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The best center for motor rehabilitation in Egypt

There are many motor rehabilitation centers in Egypt, where each center specializes in a specific type of treatment, the most important of which are motor rehabilitation for children, motor rehabilitation for the elderly, rehabilitation of people with special needs, and fortunately these centers have the best devices in motor rehabilitation as well as the best doctors, so in the following article we will learn about the importance of motor rehabilitation centers and the different types of motor rehabilitation and its role in treatment.

What is motor rehabilitation?

Motor rehabilitation is a comprehensive process aimed at improving and developing the motor abilities of individuals suffering from injuries or diseases that affect their motor system. Motor rehabilitation aims to restore and enhance movement, strength, balance and muscular coordination, and improve the ability to carry out daily, occupational and sports activities.

usually involves a specialized team of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and motor rehabilitation specialists. The condition of the individual is assessed and the desired motor goals are determined. A customized qualification program is then developed that includes different exercises and techniques to achieve those goals.

Who needs motor rehabilitation?

Motor rehabilitation is a process aimed at improving and enhancing the motor abilities and motor functions of people with injuries or diseases that affect their locomotor system. Motor rehabilitation can be needed by a number of people, including:

  1. People with central nervous system injuries: such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and severe burns, which affect movement and muscle coordination.
  2. People with spinal cord injuries: such as paraplegia and quadriplegia, which may lead to partial or total loss or restriction of mobility.
  3. People with bone, muscle or joint injuries: such as bone fractures, muscle tears and arthritis, which need rehabilitation to restore normal movement and motor functions.
  4. People with chronic diseases: such as Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which affect movement and muscle coordination and require rehabilitation intervention to improve motor functions and reduce symptoms.
  5. People who are recovering from surgery: such as orthopedics or other surgeries that affect movement, and need rehabilitation to restore movement, strength and fitness.
  6. People with sports injuries: such as players and athletes with muscle, ligament or cartilage injuries, who need rehabilitation to return to sports activity.

The need for motor rehabilitation is usually determined through a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s medical condition and motor functions, and accordingly a customized rehabilitation program is developed to meet their individual needs. Rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists usually provide motor care and rehabilitation to these people.

Mobility Rehabilitation Center

Motor rehabilitation is anintegrated place that uses a program under the supervision of a specialist doctor, for people with disabilities or due to bone or muscle injuries, diseases, or other disorders, because it improves the patient’s health and helps improve functional abilities, and alleviate symptoms from the risk of disease and injury.

There are many cases that need motor rehabilitation centers, the most important of which are: patients with amputations, tendon rupture, shoulder cuff tears, Achilles tendon injuries, accident injuries, such as fractures, sprains, joint fractures, back pain, bone tumors, arthritis, osteoporosis, recurrence of sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, joint injury, back pain, ankle sprain, and broken foot.

Physique Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is the best movement therapy center in Egypt because it has the latest therapeutic equipment in the field of motor rehabilitation, as well as a group of qualified doctors in Egypt in treating various symptoms that need motor rehabilitation.

The importance of motor rehabilitation centers

There are many benefits achieved by motor rehabilitation centers for patients who frequent it, as movement therapy centers in Egypt have the best doctors and physiotherapists, so it is important to know the role of rehabilitation centers in restoring patients to their movement after various injuries, as well as the most important benefits of a motor rehabilitation center:

  • Reducing the need for surgery with physiotherapy programs, motor rehabilitation programs do not make you need surgery, this will help the therapist in pain relief and general recovery.
  • Achieve more injury prevention as accidents can hinder your balance and therefore physical therapy makes you less susceptible to injuries.
  • Improved mobility where physical therapy can increase mobility, thus reducing accidents from your ability to move, walk or stand.

Objectives of motor rehabilitation centers

The center provides patients who have lost the ability to carry out their daily tasks normally, including those with disabilities or people with various diseases, due to bone or muscle injuries.

-Includes the need for motor rehabilitation for all age groups, and exercises that are recommended to be done briefly at the center.

-A motor rehabilitation center focuses on patients who have lost the ability to carry out their daily tasks normally in motor rehabilitation centers

– In a motor rehabilitation center or motor rehabilitation, we seek motor rehabilitation through intensive motor rehabilitation training to compensate for the loss of ability to perform specific tasks.

