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When to resort to home physiotherapy?

Fortunately, home physiotherapy has restored movement and life again for most people who were facing difficulties in moving to physiotherapy centers and rehabilitation doctors, who helped patients to ease movement, home therapy benefited many patients greatly, in this article we will learn about the most important benefits of home physiotherapy and the cases that need home physical therapy.

What is home physiotherapy:

Home physiotherapy sessions help relieve back pain, ankle sprain,sciatica, arthritis and other symptoms, and contribute to improving the symptoms of nervous system diseases such as paralysis, Parkinson’s and nerve damage, and help promote the balance of patients who suffer from dizziness or imbalance in general or as a result of problems including the inner ear.

Physiotherapy sessions at home can be summarized in that they are specific sessions performed by a physiotherapy specialist in exchange for the price of a physiotherapy session at home in different aspects of the patient’s life, and the objectives of physical therapy in general include:

  • Physical rehabilitation after various surgeries, especially orthopedics.
  • Relieve back pain, ankle sprain, sciatica, and arthritis.
  • Improve symptoms of nervous system injuries such as cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s and nerve damage.
  • Increasing the state of balance, for those who suffer from vertigo or imbalance in general.
  • Age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Sports injuries Home physical therapy sessions can help improve the condition of the affected joint, muscles, or tendons.

Methods of physical therapy at home:

There are many methods and methods of physical therapy at home, where physiotherapy is the best possible solution that patients resort to to relieve pain and restore a healthy lifestyle, and it is possible to summarize the steps of physical therapy at home in:

  • Know his and his family’s medical history and how his symptoms relate to them.
  • Ask questions about the daily lifestyle and different habits.
  • Doing manual therapy, through exercises during which it works on flexibility and strengthening of various muscles and joints.
  • Practicing stretches directed by a physical therapist that will make the muscles more amenable to correct movement and improve them.
  • Improving the environment in which the patient lives to be more suitable for his health condition such as those who suffer from sports injuries.
  • Use heat, cold or moisture therapy to relieve and relieve pain as well as the problem of frequent muscle spasms.

Tips for physiotherapy sessions at home:

  • It is necessary to choose the treating doctor, based on a number of criteria, and therefore you have to reach the person who has the most experience in your condition, so that he helps you reach good results.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, because physiotherapy sessions at home or in the clinic include a lot of exercises and exercises that require flexible and appropriate clothes for movement
  • Set and set goals clearly with the physiotherapist and therefore you must be honest with yourself and the physical therapist about your expectations that you want to achieve, even if it is a simple matter, the physical therapist must be keen to align his methods with your goals with the price of a physiotherapy session at home is appropriate.

It is possible that the process of physical therapy during physiotherapy sessions at Zayed home is psychologically stressful, due to the psychological pressure on the patient, and therefore try to share with your surroundings of family and relatives what you feel and what you are going through, and tell them about your fears and thoughts.

Cases that need home physiotherapy:

There are a number of cases that need home physiotherapy through a specialized physiotherapist who can help patients move, independence and reduce pain, and one of the most important cases that need home physical therapy.

  • Natural remedy for thrombosis.
  • Natural treatment for the knee at home.
  • Natural back treatment at home.
  • Natural remedy for stroke patients.
  • Natural treatment for paralysis of all kinds.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation stage.
  • Treatment of roughness and inflammation of the joints.
  • Rehabilitation of spinal injuries.
  • Sports injury rehabilitation.
  • Neurological diseases.
  • Cases of cervical and lumbar herniated discs.

Tasks of a physiotherapist at home:

The tasks of a physiotherapist at home revolve around restoring the human physical and psychological ability through various scientific methods such as kinesiology, manual therapy, exercise therapy, as well as electrotherapy, through modern mobile devices to ensure rapid recovery, taking into account the patient’s health condition or the person receiving treatment.

Often, the patient needs physiotherapy sessions after leaving a major surgery, fracture or treatment of chronic pain, and the orthopedist has a role next to the physiotherapist who determines the extent of improvement of the condition and its health status, and also plays a major role from the beginning in guiding the patient to the need to do physiotherapy sessions with a physiotherapist at home.

