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The best thinness treatment center in Egypt?

The importance of reaching a thinness treatment center in Egypt is increasing as it is distinctive as thinness may represent serious health problems and since the impact of food on health is not only limited to meeting the daily needs of energy and nutrients, but extends to determining the ideal body weight and dealing with some problems such as thinness and with the increasing awareness of the importance of health, the problem of thinness has become more attention to search for appropriate solutions and in this article we will address the best thinness treatment center in Egypt.

What is thinness?

Thinness is a condition in which a person is significantly less weight than is considered normal for their height and age, and may be the result of multiple factors. These factors range from genetics, unhealthy style, stress, and chronic diseases, such as eating disorders or diseases that affect digestion.

What are the causes that lead to thinness:

Identifying the specific causes of thinness requires a comprehensive assessment of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can be the basis for treatment, including:

  1. Genetic factors: Genes play a big role in determining a person’s weight, as some people have genes that make them more likely to be thin.
  2. Lack of appetite: Loss of appetite may be caused by psychological, health or even environmental factors.
  3. Eating disorders: such as anorexia or other eating disorders can cause excess weight loss.
  4. Excessive physical activity: Exercising excessively without consuming an adequate amount of calories may lead to weight loss.
  5. Chronic diseases: Some diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, bowel infections, and cancer, may lead to weight loss.
  6. Malabsorption: Some digestive problems, such as celiac disease, may prevent the body from absorbing nutrients properly, leading to thinness.
  7. Stress and anxiety: Feelings of stress and anxiety may lead to loss of appetite and sleep disturbances, which can lead to weight loss.
  8. Aging: With age, the body becomes less efficient at burning calories, which can lead to weight loss.
  9. Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep may lead to disruptions in hormones that control appetite and metabolism, which can lead to thinness.

Risks of extreme thinness:

  1. Weakened immune system: Very thin people may be more likely to develop common diseases due to a weakened immune system. It may be caused by a lack of essential nutrients and essential nutritional components that support the health of the immune system.
  2. Anemia: Severe weight loss can lead to iron deficiency and deficiencies of other important nutrients that cause anemia. Anemia can lead to excessive fatigue and impaired mental and physical performance.
  3. Weak bones: Severe weight loss can lead to weak bones and an increased risk of fractures. This may be due to a lack of calcium, vitamin D and proteins needed to build and strengthen bones.
  4. Digestive problems: Very thin people sometimes suffer from digestive problems such as decreased appetite, constipation and intestinal irritation. This may be due to a lack of dietary fiber and healthy fats that support digestive health.
  5. Increased risk of heart disease: Being too thin can have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This can be due to a lack of heart muscle, lack of energy and essential fatty acids that play a role in cardiovascular function.

When is thinness a dangerous disease

Thinness is one of the health challenges that individuals may face as they are less than normal or ideal for their height and age, including:

  1. Anemia and nutritional deficiencies: Thin people suffer from not eating enough of the necessary nutrients, which leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals vital to the health of the body.
  2.  Impaired immunity: Thin people are more susceptible to diseases as a result of a weakened immune system that arises from nutritional deficiencies.
  3.  Muscle weakness and lack of energy: Thin people tend to feel weak and tired quickly as a result of lack of muscle and lack of energy.
  4. Growth and development problems: They can negatively affect children’s growth and development which can lead to problems with physical development.
  5.  Increased risk of chronic diseases: Thin people may be more likely to develop chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as a result of being underweight and undernourished.
  6. Mental health problems: Thin people may experience low energy levels and self-confidence, which negatively affects their mental and emotional health.

Tips to gain weight safely?

It is important to eat a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need so make sure you eat foods that contain enough energy to help you gain weight, protein to build muscle, vitamins and minerals to keep your body cells functioning well You can gain weight by eating small meals frequently throughout the day Try to snack on healthy high-energy foods such as cheese, nuts, juices that contain milk, and dried fruits.

To gain weight safely, you should follow some tips, including:

  • Drink whole milk in coffee, tea or with meals
  • Use healthy fats such as olive oil or avocado in your meals
  • Sprinkle some grated cheese on cooked food
  • Do some light exercise to increase appetite

The goal is to gradually gain weight by eating healthy foods even if you are underweight, try to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar, fat and added salt, such as cakes, prepared foods and sugary drinks.

