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Treatment of foot pain with physiotherapy and medical brush

Treatment of foot pain

One of the most famous methods of treatment for foot pain is the treatment of foot pain with physiotherapy. Foot pain is one of the most common types of pain, as it is quite widespread among a huge number of people.

The causes of foot pain vary from person to person, as well as the methods of treatment, and there are a number of physiotherapy centers in Egypt that deal with foot pain. Therefore, in this article we will discuss the methods of treating foot pain, the best foot pain treatment center and the role of physiotherapy in relieving foot pain.      

The most important ways to treat foot pain: 

One of the famous sayings “body rest starts from the feet”that may seem largely true, as the feet ache. It is a common problem that causes a person to have a disability in the exercise of his normal daily tasks. Many people suffer from it from different age stages and in the long run it may result in various health problems. 

Therefore, the treatment of foot pain is one of the problems that should not be neglected and quickly treated. Because it may cause a person a set of serious complications and may hinder him from performing most of his daily work. 

Treatment of man’s heel soreness:

The methods used to treat foot pain vary widely, which vary greatly from case to case, one of the most important of these methods is: 

Foot extension:

An extension of the foot can be made and then do the movement of the Instep in simple circular motions. This exercise can be repeated for 10 seconds, taking into account sitting in a comfortable position. 

Practice various foot exercises: 

Doing foot exercises helps to strengthen the ankles, feet and toes, so a set of movements can be done while practicing this exercise. 

1-hold the objects with your fingers and move them from one pile to another.

2-stand on the instep with the heels off the floor. 

3-lie on the floor and raise the legs, moving the Instep in a circular direction.

Massage therapy: 

Foot pain can be relieved by relieving muscle pain through massage

Wearing braces:

Arched supports for shoes or medical mattresses may help to get comfort and reduce trauma. Which the foot is exposed to with each step and must be selected based on the type and size suitable for the person.

Choosing the right shoe:

In order to prevent foot pain, shoes should be the right size and shape. Where a person needs to switch the style or size of the shoe if:

  • A neuroma forms around the nerve, which causes pain.
  • While doing exercises.
  • Advancing in age.
  • Acupuncture.

Treatment of foot pain with exercises : 

Foot pain can be treated with exercises in general and physiotherapy exercises in particular. It aims to reduce symptoms and prevent their impact on the quality of life, as it works to rehabilitate the foot walking and standing without feeling pain.

An exercise rehabilitation program may also include stretching and stretching exercises. Which improves the strength of the foot and ankle, increases range of motion and reduces muscle pain .

One of the advantages of using exercises in the treatment of foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Or metatarsal pain or neuroma, it may also help in the treatment of neuropathy. 

One of the most important exercises used in the treatment of foot pain : 

1.Foot extension exercise: 

This exercise can be done by : 

Sit with the foot resting on the opposite thigh, then hold the toes of one hand with the heel pressed with the other hand inward and down. Then gently push the toes towards the heels, continuing this for 3 to 5 minutes. 

2.Calf stretching exercise:

The calf exercise can be performed to treat the pain of the sole of the foot,by then standing at arm’s length facing the wall with then placing the hands on the wall and then placing the right foot behind the left. 

Then slowly bend the left leg forward, keeping the right knee straight and the right heel on the floor. 

While holding this position for 15 to 30 seconds and then return to standing, the exercise is repeated three times on the right side and then switch between legs. 

3.Massage the soles of the feet:

This exercise can be performed using a tennis ball or a roller, to perform the exercise of rolling the foot on the ball and it is easy to do this exercise while sitting.

The exercise for the treatment of pain in the soles of the feet can be performed through a set of steps, the most important of which are : 

  • Sit on a chair and take off the shoes.
  • Put a ball or cylinder under the arch of the foot.
  • Roll the ball back and forth, along the arc of the foot from the ball of the foot to the heel. 
  • Continue to perform this exercise for stretching

Treatment of foot pain with physiotherapy: 

Physiotherapy can be one of the most effective therapeutic solutions, as stretching exercises can help relax the tissues surrounding the heel bones, therefore, treating foot pain through physiotherapy helps speed up the recovery process, therefore it can be done morning and evening in order to treat heel soreness and help the patient feel better and rest faster. 

It is worth noting that the treatment of foot pain helps in : 

  • Reduce inflammation. 
  • Feeling comfortable and getting better. 
  • Relieve chronic pain. 
  • Activate blood circulation. 
  • Increase the motor range of the foot joint. 
  • Achieve flexibility and effectiveness with foot movement. 

The best physiotherapy center for foot pain treatment :

Foot pain can be treated by physiotherapy, which provides multiple options for patients, as it is a safe solution for most patients who do not want to undergo surgery, and the methods of physiotherapy for foot pain vary through various exercises and physiotherapy devices

Physiotherapy contributes to relieving foot pain, reducing muscle spasms and speeding up the healing process of the foot safely. physiotherapy also provides a set of methods for muscle recovery and Prevention of possible foot diseases 

Foot pain treatment is available in terms of the use of physiotherapy in some modern ways at Fizik physiotherapy center

Foot pain treatment center:

There are many foot pain treatment centers and one of the most important steps followed by these centers in the treatment of foot pain:

  • Make a warm water bath for the feet with the possibility of adding a little English salt for about 20 minutes to relieve muscle pain in the feet and relieve swelling of the feet.
  • Doing warm-up and stretching exercises, by targeting the pain site such as toes, heel and other parts of the feet or the entire foot.
  • Practicing foot strengthening exercises in order to maintain the flexibility and strength of the feet, while avoiding excessive activities or excessive inactivity and rest.
  • Massage the foot to work to reduce pain and improve blood circulation flow.
  • The use of thermal frequency devices and ultrasound for the treatment of foot pain. 
  • Wear suitable and comfortable shoes for the feet.

