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Best slimming session center in Egypt

The center for slimming and treating body obesity is one of the most sought after places for individuals of different ages, so there are many obesity and thinness treatment centers in Egypt, the most important of which is the Physique Center for the treatment of overweight and fat fragmentation through the latest therapeutic devices and the best qualified doctors, so in this article we will learn about the most important slimming centers that help you reach a quick result in the least time.

What is the center of slimming sessions:

The slimming center is a clinic consisting of the best slimming and weight loss devices in addition to athlete nutrition services, and often the slimming center is a physiotherapy center as well, and slimming centers help to reach the ideal weight naturally and through treatment programs that benefit the body and often do not have any side effects on the human body and organs.

It is one of the best centers for slimming and treating obesity and thinness in Egypt, it is the Physik Slimming Center because it has:

  • A group of qualified and experienced doctors.
  • The latest slimming and obesity treatment devices in Egypt.
  • The best dietary programs to lose weight naturally.

Slimming Sessions Center Services:

There are many forms of services of a slimming center, and it often includes a special unit for the treatment of thinness next to the unit for treating obesity and eliminating excess weight, as excess weight has become a great danger for many people because of the complications it causes that affect all organs of the body, and the most important services of slimming centers are:

1. Nutrition programs based on genetic analysis of nutrition:

This program is done through the latest technology in nutrition, which is the technology of genetic analysis, which is a once-in-a-lifetime analysis, and then reveals to us the genetic characteristics of nutrition that deals with the body, such as the interaction of protein, carbohydrates, fat, salt and caffeine in the body and the extent to which it needs antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and omega-3, as well as its ability to expel toxins.

It also tells us the rate at which the body burns, its ability to break down fat, and other characteristics that allow us to design an accurate diet program based on genes.

2. Athlete Nutrition Programs:

The best center for therapeutic nutrition, slimming and athlete nutrition in Egypt offers the best customized training programs complete and scientifically based and designed to achieve your goals, through a complete treatment plan and a specialized nutrition consultant with you every step.

By fully assessing the body of the obese patient through the INBODY device, the center can help you reach your ideal weight better through distinctive treatment programs and integrated diet systems.

3. Training programs based on gene analysis:

It is known that training programs are those programs and plans that help you achieve your goals and avoid stadium injuries, hence the best slimming and nutrition center in Egypt, Physique Center, analyzes the genetic genes that determine the best sport for a person, as well as its type and effort required to achieve good results in a short period of time.

4. Non-surgical body coordination:

Through the latest sculpting and body coordination devices, including the SM SLIM device located at the Physique Center for Nutrition and Slimming to help you get rid of fat mainly, in areas where local obesity and fat accumulation combine to reach a better body shape and help you adhere to the diet to achieve your goal and the weight you wish to reach.

Many resort to body coordination methods using different devices and diets instead of resorting to surgery, which may cause health problems and complications that are difficult to get rid of in the long run.

Fat Slimming and Fragmentation Center Devices in Egypt

Fortunately, there are many devices included in the slimming center that help in losing weight naturally, in addition to sculpting and coordinating the body in a safe way away from surgeries that many fear and do not know the extent of their impact. Among the most important devices that help reduce weight and get rid of excess body fat, including:

1.Cryostatic fat freezing device:

  • The CRYO device achieves freezing and breaking down body fat by non-surgical methods, as it is less dangerous, and these methods work to break down fat in certain areas of the body, so reducing the volume of fat is done in those areas where fatty deposits accumulate under the skin and above the muscles.
  • It is also the ideal choice for people close to reaching the ideal weight and who do not need to reshape or lose weight significantly.

2. RF device

The Frequency radio works to tighten sagging and melt body fat through radio frequencies, as it heats collagen in the deeper layers of the skin.

Radio Frequency technology heats the skin, specifically the deep layer of it, and thus increases tissue tightness, reduces sagging in the skin, reproduces collagen, and accelerates the construction of new cells in the skin, in addition to that, radio waves do not cause any damage to the tissues. They also keep the skin’s surface cool.

There are some tips to consider before frequencies radio sessions.

1. Refrain from taking medications such as blood thinners such as aspirin.

2. Tell your slimming and nutrition doctor if you suffer from skin sensitivity.

3. The need to determine the weight you want to reach before the session.

Radio wave skin tightening

3. Cavitation device for slimming:

The cafetation device is one of the most important alternatives, the safest than surgeries, as it is performed by surgery for liposuction, and caffechin is a low-frequency sound waves that penetrate the body, and convert the accumulated fat suction into a liquid form so that it is easy to get rid of it through various body systems such as urinary tract andlymphatic system, without the need for local anesthesia or an operating room, only a few minutes over separate sessions.

What does a slimming center offer in Egypt?

The Physique Slimming Center uses the latest devices in the field of slimming, therapeutic nutrition

athlete nutrition under the supervision of an intensively trained medical team with long experience,

the devices and means used are characterized by achieving the best result for the person he wants to reach in record time, and our center helps you reach the ideal weight you want, safely and ensures that the excess weight does not return again.

How to choose a slimming center in Egypt?