Through the Physik Center, which provides home treatment services to patients, it is possible to recover greatly through the best therapeutic devices and the best specialized doctors with experience in physiotherapy programs, and sports rehabilitation.

The benefits of a natural remedy at home:

Home physical therapy can achieve a number of benefits for patients, which make them live their lives safely and effectively, and about the benefits of home treatment, it achieves:

1.Comfort for the patient:

Receiving physical therapy in the privacy of your home makes you more satisfied and calm, because you are well aware of your surroundings, being in a comfortable state when undergoing physical therapy at home, this may help you get better results, and it has also been proven that removing distractions from the place where it leads to more focused treatment in such circumstances, where the condition can improve more quickly.

2.Time Management:

Choosing physiotherapy programs at home can save a lot of time for the patient, as the time factor is vital in the treatment of diseases such as acute pain and stress.

3. Provide personal care:

When a physiotherapist comes to your accommodation, he or she is likely to make additional recommendations and adjustments depending on your actual living situation, providing you with more opportunities to promote healing than you would have received.

4. Effectiveness vs. Cost:

Although most physiotherapists charge an additional fee for services provided at home, it is still less expensive than visiting a physiotherapy center or clinic, mostly due to the fact that the patient’s transportation expenses have decreased. In addition, his trip may require the use of an ambulance, unlike physiotherapy at home, you can avoid these expenses.

5. Track the treatment journey:

Home physiotherapy allows the patient and his relatives to follow the treatment process to ensure that the patient receives adequate physiotherapy care.

6.Safe for patients:

Some people, who may be unable to receive physical therapy in clinics or hospitals, include those who are at higher risk of infection in public places or clinics, and those with one or more disabilities. Therefore, due to physical therapy services at home, you are sure that the patient is completely protected at home, and there is no reason to worry about speeding up the recovery period.

7.Increase the level of stability:

If a person is at risk of falling, therapists will recommend adhering to exercises that are done accurately, therapists assist with coordination exercises and prescribe appropriate equipment to help walk, if stability continues to be difficult, physiotherapists can use certain movements to quickly regain proper function, after injury or disability. Physical therapy at home can also help a person regain lost movement, and actively participate in the recovery plan under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Neurological home physiotherapy:

This type of physical therapy at home can help you manage and recover from neurological problems that range from head trauma to strokes to chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and sciatica.

The best home physiotherapy center is the Physik Center for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, which provides a selection of the best doctors specialized in the rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases at home

Home physiotherapy for children:

Home physical therapy for children is very useful in treating prenatal problems, early childhood diagnoses, childhood injuries as well as the transition to adult care, it is responsible for improving functional ability and quality of life in general and the Physik Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is the best center for children’s rehabilitation, as it includes an integrated unit for the rehabilitation of children through the latest devices and programs.

The role of home physiotherapy for the musculoskeletal system:

Home physical therapy for individuals with disorders associated with postural muscles, joints, and many other body systems is known as musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and injury, discomfort and dysfunction may have an impact on these components so physical therapy for knee pain at home, leg physiotherapy at home, and physical therapy for back pain at home is the safe and optimal solution.

Home physiotherapy with the elderly:

It is known that over time, the elderly’s need for home physical therapy increases in particular for reasons that may vary according to the situation and its progress, and the most important of these reasons are:

– Maintain the vitality of the body in general, especially if the patient is bedridden.

– Work to continue the elderly to practice their daily activities independently for as long as possible.

– Rehabilitation, whether for some minor matters, or after operations, injuries, or after interruption of movement for the duration of the illness.

Physical therapy is an essential part of the patient’s treatment program in some cases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

Through the physique home physiotherapy center, the health status of the elderly is taken into account while providing the physiotherapy service because aging is accompanied by many other symptoms such as osteoporosis A, arthritis and other diseases that may be serious.

