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physiotherapy for shoulder dislocation

physiotherapy for shoulder dislocation is the best way to treat shoulder dislocation, as it is a common injury worldwide, which occurs due to many reasons such as sports injuries, advanced age or other reasons.

Statistics show that one in 7 people suffers from shoulder dislocation, and therefore it is one of the best methods of treating shoulder dislocation. Physiotherapy for shoulder dislocation, in this article we will discuss the causes of shoulder dislocation, methods of treatment and the best physiotherapy center for shoulder dislocation.

What is shoulder dislocation?

Shoulder dislocation, an injury in which the bones of the upper arm protrude from the cavity, which takes the form of a cup and represents that part of the scapula. The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the body, and this makes it highly susceptible to dislocation.

One of the most important symptoms of dislocation of the shoulder area:

  • The shoulder has changed shape or is out of place.
  • Swelling or bruising.
  • Severe pain.
  • Inability to move the joint.

When a shoulder dislocation occurs, an immediate diagnosis must be made, as most people regain full shoulder function within several weeks.

Causes of shoulder dislocation:

Shoulder dislocation can occur as a result of many reasons, there are also a number of factors that increase the injury of shoulder dislocation, however, shoulder dislocation is not a serious injury.

The most important factors causing this injury are:

  • Sports injury:
    Sports injuries that occur during team sports can be the cause of shoulder dislocation, as this results in seams and roughness in the shoulder joint. Among the sports that increase shoulder dislocation are football and basketball.
  • Getting older:
    Aging may increase the risk of shoulder dislocation injury, as a result of weakening the ligaments and muscles that support the shoulder joint so that over time it becomes more susceptible to dislocation.

Symptoms of shoulder dislocation:

Symptoms of shoulder dislocation can appear suddenly until they become persistent for a long time, so accurate diagnosis and examination of the shoulder joint is required. Therefore, the doctor may request a simple radiograph of the shoulder joint in order to confirm the presence of a dislocation or if it is accompanied by a fracture of the bone

Among the symptoms of shoulder dislocation:

  • Severe shoulder pain
  • Inability to move the shoulder joint and arm.
  • Swelling and redness in the dislocation area.
  • Deformity of The Shape of the shoulder in some rare cases, where the affected shoulder appears lower than the other shoulder
  • The shoulder joint consists of the connection of the scapula bone with the upper end and extends up to the humerus bone.

Treatment of shoulder dislocation:

It can be said that the treatment of shoulder dislocation has many therapeutic means, as all of them can relieve shoulder pain and treat dislocation in the shoulder joint. Surgical solutions are among the treatment methods used to treat late cases of shoulder dislocation, and therefore a doctor should be visited to determine the best possible treatment for shoulder dislocation.

The most important methods of treatment of shoulder dislocation:

  • Installation:
    One of the most important steps after shoulder dislocation and disposal is the stage of fixing the joint in the correct position, where the doctor can fix the shoulder. By applying a splint or a special ligament and then immobilizing the joint to prevent movement and then complete healing of the dislocation occurs.
  • Medicines:
    It is possible that the attending physician will prescribe some pain-relieving medications, as they help relieve pain caused by dislocation of the shoulder joint and reduce inflammation.
  • Surgery:
    As mentioned earlier, surgery is used to treat shoulder dislocation and return the joint to normal position, especially in serious cases. Such as having a shoulder dislocation with a fracture of the shoulder joint or having a weak shoulder that dislocates frequently.
  • Physical therapy:
    Physiotherapy provides the best methods in the treatment of shoulder dislocation through therapeutic exercises that reduce the pain caused by shoulder dislocation mainly. In addition, dislocation of the shoulder area can be treated using modern therapeutic devices.

Symptoms of anterior shoulder dislocation:

Anterior shoulder dislocation is the exit of the humerus bone towards the front of the body, and this injury accounts for 95% of types of dislocations of the shoulder joint. It can occur as a result of stretching or rotating the arm too much, or as a result of frequent falls or accidents, so a quick diagnosis should be made.

