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The best physiotherapy center for treatment of ankle sprain

The treatment of ankle sprain or ankylosis is one of the important things that must be taken care of immediately after feeling the symptoms of ankle pain. Studies have shown that about 40%, especially young people, suffer from pain in the ankle joint. With the recurrence of sudden pain symptoms are felt as arguably one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Foot and ankle injuries are among the frequent injuries due to many reasons. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of ankle sprain, the most important tips for its prevention, and the fastest treatment methods.

What is an ankle sprain or ankylosis?

Most often, a rupture of the ankle ligaments may occur quickly and without the person paying attention to this injury, and it is possible that it will get worse as the person falls impulsively and thus ligament rupture occurs.

It is possible that during the injury the injured person hears a popping sound, and therefore great pain follows at the site of the sprain and then it is difficult to use the foot to walk.

Thus it is necessary, when an ankle sprain occurs, to go to the attending physician for a preliminary assessment, exclude bone injuries and then start treatment. 

Causes of ankle sprain or ankylosis:

 An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle moves out of its normal position, causing one or more ankle ligaments to stretch, which leads to a partial or complete severing of them.

Ankle sprain or ankylosis can occur as a result of many different reasons, and these reasons may vary from person to person as a result of many factors:

  • Moving the foot incorrectly. 
  •  The feet are moved incorrectly while walking or running. 
  •  Walking on an uneven surface. 
  • Making wrong movements while playing sports, such as jumping in a basketball game. 

 Symptoms of ankle sprain-ankyl sprain:

Ankle sprain injury can be one of the injuries that have a large number of symptoms that can be similar to other injuries and one of the most important symptoms of ankle sprain:  

  • Swelling of the ankle. 
  • Pain in the lateral area of the ankle when touched or pressed. 
  • Pain when loading body weight on the affected foot.
  • The presence of a hematoma or bruise above the ankle. 
  • Difficulty moving the ankle in a circular motion. 

Degrees of symptoms of ankle sprain-ankle sprain:

Ankle sprain can also be divided into several degrees: 

  •  First degree: in which a ligament or a very mild tear occurs, with slight instability of the joint.
  • Second degree: in which a more severe but incomplete rupture occurs, with some there is a loosening of the joint.
  • The third degree: consists in a rupture of one of the ligaments of the entire ankle, and often you need surgical intervention.
  • Fourth degree: there is a rupture of two or more ligaments of the ankle.

Methods for diagnosing ankle sprain:

There are several methods that can be used to diagnose an ankle sprain. Among such methods are:

  1. Medical history and clinical evaluation: a physiotherapist or a doctor specializing in bones and joints involves questioning the patient to obtain a detailed medical history and examining the affected ankle. The ankle is examined to check for any swelling, swelling, swelling, pain, convexity or impaired mobility.
  2. Functional tests: the doctor uses functional tests to assess muscle strength, stability and normal movement of the affected ankle. This may include bending, extension, lateral displacement and resistance tests.
  3. 3. X-ray: X-ray is one of the popular diagnostic tools for determining the presence of bone fractures or structural abnormalities in the ankle. An X-ray can help rule out fracture injuries or assess structural damage.
  4. Ultrasound examination: ultrasound examination can be used to assess the ligaments and soft tissues of the ankle and determine the presence of ruptures or injuries.
  5. Magnetic resonance( MRI): magnetic resonance can be used to obtain detailed images of the ankle and surrounding tissues. Magnetic resonance can help diagnose severe ruptures of ligaments or other soft tissues.

An ankle sprain should be diagnosed and evaluated by a healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon, to ensure that the ankle injury is correctly identified and an appropriate treatment plan is developed.

Methods of prevention of ankle sprain:

To prevent ankle sprain, some of the following preventive measures can be followed:

1. Wear the right shoes: choose shoes that provide good ankle support and are suitable for the activity you are doing. It is preferable to wear shoes that have a belt or ankle strap to enhance stability and fixation.