It is worth noting that it is necessary that physiotherapy for the elderly at home be a better option for them, because many cases cannot go out, due to the causes of illness and the physical and psychological health situation, in addition to that it is important to get a great rest before and after a physiotherapy session at home provided by the best physiotherapists, which is what Physique Center is keen to provide to all customers.

Home physiotherapy for athletes:

The treatment of sports injuries required going through a rehabilitation period and often the player needs home physiotherapy due to the severity of the injury, which makes the player’s life suspended until full recovery, so it requires home physiotherapy sessions because it provides the player with privacy in treatment, and achieves the comfort he desires, and it is also a suitable way to treat severe sports injuries in record time.

Home Physiotherapy Center Physik:

The Physiek Home Physiotherapy Center for Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy is considered the best home treatment center in Egypt, as it provides home treatment service to all governorates of the Republic, including Cairo, Giza and Mansoura, in addition to that, home treatment services are characterized by many advantages, including:

– Provided by doctors and home physiotherapists trained to deal with the patient at home.

– Doctors go in the home treatment service with modern devices that can and are easy to use at home.

-The therapeutic quality and programs used during home physiotherapy sessions are the same as the quality and mechanism of the Physique Center.

– Distinguished physique doctors can go to any governorate and any city at the level of the Republic because the mission of the center is “Together for better health”

Prices of home physiotherapy sessions in Egypt:

Type of injuryPhysiotherapyCost (EGP)
Back painExercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and improve flexibility.300-500
Neck painExercises to strengthen the neck muscles and improve flexibility.300-500
ArthritisExercises to maintain range of motion and reduce pain.300-400
Ankle injuriesExercises to strengthen the ankle muscles and improve balance.300-400
Knee injuriesExercises to strengthen the knee muscles and improve range of motion.300-400
Shoulder injuriesExercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve range of motion.300-400
Hand injuriesExercises to improve range of motion and strength in the hand.300-400
Foot injuriesExercises to improve range of motion and strength in the foot.300-400
StrokeExercises to improve balance, coordination and movement.350-450
Spinal cord injuriesExercises to improve strength and muscular function.350-450
Sports injuriesExercises to strengthen muscles, improve range of motion and prevent injuries.300-400
Work injuriesExercises to improve strength, muscle function and return to work.300-400
Pediatric injuriesExercises to strengthen muscles, improve range of motion and normal growth.150-250
Injuries to the elderlyExercises to improve balance, coordination and prevent falls.300-400
Spinal injuriesExercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and improve range of motion.300-400
Brain injuryExercises to improve cognitive and motor functions.350-450
Nerve injuriesExercises to improve neurological function and feeling.350-450
Soft tissue injuriesExercises to improve range of motion, strength and function.300-400

Prices of home physiotherapy sessions in Egypt 2024

Physiotherapy services at home vary in price. It is determined by the length of each session and the severity of the problem. In any case, physiotherapy at home is cost-effective and results-oriented. If you want to get physical therapy at home, you can do so through a reputable healthcare institution such as Physik Home Therapy Center.

The cost of a home physiotherapy session for back pain:

You can use a home physiotherapist to help you treat recurrent back pain that can affect the performance of your daily tasks, according to the agreed price of the physical therapy session at home, and the therapist can use ice packs in the pain area of your back during the first two days or the onset of pain, and the doctor can relieve pain using safe treatment methods.

The price of a physiotherapy session at home ranges from 300 EGP to 500 EGP per session, where the patient can feel better after a limited number of treatment sessions.

Prices for a home physiotherapy session for neck pain:

One of the most common symptoms among people is the symptoms of neck pain, but home physical therapy has a major role through the use of a physiotherapist, who helps reduce the severity of recurrent neck pain, and prescribes an appropriate treatment program that helps avoid recurring neck pain, and the price of neck pain treatment sessions at home ranges from 300 Egyptian pounds to 500 pounds.

Prices for a home physiotherapy session for a herniated disc:

The symptoms of herniated disc affect more than 30 people annually, and therefore follow a home treatment program that will reduce the symptoms of a herniated disc, through a therapist specialized in cases of herniated disc at Physique Center we help you recover the health of the spine, and in record time through the home physiotherapy service.

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