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The importance of walking and the best Movement Therapy Center

The importance of walking

The importance of walking increases for the elderly, walking for only 10 minutes a day in old age, can help the individual to live longer” according to the latest studies, walking is one of the most important sports that the body needs daily, as movement therapy helps to supply the body with activity and vitality and strengthen blood circulation, walking also contributes to the treatment of many different diseases, so one of the most important benefits of walking is to enhance motor activity, so in this article we will learn about the benefits of walking physiotherapy for walking for adults, treatment of walking problems physiotherapy the importance of brisk walking.

The importance of walking:

Walking is one of the most important methods of movement therapy, walking for half an hour or more a day is one of the best simple ways to maintain the health and safety of the body in general, because walking gives the body many benefits and advantages.

It should be noted that increasing the walking speed, increasing the distance and the number of times walking increases the amount of benefits that a person receives, for example, a person may start walking at an average speed, and then gradually develop his abilities to walk faster.

In walking a greater distance in a short period of time than it takes to walk at an average speed, walking is an ideal method of movement therapy to improve heart health through aerobic activities.

The benefits and importance of walking for the body:
Walking is one of the most important things that helps the body greatly, as it serves as a movement therapy for many people with many diseases

The most importance of walking are:

The importance of walking

  • Maintain cardiovascular health, improve the strength and activity of the circulatory system.
  • Improve the functions of the immune system.
  • Help strengthen bones, muscles and joints.
  • Helping to reduce body fat and burn calories, and therefore contributes to weight loss, especially when practicing fast walking.
  • Improve mood and relieve stress.
  • Enhance the breathing process and the body’s access to a large amount of oxygen.

The importance of brisk walking:

Walking is a natural treatment for walking problems, as it contributes to many benefits and achieves a set of features for the body

Therefore, many experts generally advise walking fast, as it is possible to walk at a speed that suits the level of breathing, and this means that walking fast is walking at a speed during which a conversation can be held, while a person cannot be able to sing.

According to a recent study published in 2022, “fast walking” leads to positive results on heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s, in addition to the number of daily steps taken.

It is worth noting that the average person should not make his goal of walking a certain number of steps, but should strive to walk faster, and researchers have discovered that walking “at a fast pace “brings the individual many benefits and protects him from a range of diseases.

Natural treatment for delayed walking for children:

There is a set of methods that are considered one of the best physical therapy methods for delayed walking in children, sometimes physiotherapy is resorted to, where the doctor prescribes in that case a set of therapeutic exercises in the clinic and through exercises can strengthen the child’s muscles, the most important of which are strengthening exercises aimed at increasing the strength and endurance of the body and coordination of its movements, and also includes exercises to increase flexibility and stretching exercises that help the child move without pain and prevent muscle stiffness.

It includes exercises to help maintain flexibility during movement, allow natural movements while enhancing strength and stability during movement, in addition to exercises to maintain body posture, exercises are conducted in this training to control body postures, which gives the child endurance and increases his ability to walk. Treatment of foot pain

It should be noted , that motor rehabilitation exercises for children are used in such cases as:

  • Delayed walking.
  • Arthritis in children.
  • Playground injuries.
  • Muscle atrophy.

Natural treatment for delayed walking for adults:

Walking is one of the best things anyone can do, especially in the elderly, it can improve health in many ways and make a person more able to be independent or not need others while doing daily activities.

Walking is one of the most important physiotherapy methods and methods for the elderly, as some studies have confirmed the enormous benefits of walking, including a Korean study that said that walking for 10 minutes a day in old age, can help a person live longer,” where I considered that the elderly who are 85 years old or older can reduce the risk of death by walking one hour a week.

Thus, physical activity, according to experts, can slow down the aging process, and is associated with reducing the risk of mortality, caused by all causes in the elderly, and the researchers confirmed that walking can help the elderly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by reducing blood pressure.

One of the most important benefits of walking for the elderly is:

  • Strengthen the muscles.
  • Make the weight steady.
  • Avoid the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes.
  • Promote bone health and prevent osteoporosis as regular walking, can lead to a reduction in the number of people over the age of 45 who suffer from hip fractures.
  • Strength and flexibility of joints.

