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Fizik center is equipped to provide comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment programs. Our expert staffs are specialized in the treatment of sport medicine


Leading healthcare provider in the Middle East and rank highly among the nation’s most respected, admired and trusted centers in physical therapy, sports and spine rehabilitation.

What Fizik Rehab Center Provide ?

Fizik Rehab Center is specialized in the treatment of sports-related injuries and Spinal disorders. The mission of the clinic is to provide patients a facility where expert clinicians perform  . the most advanced techniques with the latest, innovative equipment to facilitate rehabilitation .and return patients back to their prior level of activity in the quickest and safest way possible.

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What can you expect from Fizik?

  • Modern facility with state-of-the-art.
  • Modern facility with state-of-the-art- equipment and technology.
  • Physiotherapists, Professional therapists and highly skilled team.
  • Comfortable examination and treatments rooms.
  • Environment, Genuine environment for rehabilitation therapists

Physical Therapy

At FIZIK, our facilities includes separate treatment rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.  as well as a spacious rehabilitation gym. Our gym is equipped to provide a wide range of exercises with equipment’s like different types of exercise bicycles. upper-body ergometer, treadmills, free weights,

Gymnastic balls, foam rollers, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, light & iontophoresis and also includes physiotherapeutic modalities like shock wave, diater one, magnetic therapy, high intensity laser, game ready cryoflow, hydrotherapy, isokinetic, balance body, fit-vibe, proprioception.

Experienced Specialists

We select highly educated team with excellent behavior during dealing with one patient.

Smart Healthcare

Our physicians strive to provide our patients with the best experience possible to ensure they receive the highest care.

Better Experience

where staff provide the kind of care we all want for our own families. Patients are treated with respect and dignity

Advanced Treatments

Our services include the most recent scientific measurement.

Working hours are from Saturday to Thursday and timings from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm,

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Excellence in everything we do

Sport  Rehabilitation

Our team consists of physical therapists.  athletic trainers, strength and sports. physicians have designed an entire range of sports-specific rehabilitation . and performance programs to help you. We initiates every client relationship through proper examination  . to diagnose potential on existing problems and use tests and scientific measurement  . to forecast how successful we can be in addressing your issues.

Services We Provide

Sports Services

Comprehensive physical therapy and sports rehabititation program for athletes, General & individual prevention, Sports nutrition

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Spine & Postural Care

– Special care for scoliotic patients – Advanced treatment of back pain & cervical pain – Advanced manual techniques for different cases.

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Other Related Services

– Myofascial release using Garston, Foam roll for passive & active release – Dry needling for trigger muscle release – Sports message & recovery

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Foot Care

we offer a specialized foot care that aims to help patients take control of their foot health, improve mobility and prevent foot-related complications.

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