Treatment of leg pain : 

Treatment of pain in men is one of the things that concern many, as pain in men is the most severe type of pain that people may experience and affects their daily activities, and pain in men can be treated by : 

  • Get enough rest and do not strain the heels.
  • Analgesics can be taken to relieve the sensation of pain.
  • Apply ice packs to the pain areas for 15 minutes and this can be repeated several times a day.
  •  Use antibiotic injections to treat inflammation in the foot.
  •  Resort to physiotherapy sessions.

It is worth noting that there are some rare cases in which surgical operations are used to reduce foot pain

Advantages of treating foot pain with physiotherapy:

There are many advantages in treating foot pain with physiotherapy, as most people who suffer from acute and sudden pain in the foot or heel, especially after waking up from sleep, the cause of the pain is the presence of inflammation in the plantar tendons of the foot “bone Thorn”, and one of the factors of the occurrence of bone Thorn is the overuse of the feet such as standing or walking for a long time and weight gain.

Foot soreness can be treated through physiotherapy exercises and various manual exercises, which help reduce the soreness of the legs and get rid of it permanently, and the physiotherapy methods used to treat the soreness of the legs is the best treatment for foot pain compared to other methods, but it should be noted that each case needs a certain treatment method. 

Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the treatment of foot pain because ignoring the pain, it may result in chronic pain in addition to the development of many diseases of the foot, such as osteochondrosis, neuropathy or metatarsal pain. 

Treatment of pain under the foot: 

Before knowing the methods of treating foot pain, it should be noted that pain in the lower foot area may occur as a result of foot injury or its complications, as the foot consists of 26 bones, 30 joints and a set of ligaments, and the function of each element of them from the toes to the Achilles tendon is to stand balanced and straight. 

In a healthy foot, these bones, joints and tendons work with each other, to absorb the pressure from the steps that carry all the weight of the body, and one of the most important causes of foot pain is peripheral neuropathy, neuroma and other causes. 

One of the most important methods used in the treatment of pain under the foot : 

  • Using over-the-counter pain relievers and applying a compression ligament and foot compresses may also help reduce swelling. 
  • Diet may also be one of the complementary treatment methods for foot pain routine, as it helps to reduce weight through a balanced diet and can also be through a healthy anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Foot pain can be treated temporarily through complementary and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, which provides a temporary solution for treatment, as electric acupuncture is one of the means to help relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.
  • In order to prevent foot injury and reduce the stress caused by some wrong habits in the future, the patient can use medical mattresses. as careful walking and stretching can strengthen the feet after injury and as patients should avoid running, jumping or high impact activities that are likely to increase pain. 

Medical brush and its importance for foot pain

As a result of walking or standing for long periods, many suffer from foot pain, in addition to suffering from some diseases such as gout, and types of various medical mattresses help in the treatment to relieve and reduce foot pain.  

The different types of medical mattresses are the best solutions for some foot problems that cause chronic pain or any pain that affects a person’s life, and one of the most important problems for which medical mattresses should be used. 

One of the most important benefits of medical mattresses for the foot : 

  • Serves as a cushion that prevents the foot from sliding forward while walking or standing.
  • Blood circulation improves. 
  • Its ability to absorb shocks.
  • Relieve pain or pressure on the feet caused by wearing high-heeled shoes. 
  •  Reduce muscle fatigue and foot pain.

Types of medical brushes and their importance for foot pain:  

There are many types of medical brushes that can be used for the foot, and the benefit of this medical brush is that it protects the foot from injury, reduces pain and improves foot flexibility, so one of the most important types of medical brushes for the foot is the silicone brush, where this type of brushes is useful in :

  • It serves as a cushion that prevents the foot from sliding forward while walking and standing.
  • Promote blood circulation.
  • Assistance with shock absorption.
  • Reduce pain and pressure on the feet caused by wearing high-heeled shoes.
  • They go well with high heels, open-toed shoes or any shoes.
  • A transparent layer is not visible in any shoes.
  • Reuse it and wash it.
  • Suitable for all kinds of shoes.
  •  Reduce muscle fatigue and foot pain.

A medical brush specially designed for you:

You can get a medical brush specially designed for you at the physical physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, where there is an integrated unit to examine the foot and determine the best types of medical brushes suitable for the foot, so that this medical brush can be worn inside the basic shoe.

The medical foot brush is useful in treating foot pain, especially when injured by the high arch “high arch” or flatfoot, in addition to the ability of this brush to protect the foot from sports injuries.

Athletes can use a medical foot brush to avoid slipping on the court or ankle injuries and Achilles tendonitis, as it promotes foot health and provides the necessary protection that ordinary sports shoes do not provide.

The best physiotherapy center for foot pain: 

There are many centers that treat foot pain in various ways, but the physical Center for physiotherapy and rehabilitation is one of the best foot pain treatment centers, where foot pain is finally treated through the latest devices and various therapeutic means to treat foot pain and alleviate its complications 

Fizik center also offers a foot scan to examine the foot and identify deformities, areas of weakness. strength and causes of pain, and this examination aims .to speed up the therapeutic intervention and diagnose the causes of the foot .to develop a treatment program that relieves pain and protects the foot from any future problems 

Foot pain treatment devices physiotherapy:

Foot pain can be treated using many physiotherapy devices that increase the range of motion of the foot. and reduce foot inflammation, and these devices are available at the physical Center for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. as it is one of the best physiotherapy centers in the treatment of foot pain using the latest devices and possible therapeutic means that work to get rid of foot pain permanently.And relieve the pain of the soles of the feet 

One of the most important devices that help in the examination and treatment of foot pain and problem :

-Foot scan 

-Shock wave 



-Game ready

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