. These programs include a comprehensive health and nutrition assessment and the design of an individual plan to achieve ideal weight goals.

2. Bariatric surgery: the center provides bariatric surgery services to patients who are excessively obese and have not been able to achieve weight loss by conventional programs. These procedures include diversion, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass procedures, which help to reduce the volume of the stomach and food absorption to achieve weight loss.

3. Nutrition consultation: the center provides nutrition consultation services to help patients develop healthy, balanced and tailored nutritional plans for their individual needs. The nutrition team works to provide guidance and education on proper diet and healthy practices to help lose weight and maintain ideal weight.

4. Behavioral and psychological therapy: the center may provide psychological support and behavioral therapy to help overcome the psychological and emotional challenges associated with obesity. This can include psychological counseling and emotional support to enhance the general well-being of patients.

The newest Obesity Treatment Center in Egypt: 

The physical center is one of the newest obesity treatment centers in Egypt among many slimming and obesity treatment centers without surgery. The center has the latest therapeutic methods and devices, which help in the treatment of obesity and getting rid of fat, in addition to reaching the ideal weight. In safe non-surgical ways, therapeutic programs are characterized by being internationally accredited programs that can achieve more effective treatment. 

Some questions asked by others: 

How to get rid of obesity completely ?

There are a lot of effective ways, through which it is possible to cure obesity as soon as possible, and also get rid of excess weight. Via. Hardware treatment methods as well as diets, do not hesitate to visit the physical slimming center and get the best therapeutic experience with modern and advanced methods. 

What is the best slimming remedy ?

There are many therapeutic means for slimming, which bring good results to the patient, but alwayspatients are looking for quick and effective results in the long term. Making it a unique and distinctive experience for the patient, through the latest methods and therapeutic programs, the patient’s goal can be achieved in record time. 

What weight is considered obesity ?

Many people ask this question, as it is one of the most important questions around the topic of obesity and excess weight as a whole, and it can be said that with regard to adults, the definition of the World Health Organization defines overweight and obesity as follows:

1.Overweight is a body mass that is 25 or more.

2.Obesity is a body mass that is 30 or more.

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