The best healthy diet for weight gain

Some seek to gain weight healthily to improve overall health and feeling energetic as the best diet to gain weight depends on your individual needs and daily activity Here are some tips for developing an effective diet for weight gain:

Increased calorie intake:

  • Consume more calories than you burn.
  • Calculate your daily calorie requirement using online calculators or consult a dietitian.
  • Add 500-1000 calories to your daily need to gain weight at a rate of 0.5-1 kg per week.

Eat nutrient-rich foods:

  • Focus on foods rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Choose lean meat, fish and low-fat dairy products.

Eat small, frequent meals:

  • Divide your meals into 5-6 small meals throughout the day.
  • This helps stimulate metabolism and increase appetite.
  • Add healthy snacks between main meals such as fruits, nuts or yogurt.

Adequate water intake:

  • Drink water regularly throughout the day.
  • Water helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal to improve appetite.


  • Regular exercise is essential for healthy weight gain.
  • Focus on exercises that help build muscle.
  • Cardio exercises are also essential to improve the health of the heart and lungs.

Examples of foods useful for weight gain:

  • Proteins: eggs, chicken, fish, lean meat, legumes, nuts, seeds.
  • Complex carbohydrates: whole grains, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables.
  • Healthy fats: olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds.

With these tips you can follow the best healthy diet to gain weight effectively and improve your overall health.

Tips for reaching the ideal weight

Reaching this goal can be challenging, especially with the multiple methods and tips available, so in this paragraph we will present a set of tips that can help achieve the ideal weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • Weight gain can be gradually by adding healthy calories as adults can try to add about 300 to 500 extra calories per day.
  • Eat small meals more often, and add healthy snacks between meals
  • Follow a balanced diet Choose from a variety of food groups, such as fruits, vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products and alternatives
  • Add protein to your meals with beans, legumes, fish, eggs and lean meat
  • Build muscle through workouts or yoga – exercise can also whet your appetite

How to calculate the ideal weight

Ideal weight is the weight that keeps the body healthy and helps maintain its activity and strength The ideal weight can be estimated using a set of criteria including body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and comprehensive medical evaluation.

  • Body mass index (BMI): Body mass index (BMI) is one of the common ways to estimate ideal weight BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight (in kilograms) by squared their height (in meters).
  • For example, if you have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9, your weight is considered within a healthy range.
  • Body fat percentage: Body fat percentage can be measured using electroendoscopy or X-ray machines. The healthy percentage of body fat is between 18% to 24% for women and between 10% to 17% for men.
  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation: A comprehensive medical evaluation includes periodic check-ups to measure body functions and assess overall health. Doctors can provide personalized guidance to achieve the ideal weight and effectively treat thinness.
Length (cm)Ideal weight (kg)
15045 – 59
15547 – 63
16049 – 68
16552 – 73
17054 – 77
17557 – 82
18059 – 86
18562 – 91
19064 – 95
19567 – 100

People who are overly thin can turn to this table as a guiding framework to determine the appropriate weight that helps them achieve the desired goal of weight gain.

How physiotherapy contributes to the treatment of thinness

Physical therapy can be an important part of a thinness treatment strategy as it contributes in several ways to improving the individual’s person naturally, including:

Improve strength and fitness: Through specially designed natural exercise programs, physiotherapy can increase muscle strength and fitness, which helps in increasing muscle mass and improving weight.

Balance and coordination therapy: Through balance and coordination exercises, physical therapy can improve the ability to exercise effectively and increase physical activity

Improve appetite and nutrition: Physical therapy can guide individuals towards healthy, balanced nutrition strategies and provide advice on foods rich in calories and nutrients necessary for healthy weight gain.

Treatment of health problems: Physical therapy can focus on treating health problems associated with thinness such as muscle and joint pain and digestive infections, which contributes to the ability to practice physical activity continuously.

The most important exercises that help in weight gain

Exercising and committing to exercise to gain weight at least three times a week is essential to achieving healthy weight gain. When you exercise, we contribute to building and strengthening the various muscles of the body in a healthy and balanced manner, including:


One of the ideal options for healthy weight gain, this exercise helps to effectively build your thigh and hip muscles and boost bone mineral density.