Symptoms of this type of dislocation in:

  • The normal shape of the shoulder muscles has changed.
  • Sensation of the head of the humerus from the front.
  • All movements of the shoulder joint become limited and painful.
  • Sensation of contraction of the arm.

Treatment of anterior shoulder dislocation:

Although the symptoms of anterior shoulder dislocation are more common, the treatment of shoulder dislocation in the anterior part is not difficult, as many are cured. Through physiotherapy, medications and other means of treating the symptoms of shoulder dislocation, especially in the front part.

The most important methods of treating anterior shoulder dislocation are:

  • Comfort:
    It is done by not performing painful movements and activities, reducing lifting heavy loads or doing activities at a higher level than the head until the shoulder condition improves.
  • Apply cold and then hot compresses:
    Applying ice to the shoulder can help reduce inflammation and pain, in addition, it can be used as a cold compress, for a period of time. Between 15 and 20 minutes at a time. This is repeated for two days.
  • Painkillers for pain:
    Some types of medications can help relieve pain, so following the instructions given by the doctor for these medications contributes greatly. On the journey of treatment, the feeling of pain stops.

During this period, the patient is not allowed to perform vigorous or repetitive exercises, sometimes this period is from the sixth to the 12th week.

Physiotherapy for anterior shoulder dislocation:

Shoulder dislocation can be treated using various physiotherapy programs, and it is important to note that most cases of anterior shoulder dislocation can be treated through physiotherapy methods, as they help:

  • Increase muscle elasticity.
  • Strengthen the muscles.
  • Removal of pain and stiffness resulting from dislocation.
  • Restoration of the motor range of the joint.

Through the physical Center for shoulder dislocation treatment, you can get the best treatment experience using various physiotherapy methods and programs. Through the latest physiotherapy equipment and rehabilitation of the shoulder joint, physic is one of the best centers for the treatment of shoulder dislocation without surgery.

Symptoms of posterior shoulder dislocation:

It can be said that the posterior shoulder dislocation is not a widespread injury, like the anterior shoulder dislocation injury, accounting for only 3% of shoulder dislocations. This injury often occurs as a result of an external blow to the front of the shoulder, as a result of a fall or due to epileptic seizures. This injury can cause other rotator cuff injuries.

Among the symptoms of posterior shoulder dislocation are:

  • Constriction of the arm.
  • Loss of normal shoulder muscle shape.
  • The presence of a posterior protrusion in the humerus.
  • Rupture of the subscapularis muscle
  • The appearance of a tear in the muscle due to its weakness.

Treatment of posterior shoulder dislocation:

The methods of treating posterior shoulder dislocation vary, depending on the age of the injured, as the injured resort to physiotherapy and surgical solutions in large proportions. Studies have found that between 15 and 25 years of age, they resort to surgical methods of dislocation. While the infected are from the age of 25 to 40 years. They resort to rehabilitation without surgery, because of the danger of returning the humerus bones to its place without surgery.

It is worth noting that in the case of surgery, it is better to do it within two weeks of the injury, this is because the tissue condition is still suitable for surgery.

Physiotherapy for posterior shoulder dislocation:

Physiotherapy for posterior shoulder dislocation is one of the important things that must be taken into account, as it contributes to improving the patient’s condition and reducing pain. Which affects 18% to 26% of people significantly, therefore, shoulder dislocation is treated through a variety of different methods, including:

  • Physiotherapy exercises:
    Through exercises and strengthening, it is possible to work on the treatment of shoulder dislocation, and work on increasing strength and movement, and we will address the most important exercises that. Help in the treatment of posterior shoulder dislocation in another paragraph of the article،
  • Physiotherapy devices:
    There are many devices that help in the treatment of the shoulder joint, as these devices help strengthen the shoulder muscles, activate blood circulation. The physical Center for shoulder joint treatment has the best treatment equipment in the Middle East.

