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Out Field Test’s.

Fizik Physiotherapy Center specializes In and Out Field Test’s. using the most advanced examination equipment to reach the best service for our customers .

Out Field Test’s

  • Body composition analysis



Fat percentage

Rate of body mass index

Lean mass distribution

  • Posture and Spine measurement which focus on the following

shapes of spine parts

Mal deformation for (knee – ankle –   pelvic) posture

Flexibility of back muscles

Rib cage structure

Condition of body muscle

  • Measuring the spine by using the Spinal mouse which includes

Spine shape

Flexibility level of back muscle

Measuring the ability of muscles to maintain the spine part balance

Vertebrate stability during movement

  • Measuring the spine using 4D Formetric which includes

Level posture or mode or situation

Deviation of the spine

Pelvic symmetry

Muscle chain symmetry on trigger point detection

Vertebral rotation and mobility along whole spine

  • Balance and proprioception measurement which includes

The score of general equilibrium for the player

Reliability score of keeping balance in different directions

Time spent for player to finish the test as an indicator of muscular nerve

  • Foot pressure measurement which includes

Foot pressure measurement from static standing posture

Foot pressure measurement from dynamic walking structure

  • The aim of this measurement is to

Specify posture of the foot (Normal – flat – high arch)

Locating high pressure during movement

Tracking movement of the foot

Prepare medical insoles

  • (sokinetic measurement using (Cybex

Measurement of quadriceps and hamstring muscles on the speed of 300 degree per second

Measurement of quadriceps and hamstring muscles on the speed of 120 degree per second

Out Field Test’s.

Measurement of quadriceps and hamstring muscles on the speed of 60 degree per second

Other Out Field Test’s

  • Other Out Field Test’s The following measurement has been made according to the following criteria

Attempts 2 times only on each side

On each attempt 5 times repetition only

Concentric muscle construction

Dynamic range of motion (10 degree for flexion – 100 degree for extension)

  • The aim of this measurement is to

Detect the peak torque for each muscle group.

Track synchronization between muscle and tendon

Rate the ratio H/Q

  • The aim of this measurement is to

8 channel Delsys dynamic EMG used for detecting the activities of major muscle of lower limb and trunk accompanied with Vicon analysis or using 8 channel Nor axon system accompanied by the stimulated activities such as running analysis style polar team

  • (Gotion Analysis (Kinematic & Kinetic

Using Vicon IR camera, AMTI fore plate for analyzing the different vertical athletic jumping procedures: Squat-jumping (SJ), counter-Movement (CMJ), and drop-jumping (DJ). parameters include: center of mass (COM) flight height, contact time, mechanical efficiency (during DJ), angles of different joint, moment around joints in 3D direction.

  • Cardiopulmonary stress test

A cardiac stress test is a recording of the heart’s activity during exercises. The heart is monitored using electrodes to record its electrical activity. Heart activity is also measured by looking at changes in blood pressure and pulse during the test.

  • The aim of this measurement is to

Cardiopulmonary exercises testing aims to measure the rate that a patient’s body takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide while monitoring ventilator parameters, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturating during maximal exercises

  • Muscle performance test using TMG

TMG-BMC’s sports performances and injury prevention services are entirely based on TMG100 tensiomyography assessments of sports specific individual muscles. Tensiomyography (TMG) is a unique, objective, established, selective non-invasive method insight into muscle composition, muscle functional characteristics, local muscle fatigue, atrophy, inhibition of specific muscles in the kinetic chains and muscle tone

  • The aim of this measurement is to

-A TMG assessments consists of placing the tensiomyographic sensor on the skin above the to be measured muscle. The muscle is then stimulated using a single, standardized electrical stimulation pulses until maximum contraction achieved.

-The TMG sensor precisely records muscle displacement and time based muscle contraction properties (response, contraction, relaxation and sustain times).

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance therapy

The world’s first therapeutic device based on nuclear magnetic resonance therapy. The aim of this treatment is to stimulate cell regeneration in metabolic disorder of musculoskeletal system.

  • Segmental decompression

Mechanical decompression and mobilization of vertebral column through segmental level.