Our services includes sports medicine examination and reporting, sports medicine/ physiological field testing and biomechanics field testing approaches. FIZIK Center perform these services with highly qualified team members. This includes a sport specific examination with a strong focus on injury prevention aspects. Using the common evidence special tests and screening for the individual which provide us with the deficits of each player that consider the red flag indicator for related injuries.

Body composition analysis.
Posture and spine measurement.
Balance and proprioception measurement.
Foot pressure measurement.
Isokinetic measurement using (CSMI machine ) Running style analysis.
Muscle performance test using TMG.
Vo2 max measurement.
Full biomechanical assessment for the normal or athlere Brief sports medicine examination and final reporting


Running filed testing approach (performed on a running track or on the soccer field) with video camera’s capturing ad 2D analysis for each player. And heart rate analysis (Polar devices) to examine the aerobic and anaerobic capacity including threshold calculations. This includes individual reporting and training recommendations for each player.