To perform the squat correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Stand upright, keeping your head elevated and looking forward, and feet medium apart.
  2. Place your hands on your thighs, and raise your chest slightly.
  3. Bend your knees slowly at a 90-degree angle, being careful not to cross your knees for toes.
  4. Maintain a straight head and chest position while bending over.
  5. Use the force of the heels to switch to the original position.
  6. Repeat the movement several times, taking into account breathing regularly.


Push-ups are one of the simple and effective exercises that can be practiced without the need for special equipment, and it is considered one of the basic exercises for weight gain, as it targets several areas of the body. This exercise promotes the building of core trunk muscles, abdominal muscles, legs and hips, which leads to a positive effect on strengthening bones as well.

To perform push-ups correctly, follow these steps:

1. Start by lying on the floor with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and stretch your legs back.

2. Tighten your abdominal muscles and keep the body straight throughout the workout.

3. Start by slowly bending at the elbows, and lower until the angles of the elbows are 90 degrees.

4. Inhale while bending over and exhale as you push up, as the chest muscles begin to contract.

Rush exercise

It is an important resistance exercise targeting the muscles of the legs and thighs, and is considered one of the effective exercises for healthy and balanced weight gain.

To perform the rush exercise correctly, follow these steps:

1. Start by standing straight, with your face straight forward and your back tight.

2. Take one step forward towards the floor, bending your front knee so that it is at a 90-degree angle, making sure that your back knee is parallel to the floor.

3. Keep your back straight and do not allow your front knee to overtake over your toes.

4. Slowly return to the starting position and switch feet.

5. Repeat the exercise several times, paying attention to maintaining the correct movement technique.

Plank exercise

It is a great exercise aimed at building the muscles of the back and abdomen, which helps enhance the strength of the body in general, and is one of the effective exercises to gain weight in a healthy and balanced way.

To perform the plank correctly, follow these steps:

1. Start by bending over your knees and elbows, taking care to keep your back straight.

2. Stretch your legs back, and make sure your body is straight from head to heel.

3. Keep your feet and toes together to enhance body stability.

4. Start by staying in this position for 10 to 30 seconds, keeping your breathing going.

5. After finishing, rest for 10 seconds before repeating the exercise again.

The importance of therapeutic nutrition for thinness

works to provide a rich and balanced diet to gain weight in a healthy way, including increasing calorie consumption by choosing foods with high nutritional value and focusing on healthy proteins and fats to work on the integration of nutrients accurately to improve the balance of the body and promote muscle growth

Therapeutic nutrition goals and diet for the treatment of malnutrition, including

  • Prevents any complications of the disease
  • Building a healthy body free of diseases
  • Important for the treatment of obesity diseases resulting from malnutrition
  • It works to reduce the symptoms of illness as a result of the patient’s nutritional deficiency

Therapeutic nutrition is an essential system for maintaining human health and preventing diseases, as it plays an important role in improving overall health and helping the body fight diseases.

Criteria for choosing the best thinness treatment center in Egypt

There are some criteria that you should take into account when looking for the best slimming and thinness treatment center in Egypt, including

  • Experience and competence of doctors in the field of therapeutic nutrition and treatment of obesity and thinness.
  • Treatment programs are tailored to the needs of each individual patient.
  • The center provides follow-up and support services to patients after the end of treatment
  • The center’s use of the latest therapeutic technologies and devices for the treatment of obesity and thinness

You should take many criteria when searching for the best center for thinness treatment in Egypt, and you should choose the center that meets your needs and provides you with the comprehensive and professional care you need.

Treatment of thinness and weight gain at Fizik Center is the best thinness treatment center

  • Physique Center is a specialized destination for thinness treatment in Egypt, providing comprehensive services to achieve ideal weight and promote overall health.
  • Physique Center is distinguished by providing effective programs based on the latest methods and innovations in nutrition and fitness.
  • Physique has a dedicated team of doctors, sports coaches and dietitians who work hand-in-hand to ensure personalized care and guidance are provided to each individual.
  • Physique Center aims to stimulate nutritional awareness, improve fitness, and achieve a positive transformation in individuals’ lives, making them feel confident and comfortable in their bodies.