Goals of physiotherapy for shoulder dislocation:

As mentioned earlier, physiotherapy for shoulder dislocation is one of the very good solutions in treatment, as it has many benefits in restoring the shoulder to its normal position. One of the most important goals of shoulder dislocation treatment:

  • Physical examination for pain, swelling or deformation.
  • Radiography is performed before returning the shoulder to a normal position to determine the direction of dislocation.
  • Restoration of the motor range of the joint.
  • Strengthen the shoulder muscles and surrounding muscles.
  • Rehabilitation of the shoulder joint and its return to normal.
  • Increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

At the physical physiotherapy center, shoulder dislocation can be treated with the best devices and therapeutic solutions by:

  • The best doctors are specialists in the treatment of shoulder dislocation.
  • Internationally accredited competent therapeutic programs.
  • The latest rehabilitation devices for shoulder dislocation injuries.

Shoulder dislocation treatment exercises:

There are many shoulder dislocation exercises, which you can do to relieve shoulder pain and tension that occurs in it, shoulder dislocation exercises help to increase the flexibility of the shoulder joint.

1.Neck stretching exercise:

One of the best ways to relieve the tension of the shoulder muscles is to start with an exercise that starts with the neck, in which one of the shoulder muscles, stretching on the side of the neck, also helps to lift the shoulder blades.

  • How to do this exercise:
  • Stand up straight with straight observance.
  • Lower the chin towards the chest.
  • Tilt the head to the right and hold for a minute.
  • This exercise should be repeated with the other side.
  • Each side of the neck should be stretched 3 to 5 times.

2.Proper movement exercises: calm and gradual movement exercises are important in restoring the mobility of the injured shoulder. You can start with simple movement exercises such as gently lifting the arm, moving it from side to side and in a small circular motion.

3.Muscle strengthening exercises: after restoring some mobility in the injured shoulder, you can start exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder. Such exercises include lifting light weights or using rubber resistance.

4.Balance and stability exercises: balance and stability improvement exercises can be helpful in strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder muscles. An example of a balance exercise is to stand on your feet and slowly raise the arms sideways.

5.Friction and extension exercises: exercises that work on friction and extension can also have a role in the treatment of shoulder dislocation. Therapeutic balls or foam rollers can be used to massage convulsive muscles and improve blood circulation.

Is shoulder dislocation dangerous?

It can not be said that shoulder dislocation injury is a serious injury, to which people of different age stages are exposed where it can be treated. In a short time, especially using physiotherapy programs and various devices, which help in the treatment of shoulder dislocation

One of the most important reasons why shoulder dislocation is not dangerous is:

  • Treatment of shoulder dislocation is carried out with physiotherapy in most cases.
  • The treatment of the injury does not take a long time.
  • A lot of people recover from it quickly.
  • Her treatment does not require surgical or complex solutions.

Prices for physiotherapy sessions for shoulder dislocation in 2024:

Many are wondering about the price of physiotherapy sessions for shoulder dislocation, as shoulder dislocation can be treated through physiotherapy effectively as mentioned earlier. Below we will review the average prices of shoulder dislocation sessions in Egypt for 2024:

  • Home shoulder dislocation treatment sessions range in cost from 650 to 850 EGP.
  • Shoulder dislocation treatment sessions in Cairo governorate start from 600 EGP
  • Shoulder dislocation treatment sessions in Giza governorate cost from 450 to 500 EGP
  • Treatment sessions for shoulder dislocation in the provinces of the Sea Face start from 400 eg

The best and latest physiotherapy center for shoulder dislocation:

  • Fizik physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, the best specialized center in the treatment of shoulder dislocation, where it has the latest therapeutic methods and effective devices.
  • In the treatment of shoulder dislocation and increasing the range of motion of the shoulder, the Fizik Center has many advantages in the treatment of shoulder dislocation, including:
  • Internationally approved treatment programs in the treatment of shoulder pain and inflammation.
    The latest therapeutic devices and tools used in accelerating the healing of shoulder dislocation.
  • The best doctors are specialists in the treatment of shoulder dislocation.
  • The physic Center has the latest shoulder dislocation treatment devices, which achieve long-term therapeutic results
  • The treatment program guarantees the patient’s full recovery, as it is a long-term treatment program that guarantees the patient the quality of treatment he seeks and that the injury will not recur again.


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