2. Strengthen the muscles around the ankle: do exercises to strengthen the muscles around the ankle, such as heel lifts and exercises for balance and stability. You can use light weights or rubber ropes to increase the challenge.

3. Warming up and stretching before sports practice: before starting any sports activity or exercise, you should do a warm-up session to prepare for movement and increase the flexibility of the ankle and the muscles around it.

4. Reduce the factors causing injury: take precautions when walking on uneven or slippery surfaces, avoid situations that increase the likelihood of ankle sprain, such as jumping from high places without ankle fixation.

5. Use of ankle straps: ankle straps or prosthetic bandages can be used to enhance stability and reduce the likelihood of ankle sprains during intense sports activities.

6. Maintaining general physical fitness: maintaining good physical fitness and developing general strength and balance can help strengthen the ankle and reduce the likelihood of sprains.

7. Periodic medical follow-up: in case of triggering factors such as ankle weakness or a previous history of sprain, it can be a good idea to consult a doctor or specialist to evaluate the ankle and guide you on appropriate further prevention.

Treatment of ankle sprain and ligament rupture:  

Although ankle injury is one of the less common injuries, it can be easily treated as ankle sprain is treated through a range of methods. It is considered the most effective and high-quality treatment for a patient suffering from a sprained ankle joint.

The most important methods of treating ankle sprain or ankylosis are:  

  • Taking periods of constant rest:

 Rest helps to relieve the pain of the injured ankle significantly. It is possible to take a break for one week, and not to practice any intense physical activities. 

  • The use of ice compresses:

 It is possible to make ice compresses for 10-20 minutes on the affected area, to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by injury

  • The use of medical compression bandages: 

  As these bandages can be used on the affected area, and work to reduce ankylosis pain significantly. 

  • Physical therapy: 

Physiotherapy can alleviate ankle sprain pain, using various therapeutic exercises and occupational and physical therapy programs, in addition. There are many devices that increase the effectiveness of treatment and also the speed of treatment, and the physical ankle pain treatment center is one of the best physiotherapy centers. Which owns the latest devices and the best specialized doctors to treat the ankle joint, with completely safe therapeutic methods. 

  • Medicines: 

The doctor can prescribe you some pain-relieving medications, which are in the form of therapeutic tablets, and ointments can also be used to relieve swelling and relieve pain. These medications should be taken especially at the beginning of the injury, and under the supervision of the Attending Physician.

Treatment of ankle sprain-ankylosis sprain at home:  

The treatment of sprained ankle pain at home is of interest to many and they are constantly looking for it, so it must be said that the treatment of ankle pain can be through a number of ways, namely: 

1. wearing compression stockings:  

These socks help relieve pain and pressure, preventing fluid collection in the legs, ankles and feet.

2-lifting the injured leg:  

Various types of yoga, such as lying on the floor, lifting the legs and pressing them against the wall, can help reduce swelling.

3-exercise in sports :

It is considered one of the best ways to relieve ankle pain, as sitting or standing in one place for a long time can cause increased swelling, so some simple movements can relieve symptoms such as moving the knee or bending the ankle .

Treatment of ankle pain when waking up from sleep: 

Ankle pain can occur during waking up from sleep due to many reasons, such as sciatica, rheumatism, gout, arthritis. And ankle pain immediately after waking up is not dangerous, as it must be treated by: 

Rest: a person who feels ankylosing spondylitis can take some rest or apply ice to the place of pain 

Medications: analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs are taken, such as: ibuprofen, naproxen. 

Physiotherapy: through a set of exercises and continuous massage of the ankle, it is possible to get rid of ankle pain and physiotherapy is one of the best therapeutic means. Which can relieve pain, relax muscles and increase the range of motion of the foot, and the physical physiotherapy center is one of the best ankle pain relief centers. Through a set of internationally approved therapeutic devices and programs, ankle pain is permanently eliminated. 