The best thinness treatment center in Sheikh Zayed and October

Among the centers of excellence in Sheikh Zayed and October for the treatment of thinness, Fizik Center Center stands out as a reliable and specialized destination, as the Fizik Center is distinguished by providing integrated and specialized services to help individuals achieve a healthy weight and improve fitness.

The center is characterized by the presence of a specialized medical team and professional trainers in the fields of thinness treatment, healthy nutrition and fitness.

Through customized programs for each case, Fizik Center offers individual consultations and innovative treatment plans aimed at healthy and safe weight gain.

The center also relies on the latest medical technologies and tools in the treatment of thinness, which contributes to achieving effective and tangible results for patients.

Fizik Center provides a comfortable and supportive environment that helps individuals feel confident and comfortable during the treatment process, making it easier for them to achieve their goals more effectively and sustainably.

Best thinness treatment center in Sheraton Heliopolis

Fizik Center is one of the most prominent centers specialized in treating thinness in the Sheraton Heliopolis area, where the center offers many innovative treatment programs that help to lose weight and improve overall health safely.

Features of the best thinness treatment center in Heliopolis:

  • Specialized medical team: The center includes a team of therapeutic nutritionists and fitness specialists with extensive experience in the field of thinness treatment.
  • Customized treatment programs: Treatment programs are designed to suit the needs of each patient taking into account their health condition and lifestyle.
  • Periodic follow-up: The center follows up with its patients periodically to ensure the best results.

The best thinness treatment center in Mansoura and Delta

Fizik Center offers innovative and comprehensive treatment programs that include a thorough assessment of each individual’s condition and identification of factors affecting thinness Individualized treatment programs include targeted exercise and balanced nutritional programs, as well as lifestyle and nutrition guidelines.

Thanks to the presence of a specialized medical team and professional trainers, Fizik Center ensures the provision of high-quality treatment services that help patients achieve their goals effectively.

As the perfect choice for treating thinness in Mansoura and the Delta, Fizik Center is a reliable place for those who seek to improve their health and increase their weight in a healthy way.

The best thinness treatment center in Nasr City and Cairo

In Nasr City and Cairo, Fizik Center stands out as one of the best centers for the treatment of thinness, Fizik Center is characterized by providing specialized and comprehensive services that suit the needs of each individual, ensuring effective and tangible results in the treatment of thinness.

Fizik Center adopts a comprehensive methodology that includes a thorough assessment of each patient’s condition and identification of the reasons behind thinness, and treatment plans are individually designed and customized for each patient using the latest medical technologies in the fields of healthy nutrition and fitness.

Thanks to the presence of a specialized medical team and professional trainers, Fizik Center offers innovative treatment sessions that include targeted exercise and balanced nutrition programs, which contribute to healthy and safe weight gain.

Fizik Center provides a comfortable and supportive environment that helps patients feel confident and comfortable during treatment.

The best thinness treatment center in Egypt

Fizik Center is considered the best thinness treatment center in Egypt, as it provides a variety of safe treatments that help to gain weight and develop a healthy diet.

The advantages of Fizik Center Best Thinness Treatment Center include:

Physique Center is considered one of the best thinness treatment centers in Egypt, as it provides comprehensive and specialized services to individuals seeking a healthy body.

 Team Experience and Competence: Physique Center has a team of experienced and competent doctors and specialists in the fields of thinness therapy and body coordination, ensuring that high-quality services are provided according to the latest medical developments.

 Nutrition Programs: The center offers multiple programs ranging from a balanced diet, customized physical exercise programs, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, helping individuals achieve their goals comprehensively and sustainably.

Using advanced technologies: Physique Center uses the latest technologies and devices in the fields of thinness treatment, which facilitates the process of getting rid of excess fat and improving body shape safely and effectively.

Personal assessment: The center provides a personalized, detailed assessment of each individual visited, allowing doctors to identify their individual needs and customize a suitable treatment program that suits them perfectly.

Physique Center is considered one of the best options in Egypt for those looking for thinness treatment due to its professionalism, comprehensive programs, and the use of the latest technologies and methods.

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