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What is a vertebral tightening device?

The vertebral tightening device is one of the most important treatment methods used in the treatment of herniated discs and other spinal diseases, such as neck pain and back pain. Advanced spinal tightening devices can reduce chronic pain in the vertebrae and provide definitive treatment for patients. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of the spinal tightening device, the conditions it treats, the harms of the vertebrae tightening device and its effectiveness.

What is a vertebral tightening device:

  • The electronic back lift device, or Spinal decompression, is the latest device used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. Which help relieve pressure on the affected nerves.
  • This device helps in healing cases of herniated discs. Cartilage can press on the adjacent nerve, causing excruciating pain or sciatica.
  • This device can return cartilage to its place 100%. It also contributes to keeping cartilage away from the nerve and thus reducing inflammation and pain.

What does a spinal tightening device treat:

  • The vertebrae tightening device treats many diseases that affect the health of the spine. The body in general is the best choice in physical therapy for herniated discs without surgery.
  • Herniated disc in the neck or back.
  • Sciatica pain, a type of inflammation of the sciatic nerve, that may cause pain in the buttocks and legs.
  • Spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the canal through which the spinal cord passes, thus causing pressure on branching nerves.
  • Types of spinal cord injuries or diseases, which cause pain in the roots of the spinal nerves.
  • Treatment of pain caused by intervertebral arthritis.
  • Treatment of low back pain and neck pain problems.
  • A spinal lift device for the treatment of spinal pain and deformities. 
  • It is considered the best center for the treatment of spinal problems andneural canal stenosis. It is the Physik Physiotherapy Center, where the center uses the latest spinal tightening devices. One of the most important is Spine Decompression.

The diseases treated by the vertebrae can be summarized in:

  • Lumbar hernia.
  • Cervical hernia.
  • Sciatica pain.
  • Herniated disc.
  • Spinal canal stenosis.
  • Low back pain.
  • Calcifications of the spine (degeneration).

Sciatica treatment vertebral tightening device:

Sciatica can be treated with an advanced spinal decompression device that helps relieve sciatica pain and expand the nerve canal.

Natural treatment for sciatica also helps reduce the symptoms of inflammation of the larger sciatic nerve. Inflammation of the sciatic major nerve is caused by pressure on the nerve supplying the leg

A spinal tightening device can help:

  • Reduce pain and tingling caused by sciatica.
  • Reduce muscle tension in the back and leg.
  • Frequent blood flow by means of physiotherapy.
  • Improve the work of the sciatic nerve and reduce inflammation.
  • Reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve through different positions and exercises.

Treatment of herniated disc and spinal tightening device:

  • Many studies have proven that the success rate of treatment with a spinal lift device for patients. Cervical disc sufferers or lumbar disc up to 85%.
  • It can be said that the spine lift device is the best device for treatment without surgery. The patient recovers from disc pain for life with a program to improve patients’ lives after treatment.
  • Vertebral tightening helps relieve herniated disc pain, whether vertebral or lumbar, as it helps reduce pressure on the vertebrae.
  • Therefore, the spinal Decompression device available at the Physik Center for Physiotherapy and Herniated Disc Treatment is the best successful treatment, and an alternative to surgery.

Vertebral tightening device for neck pain:

  • About 35% of young people suffer from neck pain, in addition to that, neck pain and cramping are especially prevalent among women compared to men.
  • Therefore, the spine tightening device helps reduce neck pain, significantly increase the range of motion of the muscles, and relieve muscle spasm.
  • This device reduces pressure on the nerves of the neck and spine. Therefore, the vertebral tension device available at Physik Center is the best and optimal treatment to get rid of these pains without the need to use painkillers or even resort to surgery.

Back pain treatment and spinal tightening device:

  • The spinal tightening device provides many therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from back pain in general, as it is possible that one session of the vertebral tension device has great and real effectiveness.

Where tightening the vertebrae helps in:

  • Significantly reduce back pain.
  • Treatment of herniated disc.
  • Ease of physical activities after treatment.
  • Relieve the feeling of sudden tingling.
  • If you feel pain in the back or spine, do not hesitate to visit Physique Center to get the best treatment methods with different methods in physiotherapy such as manual therapy, spinal tightening devices and hydrotherapy.

Steps of the spinal tightening device session:

  • As we mentioned earlier, the vertebrae tightening device is one of the best devices that can be used to get rid of pain and treat a herniated disc, where the vertebrae tightening device is used through a set of steps, namely:
  • The patient lies on his back or stomach depending on the nature of the case, with the doctor placing a special pillow under the knees to maintain the level of raising the legs.
  • The doctor installs a special belt around the waist (or head in case of neck problems) and this belt is attached to a pulley system on the device.
  • The belt is returned to its original position, and the doctor determines the number of times used to tighten in one session.


  • Identify the affected vertebrae.
  • Increase the distance between the vertebrae and thus reduce the pressure on the cartilage
  • Reduce the load at the level of the vertebrae
  • Cartilage nutrition
  • Move the affected vertebra to its natural place.
  • Reduce pressure on the nerve.

Duration of the session of the spinal tightening device:

  • The duration of the physiotherapy session varies according to the nature of the condition and the patient’s weight, and the spinal lift session often lasts between 20 to 30 minutes approximately.
  • In some cases, a spinal lift device session can take between 15 to 30 minutes.
  • In general, the number of sessions depends on the severity of the condition and the progress of treatment, but often the duration of treatment ranges from 8 to 24 sessions, and therefore we can say that full recovery from surgery takes about 6 months.

