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What are the best physiotherapy centers for children in Egypt?

There are some cases that require physiotherapy centers for children, and these cases are mostly the inability to move regularly, lack of proper speech or learning difficulties, so physical therapy offers them many benefits, whether at the level of movement or what affects them, in that article we will address the most important physiotherapy center for children in Egypt, and how to choose a suitable physiotherapy center for you.

What is a physiotherapy center for children:

In most cases, the need for a physiotherapy center appears, but many do not know what physiotherapy centers are, so it can be said that physical therapy for children is the use of physical exercises, age-appropriate tasks and education by doctors to encourage children to reach their full potential, and physiotherapy for children includes a wide range of treatments for children and also helps in their rehabilitation as well as their mental health.

The importance of physiotherapy centers for children:

The physiotherapy center has many importance and benefits for children from postnatal to adolescence. It helps in solving the problems of movement and working to achieve independence. For the child and the physical strength of each of them according to his condition, or contribute to the treatment of problems of delayed movement and growth, and one of the benefits of physical therapy for children is that it is an essential treatment method to recover from problems resulting from accidents or sports injuries.

How a Pediatric Physiotherapy Center Works

Many parents are afraid to go through the experiences of a physiotherapy center. This can be attributed to the lack of good knowledge of rehabilitation programs for children, the nature of treatment centers and how to rehabilitate well. In addition to the lack of knowledge of the benefits of physical therapy for children and what it achieves for them, especially at an early age. The physiotherapy center works through several steps, namely:

– Initial diagnosis of the child’s condition and identification of his full physical potential

Start occupational therapy programs where physiotherapists help children to do different activities.

The therapeutic program for the rehabilitation of children is also related to the extent to which parents encourage a healthy lifestyle for the child related to his skills and potential.

– Monitor the physiotherapist of the extent of his progress.

At Fizik Center you will find experts in movement, growth and other physical disorders who help children perform their life skills normally.

When to resort to pediatric physiotherapy centers

The need for physical therapy for children or not depends on the nature of the symptoms that the child is going through and his age stage, and the most important symptoms that require a physiotherapist to rehabilitate children are:

  • Treating the possibility of problems in imbalance and stability of the body that cause slipping and continuous falls.
  • Delayed motor development in the child during the first year of life, such as delay in controlling the head, standing, walking and sitting, or in the crawling stage or the so-called “pre-walking stage”.
  • Impairment of movement of one arm or leg.
  • Difficulty performing large motor activities, such as running or jumping, climbing and climbing stairs.
  • Feeling pain in the muscles during various motor activities.
  • Spasms or stiffness of the muscles of the limbs The importance of physical therapy for children is shown in that it helps in their treatment.

Cases that require physiotherapy for children

Physiotherapy gives top priority to all cases of children. Those who suffer from various motor and mental problems, and one of the most important centers that carry out good rehabilitation for children and physiotherapy is the Physique Center. Where he treats children from the stage after birth until the age of 18 years.

One of the most important cases treated by physical therapy for children is those who suffer from physical development problems. Due to neurological or developmental abnormalities the brain, spine and peripheral nerves can be involved in the development of these diseases. They are neurological pediatric diseases, such as disorders in the autism spectrum, Down syndrome, brain injury, and other muscular difficulties.

The cases treated by pediatric physiotherapy centers can be summarized:

  • Muscular dystrophy.
  • Weight loss problems.
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Cases of childbirth.
  • Down syndrome.
  • Learning difficulties.

Through Fizik center, during the initial examination of your child, his growth, mobility, strength and balance are assessed to create a structured treatment program at Physique Pediatric Center where the treatment program helps in increasing strength, balance improvement exercises, improving agility and mobility, such as arm extension, and normal movement patterns.

How a pediatric physiotherapist works

The physiotherapy center works through distinguished specialists in pediatric physiotherapists, who identify and diagnose problems of the child’s growth and movement in addition to intervening to treat them, through highly developed practical capabilities in pediatric physiotherapy, and the goal of physiotherapy programs is to improve the growth of the individual, his well-being and abilities so that he can move properly and participate in normal activities, and recover daily skills naturally through doctors trained to deal with children.

You can visit Fizik center to get the best treatment programs in pediatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy. You can also get to know the team of Physique Center of distinguished specialists at the level of Egypt and the Arab world.

Physiotherapy methods for children

The Physique Physiotherapy Center is the best treatment center in Egypt because it provides the latest therapeutic techniques in the rehabilitation of children with various physical and motor problems, and through the methods used by the Physique Center are:

-Elbow exercises with ball activities or drawing pictures on a piece of paper on the board in pediatric physiotherapy

– Pair leg exercises with toe touches.

– Help through fetch and pull games, such as shopping that helps boost movement.

– The integrated senses unit that helps in the rehabilitation of children with special needs.

– Modern devices in the rehabilitation of children and occupational therapy for them.

Criteria for choosing a pediatric physiotherapy center

A physiotherapy center who needs rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs can be selected on the basis of a number of important criteria, including

  • The quality of the treatment center in choosing the devices used in the treatment of cases of children who need rehabilitation
  • The efficiency of doctors in implementing the treatment programs needed by children at all stages of rehabilitation and physical therapy for children.
  • The treatment programs should be of great quality and can achieve the goals desired by people who suffer from different problems that need these treatment programs.

Why Choose Physique Physiotherapy Center to Treat Your Child

When choosing a physiotherapy center, it is important to choose a center that takes into account a number of basic criteria that must be met in children’s rehabilitation centers, the most important of which are:

– The presence of doctors with a high level of experience and efficiency.

– The presence of the latest devices and tools in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy center.

All these standards are available at the Physik Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs through integrated programs in the rehabilitation of children’s cases.

Sheraton Pediatric Physiotherapy Center

The Physique Sheraton Pediatric Physiotherapy Center is one of the most important physiotherapy centers in Egypt specialized in rehabilitating children with various problems, as it is characterized by the presence of a distinguished medical staff in the rehabilitation of children through advanced and internationally approved treatment programs, in addition to the use of the latest physiotherapy tools for children that help them perform life activities functionally. Sheraton Pediatric Physiotherapy Center

Pediatric Physiotherapy Center Nasr City

The Physiotherapy Center for Children in Nasr City is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Greater Cairo. Because of its high-quality devices, it achieves therapeutic efficiency for the child, with a distinguished medical staff in the rehabilitation and treatment of children. Through internationally accredited therapeutic programs, in addition to the use of tools in physical therapy for children with various diseases that help them perform life activities and tasks functionally.

Pediatric Physiotherapy Center in Sheikh Zayed

There are many centers for children’s physiotherapy centers in Sheikh Zayed, Fizik center is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Sheikh Zayed and October because of its high-quality equipment. Achieve therapeutic efficiency for the child, with a distinguished medical staff in the rehabilitation and treatment of children through therapeutic programs and advanced methods at the international level. In addition to the use of tools in physical therapy for children with various disabilities that help them perform life activities and tasks functionally.

Pediatric Physiotherapy Center in Mansoura

The Pediatric Physiotherapy Center in Mansoura is characterized by the presence of an integrated unit for the rehabilitation of children with various motor and physical problems, and a sensory integration unit that helps children who suffer from a problem in the senses to restore their sensory ability of taste and texture, and this unit is supervised by the best pediatric physiotherapists and motor rehabilitation.

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