Pediatric Motor Rehabilitation Center

The Center for the Rehabilitation of Children is one of the most important types of centers that rehabilitate children from various cases, where the Center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children works through organized treatment programs aimed at achieving independence for the child and relying on himself in the various motor activities that he performs at all stages of treatment, and it can be said that motor therapy for children appeared in the seventies of the last century, including the treatment of

  • Delay in overall motor skills
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cerebral palsy after treatment
  • Down syndrome
  • Developmental delay

Physik Center for Motor Rehabilitation is the best center for treating and rehabilitating children in Egypt because it has an integrated unit for the rehabilitation of children through the latest equipment and therapeutic tools as well as through the best pediatric rehabilitation doctors, by restoring the necessary motor skills for them, and efficient treatment methods.

Mobility rehabilitation center for the elderly

There are many cases of the elderly in need of a rehabilitation center, where a motor rehabilitation center for the elderly and the elderly is characterized by helping them to perform the vital functions of the body functionally, recover their ability to carry out daily activities and necessary tasks, improve the elderly’s ability to move, as well as increase joint flexibility, strengthen muscles, treat and relieve pain resulting from chronic diseases and injuries, and reduce the risk of diseases and injuries.

The work of the Motor Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly is based on the basic functions through the use of the latest physiotherapy devices to improve the ability of the elderly to move and increase the range of motion of the joints and muscles through the latest devices and treatment methods that help overcome cases of motor disability of the elderly.

Motor rehabilitation center for cerebral palsy

The Motor Rehabilitation Center for Cerebral Palsy is one of the most important treatment centers that must be at the highest level to meet the needs of cerebral palsy patients, who need advanced treatment programs, through which they can carry out daily tasks functionally, and the Movement Rehabilitation Center offers the best programs to rehabilitate patients, provide their therapeutic needs, and enable them to carry out daily skills of moving.

The Physik Center for Motor Rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy focuses on a number of basic and necessary elements in the rehabilitation program for cerebral palsy through:

  • The best doctors in Egypt specialized in cerebral palsy rehabilitation programs
  • Internationally accredited treatment programs, supervised by physiotherapists.
  • Follow-up and prevention systems and post-treatment programs.

Motor rehabilitation center after stroke

The function of a motor rehabilitation center after a stroke is to help people recover their range of motion, again after the various treatment programs they have undergone, where the function of physiotherapy after tear clots is to help people recover again and restore movement gradually, and reduce the severity of complications, especially resulting from the loss of some motor skills.

Physik Center is one of the best centers for motor rehabilitation after stroke because it consists of:

  • Qualified medical staff with the ability to help the patient through rehabilitation programs
  • Develop a motor rehabilitation program suitable for all age groups who have suffered a stroke
  • Implementation of treatment programs regularly and in stages with follow-up of the treatment program.

Movement rehabilitation center for accident victims

Some types of serious accidents may cause a visit to a rehabilitation center, because it not only requires treatment stages supervised by specialized doctors, but also needs an integrated rehabilitation center that helps the person recover his lifestyle again and return to daily activities functionally, there are many physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers that work only in that field.

One of the best motor rehabilitation centers in Egypt, is the Physik Center for Post-Accident Rehabilitation and Car Accident Victims. Physique Center has a selection of doctors specialized in post-accident treatment using:

Mobility rehabilitation center for people with special needs

There are some cases that need a movement rehabilitation center, including people with special needs who require special care. They also need an integrated physiotherapy program and motor rehabilitation programs aimed at increasing the range of motion for cases with special needs. In addition to restoring motor activities that hinder their ability to perform daily activities functionally.

At the Physique Motor Rehabilitation Center, we help these cases. By developing a treatment program for people with special needs, and following up the implementation of the treatment program very accurately with the patient. The aim of this program is to achieve the best results for individuals through the necessary rehabilitation and the tools and devices required by the treatment program for people with special needs.  