Ways to prevent heel pain when waking up:

In addition, it is also necessary to prevent heel pain when waking up, through some tips that protect against heel pain when waking up: 

  • Maintain an ideal weight and a healthy life, with the aim of preventing obesity that increases pressure on the feet.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for the foot, avoid high-heeled shoes.
  • Replace the sneaker after using it for a long period of time.
  • Practice stretching and relaxing muscle movements, especially after exercise.

Physiotherapy for ankle sprains-ankylosis: 

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to treat ankle pain, the most important of which is physiotherapy, as it can relieve recurring ankle pain. Physiotherapy provides great effectiveness in healing the ankle sprain injury, through various devices and massage exercises for the muscles, which achieves therapeutic efficiency. Physiotherapy for ankle sprains is aimed at :

  • Increase the motor range of the joint.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle. 
  • Relieve pain and reduce swelling. 
  • Getting rid of chronic inflammation. 

Duration of treatment of ankle sprain-ankyl sprain:  

If you suffer from a ankyl sprain injury, you often wonder about how long you need to heal, as the duration of ankyl sprain treatment varies, depending on the severity of the injury and its degree, for example, there are many periods of sprains as follows:

  • Serious sprains of the ankle: you need to wear a splint a month.
  • Medium sprains: need a short period, up to a maximum of several weeks.
  • Minor sprains: may require only several days to be treated. 

Thus, it can be said that a complete recovery from an ankle sprain injury, usually takes about a month, and also it must be taken into account that the duration of recovery. It depends on the severity and type of rupture, whether the injury is just a partial stretching of the ligament or a total rupture. Because in this case the injury takes longer to heal.

Who can get an ankle sprain: 

An ankle sprain can affect many categories, as the occurrence of an ankle sprain injury does not only depend on athletes, but also many categories can be affected by it. Such as pregnant women, children and young people as well, as a study indicated that young people are prone to foot injuries by 35% more than others. 

Among the most important categories that need ankle pain treatment are:

Treatment of ankle pain for children : 

Although children’s ankle injury seems to be one of the few injuries that occur, but it requires several simple methods of treatment.

Ankyl sprain for children can be treated by:  

  • Comfort:

Special rest should be taken for the affected area and activities that cause a lot of pain should be avoided, and if the child has difficulty walking, crutches should be used.

  • The snow: 

ICE should be applied to the affected area for 10-15 minutes, and do not apply ice directly to the skin because it may burn the skin, it is better to wrap the ice. In a pillowcase, with ice applied to the injury every two hours for two to three days. 

  • Pressure: 

A hard bandage that is not too tight and cannot stop blood circulation or cause additional pain can be used, as the bandage should cover from the area above the ankle up to the foot. It should also cover the toes.

Treatment of ankle pain for pregnant: 

Ankle swelling can occur in a pregnant woman, as a result of lymphedema, any accumulation of lymph fluid, and it is also possible that ankle injury or ankle sprain.  They occur when the injury extends to the ankle ligaments and moves out of its normal place 

Ankle pain can be treated when pregnant by: 

  • Avoid using feet or standing for long periods. 
  • Sleep on the left side.
  • Wear compression stockings.
  • Practice light physical activity every day. 

Research has indicated that using water pressure to treat swollen feet and ankles is beneficial for pregnant women, as walking in the pool is considered beneficial. In pressing on the tissues of the legs, which temporarily relieves swelling during pregnancy.

Ankle sprain treatment exercises:  

The treatment of ankle sprain is one of the things that must be taken into account when suffering from ankyl sprain, as the pain can be alleviated through ankle sprain treatment exercises, the most important of which are:  

Towel stretching exercises: 

It is considered one of the best exercises that help relieve ankle pain, as it depends on constant tension, and this exercise can be done by: 

  •  Do a sit on a hard surface and make the leg extended in front of you.
  • Then wrap a towel around the ball under the foot.
  •  Stretch the towel towards the body, taking into account that the knee is extended.