What is kinesitherapy:

Kinesitherapy or kinesitherapy is considered one of the effective physiotherapy methods, and means the scientific use of body movements for preventive and therapeutic purposes, in order to maintain functional work, and tissue rehabilitation before, after and during injury, so kinesitherapy adopts a method that is the most effective among the tools of natural forces, namely movement for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation when injury, illness or disability.

One of the most important benefits of muscle kinesitherapy is:

  • Increased muscle volume as a result of exercise.
  • Increase the thickness and strength of the enveloping membrane of muscle fibers.
  • Increasing the length of the muscle fibers thus helps to produce greater muscle strength.
  • Acceleration of chemical processes inside the muscle, thereby increasing the amount of energy-producing substances, the main of which are phosphocreatine, hemoglobin, and, accordingly, the efficiency of muscle work and the duration it lasts increase.

In addition to the benefits of muscle kinesitherapy, there are a range of benefits of kinesitherapy for bones, the most important of which are improving joint flexibility, strengthening ligaments, and therefore the joint can work efficiently, stabilizing the base material of bones or cartilage, by increasing the concentration of calcium in the bones, strengthening the places where the muscles rest on the bones.

The best exercises for kinesitherapy:

Therefore, motor exercises or exercises of kinesiotherapy have a great role in promoting the health of the body and restoring the physical functions of the body, and therefore the exercises used in kinesiotherapy can be defined as an organized and planned performance of movements and physical activities aimed at :

  • Improve and restore lost physical functions, flexibility, and strength
  • Restore mobility, improve gait and balance.
  • Treatment or prevention of disability .
  • Improve overall health and physical fitness.
  • Increased sense of relaxation.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Reduce the feeling of pain.

The most important types of exercises used in kinesiotherapy are aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises, resistance exercises

Aerobic exercises:
It is known that aerobic exercises are aerobic exercises, as it is a set of exercises that increase breathing rate, heart rate, and therefore these exercises promote heart health, improve blood circulation, lungs, and reduce the risk of diabetes, some heart diseases, and stroke.

Resistance exercises:
Resistance exercises or strength exercises can increase the speed of walking, as well as the strength of climbing stairs, strength, balance, and work to reduce the total fat mass, and these exercises also help reduce back injuries and pain, are among the most important exercises in movement therapy and can therefore reduce the risk factors of some diseases such as:

  • Coronary artery disease by reducing systolic blood pressure.
  • Diabetes mellitus by reducing insulin resistance.
  • Osteoporosis is characterized by bone mineral density.

Flexibility exercises:
Used in kinesitherapy, they improve the mobility of a joint or group of joints. Flexibility exercises include 3 types, static flexibility exercises, moving flexibility exercises and exercises in which there is an exchange of contraction and diastole of muscles.

How long does it take to cure motor impairment:

The duration of kinesitherapy varies depending on the type of case, the nature of the treatment program and the age of the person. Studies have shown that kinesitherapy for children takes less time than kinesitherapy for other age groups. It is an important factor to consider when following a kinesitherapy program. One of the most important factors to consider when following a kinesitherapy program is

Extent of injury:
Kinesitherapy is used in the treatment of a large number of injuries in general. Treatment can be divided into minor injuries that need 3 sessions of motor rehabilitation. Soft tissue injuries may take more than 6 to 8 weeks. While chronic and serious cases take two or more months of treatment, depending on the level of progress achieved.

The level of commitment to recovery:
Kinesitherapy is far from a one-way road, as patients who progress faster and do fewer sessions tend to commit to completing exercises and stretches prescribed by the body. In addition to making positive adjustments in their diet and sleep habits, in order to achieve recovery.

The breadth of experience of the physiotherapy clinic:
One of the most important factors that determine the duration of movement therapy is the experience of the physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center in the treatment of various conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the experience of doctors and consultants, as well as the nature of the devices and methods used in the rehabilitation process and the quality of therapeutic programs that work to achieve the patient’s goals in record time.

The best kinesitherapy Center in Egypt:

Fizik physical therapy and Rehabilitation Center is one of the best centers specializing in movement therapy for children and the elderly. There is an integrated unit for kinesitherapy and motor rehabilitation. Through it, motor delays are rehabilitated and motor skills are developed, for many different categories.

Fizik Center has a number of modern devices and various therapeutic methods that help in motor rehabilitation and the development of physical abilities.

fizik physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center can be visited to get the best therapeutic experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of various conditions. There are also the best doctors and specialized consultants in the Arab world at the physic Center.

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