When choosing the best center for slimming, therapeutic nutrition and nutrition for athletes in Egypt, several important things must be taken into account before starting your weight loss journey, including:

  • The availability of high experience that must be available in the work team.
  • Degrees, certificates and actual competence obtained by the doctors at the center. .
  • Keeping pace with the Slimming Center for technological progress
  • keeping them informed of everything new in the means of slimming and therapeutic nutrition.
  • View customer opinions and evaluations obtained by the center through the websites.
  • The level of nursing and the team supporting the medical staff should be well trained.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the reputation of the center is well ascertained through previous success stories.
  • Physique Slimming and Physiotherapy centers have the latest modern devices
  • technologies in the world, as well as a distinguished medical team
  • are aware of the best diet programs and diets.

The best center for slimming and body coordination sessions:

The best slimming center guarantees you a good result in weight loss

as it does not depend only on modern devices, but also you must see for yourself the results and previous

work that has been achieved with previous clients, as well as the experience that the medical team has in the center

the way they deal with their customers, which must be at the highest degree of respect and sophistication.

With us at Physique Center you will find a high degree of professionalism in every part of your journey to treat obesity

our medical team is well qualified and highly scientific and efficient, in addition to that we use the latest devices and technology in the field of therapeutic nutrition

body coordination in non-surgical ways perfectly

The most famous slimming center in Egypt:

The importance of slimming centers and therapeutic nutrition centers in Egypt comes greatly

as they seek in all proper and healthy ways through the representation and correct employment of nutrition and nutrients that help in losing fat

at Physique Slimming Center we always strive to remain the best center for slimming and nutrition in Egypt and the Arab world.

Through the use of a team of the best doctors specialized in therapeutic nutrition and sports nutrition

and using the best modern devices and means in the field of therapeutic nutrition, we have become in a short period of time the best center in the Arab world. In losing weight and slimming the body in record time ensures that the person does not return excess weight again.

The best slimming center with devices:

Often, many people who suffer from fat clumps seek refuge in areas that are difficult for them to get rid of with their bodies. By following a specific diet or diet or even by exercising. Thus, they go to slimming centers using devices and diets

that have become effective and natural results without the need for liposuction.

The price of slimming centers sessions in Egypt

The duration of weight loss sessions offered by the Slimming Center ranges from 6 to 8 sessions. This is according to what the doctor determines, the instructions he asks the person, the nature of the case and the diet program that you will follow. Prices therefore vary depending on the number of treatment sessions.

The prices of slimming sessions also vary according to the nature of the slimming center and the extent of the capabilities it possesses, and the prices of slimming sessions are divided into:

Price of 3 slimming sessionsFrom 1000 to 1500 EGP
Price of 6 slimming sessionsFrom 1500 EGP to 2000 EGP
Price of 9 slimming sessionsFrom 2200 EGP to 2500 EGP

Best Slimming Center in Sheraton:

Fizik Center is considered the best slimming center in Sheraton. It offers a number of distinguished services that make it superior to other slimming centers, including:

  • Lose excess weight with the best results within a short period of follow-up, diet and instructions.
  • Maintain the ideal weight without gaining weight again, thanks to the continuous follow-up at the Physique Center. In addition, protect against obesity-related diseases, such as blood pressure and diabetes, and improve the overall health of the body.

All these services are provided through the latest devices and technologies within Fizik Center to get rid of local obesity and tighten sagging skin after losing excess weight and reaching the ideal weight.

Best Slimming Center in Sheikh Zayed:

Fizik Center, Sheikh Zayed branch, is characterized by providing the best slimming services. Through the latest devices that provide the person with treatment results in record time. Through it, all cases of overweight and obesity can be treated through a variety of methods.

including devices, including therapeutic regimens.

Where the slimming and obesity programs in the center are characterized by that, they help not to return excess weight again. It helps a person to practice his life without excess weight more effectively.

Best Slimming Center in Nasr City:

Despite the presence of many slimming centers in Nasr City, Fizik Center, Nasr City Branch, provides the best treatment services distinguished from other centers, and the services include:

1- The presence of continuous follow-up and an appropriate nutritional program for each person separately. Designed for it by the best dietitians certified by international universities

2- Using the latest slimming devices by a medical team trained to deal. With weight gain and prescribe safe and effective therapeutic methods.

3- Protect the patient from contracting any other diseases during the weight loss journey. And follow-up adjustments to the diet.

Best Slimming Center in Mansoura:

Fizik Center is characterized by providing the best treatment services, in obesity and thinness. Through an integrated unit that helps you reach the ideal weight. Supervised by the best specialist doctors in the Delta region, the treatment program offered by Physique Center has many benefits. For people who want to lose weight naturally without taking any fake medications or prescriptions.

Fizik Center includes the best doctors and nutrition consultants in Egypt and the Arab world

as it is characterized by a selection of qualified doctors in all slimming centers in Egypt, which work to help the person through programs

to reach the ideal weight and continuous follow-up that makes him reach the weight he desires.

To book an appointment at Fizik Center you can contact the unified number


You can visit us at one of the center’s branches at the following addresses:

  • Sheraton Branch : 87 El Mosheer St. – Sheraton Airport – Nozha
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch: West Square Mall – Beverly Hills – Sheikh Zayed
  • Nasr City Branch: 101 Mostafa El Nahhas St. – Inside Nasaem Clinics
  • Mansoura Branch: Al Shawaf Tower 2 – Behind the Stadium – Mubarak City – Next to Carrefour
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