Tools of the Motor Rehabilitation Center:

There are many rehabilitation center tools, including these tools, occupational therapy tools, motor rehabilitation tools, motor rehabilitation

  • Functional electrical stimulation devices, some types of supported mobility, pressure devices, joint and tendon injection devices.
  • Nerve strengthening and muscle movement devices, which work to increase the stimulation of the nerves of the entire body and the surrounding muscles.
  • Some ultrasonic devices that help in motor rehabilitation through sound waves.
  • Among the most important tools of motor rehabilitation are massage, manual methods of physiotherapy, treatment through shock waves from outside the body, magnetic therapy, and possibly laser therapy, mechanical therapy. And methods of electrical stimulation of nerve endings, nerve centers.

Motor rehabilitation exercises

There are many exercises in a movement rehabilitation center, which are a set of exercises used in movement therapy. Which are known as motor performance exercises and include motor rehabilitation exercises:

  • Improve or restore lost physical functions, flexibility, and strength.
  • Restore mobility, improve gait and balance.
  • Treatment or prevention of disability.
  • Improve overall health and fitness.
  • Improve the feeling of relaxation.
  • To increase circulatory activity.
  • Reduce the feeling of pain.

Can I do motor rehabilitation exercises at home?

Yes, you can do some motor rehabilitation exercises at home. However, there should be some critical points to consider:

  1. Consult a doctor: Before starting any motor rehabilitation program at home, it is best to consult a doctor or rehabilitation specialist to assess your condition and guide you properly.
  2. Instructions and directions: Make sure you understand the correct exercises and techniques required before you begin. You can get guidance from specialists in physical therapy or occupational therapy.
  3. Safety: Make sure you have a safe environment to do the exercises, and avoid potential hazards such as slipping or falling. Secure used surfaces and use aids such as crutches if necessary.
  4. Grading and progressing: Start with easy exercises and gradually increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercises over time and regain strength and movement.
  5. Continuity: Maintain regular exercise and repeat it regularly for best results.
  6. Listen to your body: Listen to your body and do not do any exercise that causes you unusual pain or an increase in symptoms. In case of any problems or improper improvement, you should stop and consult with your doctor or specialist.

Most exercises that can be done at home range from strength training, flexibility and balance. You may need to use simple tools such as light weights or rubber resistance. You can search online for motor rehabilitation exercises at home or take advantage of fitness apps that provide guided exercises.

However, you should remember that comprehensive motor rehabilitation usually benefits from the direct supervision of rehabilitation specialists to assess progress and guide the necessary exercises and adjustments.

Best Movement Rehabilitation Center in Egypt

Physique Center is the best motor rehabilitation center in Egypt and the Arab world. Because it has many ingredients and activities that made it the best rehabilitation center through various motor activities. The advantages of the physical kinetic rehabilitation center can be summarized in

  • The presence of a group of distinguished doctors in motor rehabilitation programs for people with special needs and those who need occupational therapy programs
  • The latest internationally accredited programs, which can be used through motor and functional rehabilitation.
  • Follow-up systems of the treatment program, its efficiency for patients and the success rate of its goals.

Fizik Motor Rehabilitation Center

Fizik Motor Rehabilitation Center has many motor rehabilitation activities. He has also rehabilitated many cases of children, elderly people and various disabilities through motor and functional rehabilitation programs. You can visit Fizik Motor Rehabilitation Centers and get the best possible care through an integrated motor rehabilitation center.

 Some questions asked by others:

What is the difference between physical therapy and motor rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy programs are somewhat more comprehensive than motor rehabilitation. Motor rehabilitation aims to stimulate blood circulation and treat various injuries, as well as treat muscle tears and various sprains. In addition to its role in the treatment of speech delay and learning difficulties, while motor rehabilitation ultimately aims to recover movement and increase the body’s ability to perform daily activities more functionally.

What does movement therapy mean?

Movement therapy is an essential part of rehabilitation and is based on exercises. It aims to keep muscles flexible and strong, prevent joint, musculoskeletal and bone malformations and sensory-motor programs to re-coordinate neuromotor functions .

What is motor rehabilitation?

The Motor Rehabilitation Center aims to treat motor disorders and relieve the pain caused by them. In addition to restoring muscular strength, motor rehabilitation has several sections, including: physical therapy, which is a therapeutic method that has several means, such as: heat therapy, cold therapy, hydrotherapy and massage therapy.

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