Contraindications to the use of a vertebral tightening device:

Most of the time, the spinal tightening device is used to treat herniated discs as well as its complications, sciatica, back and neck pain and spinal canal stenosis. However, there are some cases in which a spinal tightening device can be used:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Fractures of the spine .
  • In the case of implantation of slats and screws in the spine.
  • Advanced osteoporosis.
  • Oncological patients.

Damage to the spinal tightening device:

  • The technique of tightening the vertebrae is one of the best means to treat back pain and treat herniated disc, and this method is based on tightening the vertebrae of the spine in a non-surgical way, as it does not include any cartilage or cartilage plate resection.
  • Although many doctors recommend treatment programs through a spinal lift device as a surgical alternative, some believe that it causes many damages.
  • But recent studies have shown that about 45% of disc and back pain patients felt very better after physical therapy sessions.
  • You can visit the Physik Physiotherapy Center and perform an intensive physiotherapy program with the best doctors specializing in physical therapy and spinal pain treatment.

Price of spinal tightening device sessions:

Type of diseaseNumber of sessionsSession PriceTotal cost
Low back pain10-20 sessions100-200 EGP1000-4000 EGP
Curvature of the spine20-30 sessions150-250 EGP3000-7500 EGP
Spinal stenosis15-25 sessions200-300 EGP3000-7500 EGP
Cervical spondylitis10-20 sessions250-350 EGP2500-7000 EGP
Herniated disc15-25 sessions300-400 EGP4500-10000 EGP

Prices of spinal tightening device sessions in Egypt 2023

  • The prices of spinal lift sessions in Egypt vary greatly, from one governorate to another, in addition to the quality of services provided by the physiotherapy center itself. Where the price of a physiotherapy session of the spinal lift device in physiotherapy centers in Egypt reaches 300 EGP

The prices of migraine treatment sessions in Egypt can be summarized into:

  • Cairo and Giza governorates: The cost of spinal tightening device sessions is about 400 EGP.
  • Lower Egypt governorates: The cost of herniated disc treatment sessions is about 300 EGP.
  • Upper Egypt governorates: The cost of treatment sessions can reach 350 EGP.

Some questions asked by others:

What are the spinal tightening sessions:

  • The vertebrae tightening device helps to redistribute the pressure between the vertebrae and restore the correct distance between them, in addition to treating herniated discs, asthe vertebrae tightening device works on:
  • Reduce neuritis caused by compression of the vertebrae.
  • Helps reduce disc hernia.
  • The spinal tightening device works to treat back or neck pain without painkillers in a maximum period of only 20 minutes.

Does the vertebrae tension device treat a herniated disc?

  • Answer, yes, the vertebrae tightening device treats a herniated disc, as it contributes to reducing the pressure on the nerve, relieving pain and reducing inflammation caused by narrowing the nerve canal.
  • Physik Physiotherapy Center is the best physiotherapy center for herniated discs, disc pain reduction and lumbar and cervical discsis.
  • The spinal tension device treats not only herniated discs but also sciatica and spinal pain.
  • SPINE Decompression is the best spinal tightening device that can be used in the treatment of herniated discs and sciatica, and this device is located in the Physique Center for Physiotherapy for Herniated Disc.  

Is a spinal tightening device useful?

  • Many wonder about the importance of the vertebral tightening device, the vertebral tightening device works to redistribute the pressure between the vertebrae and restore the distance between them.
  • The vertebral tightening device also reduces nerve inflammation caused by compression of the vertebrae, and helps reduce disc hernia, and the vertebral tightening device works to treat back or neck pain without painkillers in a maximum period of only 20 minutes.

What does a spinal tightening device do?

Most patients wonder about the effectiveness of the spinal tightening device, what benefits it brings, and whether back and spine pain are really treated or not.

It can be said that the vertebrae tightening device does many things, the most important of which are:

  • Pain relief: 

This device helps reduce pressure on the nerves and intervertebral discs and thus reduces pain and swelling in the back area.

  • Improve flexibility:

The spine tension device helps improve the flexibility of the spine and expand the range of motion, and contributes to increasing the ability to carry out daily activities.

  • Restoration of normal function of the spine:

The spine lift device can improve the health of the spine and restore the normal functions of the spine and improve mobility.

  • Improve posture:

Through vertebral tension, it is possible to work to modify the physical position and improve the correct position of the spine, thus reducing the pressure on the joints and surrounding body tissues.

What are the benefits of the spinal tightening device at fizik Center:

  • It has a real therapeutic effect.
  • Completely safe and does not cause any pain.
  • Reduces pressure at the level of the vertebrae.
  • Reduces stress on joints and motor nerves.
  • Relieve the pain of herniated disc and sciatica.

Is a vertebrae pulling device useful?

  • The vertebral tightening device helps in redistributing the pressure between the vertebrae, and also restoring the correct distance between them, as the vertebral tightening device works to reduce nerve inflammation caused by compression of the vertebrae.
  • The intervertebral pull-out device also helps reduce disc hernia, and works to treat back or neck pain without painkillers and in just 20 minutes.

Does the vertebrae stretch device increase the length?

There are no confirmed scientific studies on this so far, as the vertebral tension device treats sciatica pain, herniated disc, lower back pain, spinal canal stenosis and any vertebral problem.

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