You should hold this position for fifteen to forty-five seconds, and then repeat this exercise five times at three different times a day.

Ankle flexion resistance exercises:  

The ankle flexion resistance exercise is one of the most important exercises that help in the treatment of ankle sprains, as this exercise can reduce the swelling that surrounds the injury.  This exercise can be done by: 

  •  Sit up straight while keeping the knee straight so that it is outstretched.
  • Make the foot up towards the ceiling.
  •  Wrap the motion-resistant rubber band around the middle of the foot.
  • Tighten the tape up so that the tension is towards the body.
  • Keep the tension and then move the foot down opposite the direction of tension.

You can hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat the exercise ten times three times a day. 

Prices for ankle sprain treatment sessions – ankyl sprain 2024: 

The cost of physiotherapy sessions is no longer very high, as there are a lot of treatment centers with an average cost of treatment. These centers conduct physiotherapy sessions through therapeutic exercises and devices by specialists and doctors. 

Of course, the price of sessions that the patient does at the center is different from at home, the cost of Home Sessions is somewhat higher, because they need the mobility of the doctor. Therapeutic equipment and tools for the patient’s home 

 Therefore, we will consider the average prices for ankle sprain treatment sessions 2024:  

  • Home ankle sprain treatment sessions range in cost from 850– 1000 EGP.
  •  Physiotherapy sessions for ankylosis sprains in Cairo governorate start from 700 EGP. 
  • Ankle pain treatment sessions in Giza governorate cost from 600: 700 EGP.
  • Ankylosis treatment sessions in the governorates of the Sea Face range in cost from 550: 680 EGP. 

The best ankle sprain treatment center in Egypt: 

There are many physiotherapy Centers for ankle sprains, but the Fizik physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center is one of the best treatment centers in Egypt. Fizik  Center has many ingredients that help in the treatment of ankle sprains: 

  1. The best specialist doctors. 
  2. Modern therapeutic devices and Means. 
  3. Advanced and internationally accredited treatment programs. 
  4. Systems for monitoring the implementation of therapeutic programs.
  5. Preventive post-treatment programs. 

 The latest physiotherapy center for the treatment of ankle sprain: 

It cannot be said that all physiotherapy centers rely on modern therapeutic methods to relieve ankle pain, but there are a certain number of treatment centers that have modern equipment. One of the most important of these centers is the Fizik  Center for the treatment of ankylosis, where the physic Center has many points of excellence that make it one of the latest centers. The main ones are: 

  1. The presence of modern universal devices in the treatment. 
  2. The presence of therapeutic programs and new methods of physiotherapy increases the therapeutic efficiency. 
  3. International medical staff with foreign experience. 

You can visit the Fizik  and get the best treatment experience in relieving ankle sprain pain and treating it with non-surgical methods and physiotherapy methods. If you are interested in the speed and effectiveness of treatment, please visit us at Fizik  Center.

The most important questions about the treatment of ankle pain:  

How to get rid of ankle pain?

Ankle pain can be eliminated by a range of therapeutic methods, such as physiotherapy, rest, compression ligaments, all these methods help you get rid of pain. 

It must be said that walking during an ankle sprain may be painful, and therefore you may need to use crutches until the pain subsides. It may be necessary to use a splint or walking shoes so that the ankle is prevented from moving during the recovery period.

When is ankle pain dangerous?

In most cases, the ankle sprain occurs to the inner causing the ligaments to tear, swell and swell, which leads to weight gain and stress on the joint. There are also other causes such as swelling or damage to tendons or cartilage, and ankle pain can be dangerous in the event of a complete rupture of the ankle.

When can I walk after an ankle sprain?

Most of the question asked by ankle sprain patients, how long does an ankle sprain injury take It can be said that most sufferers can start walking within a few days. Those affected need physiotherapy to help reduce swelling, maintain joint mobility, and strengthen muscles. 

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